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Images from Roman History

Story of Rome by Mary Macgregor

Verginius left his beautiful young daughter Verginia in the care of her nurse. "A she-wolf, coming to the edge of the river to drink, heard their cries. " "When she saw Horatius wearing on his shoulders the cloak of her betrothed, she broke into bitter sobs."
She carried in her arms nine books. " O my mother, thou hast saved Rome, but thou hast lost thy son. " "Seated in chairs of ivory, sat a number of strange, venerable old men. "
The youth laid the arms he had taken from his foe at his father's feet. The armour of Pyrrhus was richer and more beautiful than that of his soldiers. "I carry here peace and war, choose men of Carthage, which ye will. "
"We are beaten, O Romans, in a great battle, our army is destroyed. " A messenger was seen spurring his horse toward the city. His progress was as that of a king.
The city was given to the flames. "Here it would be possible, he thought, to hold the enemy at bay. " Jugurtha came to the tent of his father-in-law unarmed.
Gaius Marius sitting in exile among the ruins of Carthage. Lists of those who were doomed were hung up in the Forum. The following morning Cicero made another speech against Catiline.
"Looking down upon the stream, he stood awhile deep in thought. " " Here, sheltered by steep cliffs, he sat down to rest. "

Plutarch's Lives by W. H. Weston

Quarrel between Alexander and Clitus Philopoemen in Prison Coriolanus and the Matrons of Rome
Persuit of Caius Gracchus Marius and the Ambassadors of the Cimbri Exiled Marius amidst the Ruins of Carthage
Caesar and the Pilot The murder of Caesar Brutus and his companions after the Battle of Philippi

Helmet and Spear by Alfred J. Church

The Overthrow of Cannae. Defeat of the Cimbri in the battle at the waggons. Crassus defeated by the Parthians.
Trajan besieging a Dacian fort. Attila and Leo.

Stories From Livy by Alfred J. Church

The wolf and the twins. The death of Tarpeia The Horatii and the Curiattii.
Tullia driving over the body of her father. Brutus condemning his sons to death. Horatius on the bridge.
Mucius scaevola before Lars Porsenna. Cloelia and her companions The mother of Coriolanus pleads with her son.
Put on thy robe and hear the words of the people. The death of Virginia Roman ladies bringing their ornaments.
The gauls and the senators. Curtius leaping into the Chasm. P. Decius Mus devoting himself for his country.

Stories from Roman History by Lena Dalkeith

Romulus and Remus Horatius keeps the bridge. Coriolanus at the gates of Rome.
Fabius calms the fears of the Romans. Death of Gracchus the Younger. The death of Caesar.

Story of the Romans by Helene A. Guerber

Map of Ancient Italy Map of Ancient Eastern World Meeting of Aeneas and Venus.
A Vestal Virgin. Tarpeia. Tarquin and the Eagle.
Cumaean Sibyl. Lucretia and her Maids. Horatius at the Bridge.
Roman Forum and Temple of Castor and Pollux. Coriolanus before Rome. The School-Teacher Punished.
Curtius leaping into the Chasm. Pyrrhus and his Elephants. Regulus returns to Rome.
Archimedes. The Gladiator Condemned. Barbarians.
Roman Gladiators. Cicero denouncing Catiline. Caesar's Soldiers.
Bust of Caesar. Death of Caesar. Antony and Cleopatra.
A Chariot Race. Triumph of Germanicus. The Pantheon.
Claudius found by the Soldiers. Nero's Torches. The Coliseum.
Interior of a House in Pompeii. Trajan's Column. Tomb of Hadrian.
Baths of Caracalla. Christians in the Arena. Arch of Constantine.

Famous Men of Rome by John H. Haaren

Map of the Roman Empire Maps of Ancient Italy and Rome "School of the Vestel Virgins, Le Roux "
"Romulus and Remus, Rubens " "The seizure of the Sabine women, Rinaldo " "The Sabine women stopping the fight, David "
"The Horatii going forth to battle, David " "Tullia driving over her father's body, Zick " "The death of Lucretia, Pinta "
"Brutus condemning his sons to death, Lethiere " Pleading with Coriolanus Passing under the Yoke
"The Roman and the Gaul, Maccari " "The geese of the Capitol, Motte " Woe to the Conquered
Roman Ships in Battle The Appian Way Elephants of Pyrrhus
"Appius Claudius in the Senate, Maccari " Boarding Bridge "Regulus departing for Carthage, Maccari "
Hannibal Crossing the Alps Hannibal's Strategem Patriotism of the Women of Carthage
The defense of Numantia. Cornelia and her jewels Marius
A Roman Army passing under the Yoke "A vintage festival in ancient Rome, Tadema " Marius in the ruins of Carthage
Sulla A Roman triumph A Roman seaport
"The gladiator condemned, Gerome " Slave market in Rome: The inscription on the picture is mango  Latin for slave-dealer. Julius Caesar
Vercingetorix before Caesar Caesar crossing the Rubicon "The death of Caesar, Gerome "
Antony delivering the Funeral Oration Cicero The Forum: As it was in ancient times. It is now in ruins
"Cicero denouncing Catiline, Maccari " " In the time of Augustus, Hildensperger " Praetorian guards
"Virgil reading at the house of Maecenas, Jalabert " Nero "The Appian way in the time of the Empire, Boulanger "
"Women's court, Roman House" "Death of Nero, Kaempfer " Arch of Titus
"The colosseum as it looks to-day, From a photograph " A Roman bath Trajan
Circus Maximus "A Chariot Race, Gerome " "Hadrian's Mole, now Castle of St. Angelo "
"A triumph of Marcus Aurelius, Tiepolo " Marcus Aurelius receiving the homage of the Parthians "A bull-fight in the Roman circus, Wagner "
"Battle between Constantine and Maxentius, Romano " The Arch of Constantine "Ambrose rebukes Theodosius, Fugel "
Romulus Augustus giving up the Crown

Greatest Nations: Rome by Charles F. Horne

Hermann Calling the Germans to Arms Destruction of Agrippina and her ship The Meeting of Aeneas and Dido
The Finding of Romulus and Remus The Sabines Tempting Tarpeia to Betray Rome The Sabine Women Interfere between their Husbands and Kinsmen
The Feast of Ceres Tullia Driving over her Father's Body (From a fragmental Bas-relief) The Meeting of Sextus Tarquin and Lucrece
The Mouth of the Cloaca Maxima Brutus Refusing Mercy to his Sons "Mucius Defying Porsena, "
Coriolanus Yields to the Entreaty of his Wife and Mother Flight of the Vestals from the Goths Decius Mus Receiving the Evil Augury
Dentatus Refuses the Wealth of the Sabines Carthaginian Merchants in a Roman Villa The Roman Attack at Mylae
The Romans Pass under the Yoke The Appian Way (Restored) The Destruction of Carthage
Hannibal's Stratagem in Campania Scipio Yields the Spanish Princess to her Lover Death of Archimedes
Masinissa Counselling Sophonisba to Die Carthaginian Women Sacrificing their Treasures to their Country The Slave Market in Rome
Cornelia and her Sons in the Streets of Rome The Home of Scipio Aemilianus The Roman Forum (Restored)
The Teutones Wandering in Gaul Defence of the Cimbrian Women at Vercellae Generals of the Roman Republic
Marius among the Ruins of Carthage Sulla Fights his Way into Rome Caesar Landing in Britain.
The Banquet of Crassus Cicero in Retirement at his Villa Vercingetorix before Caesar
German Women Captured by Caesar's Forces The Senators Urge Pompey to Become Dictator Caesar Crossing the Rubicon
A Bull-fight in the Roman Arena Flight of Pompey from Pharsalia Cleopatra Brought before Caesar
Caesar at Cleopatra's Court The Triumph of Caesar Antony Offering to Crown Caesar
The Murder of Caesar Antony's Oration over Caesar's Body Fulvia with the Head of Cicero
Suicide of Brutus The First Meeting of Antony and Cleopatra The Sea-Fight of Actium
The Last Feast of Cleopatra Rulers of the Early Empire The Augustan Age
The Ruins of the Colosseum Interior of the Pantheon (Restored) Famous Roman Writers
Catullus Singing at his Villa Tiberius at Capri Nero Singing while Rome Burns
The Death of Nero Vitellius Torn by the Mob Vespasian Planning the Colosseum
The Destruction of Herculaneum The Later Roman Emperors Nero Watching the Tortured Christians
The Games of Trajan—A Chariot Race The Death of Commodus Caracalla's Entrance into Alexandria
Zenobia in the Triumph of Aurelian Ambrose Barring Theodosius from the Church The Burial of Alaric
Christian Fugitives from the Huns The Vandals in Rome The Last of the Goths Leaving Italy
Alboin's Entrance into Pavia

Soldiers and Sailors by Charles F. Horne

Alexander discovering the body of Darius. Hannibal Crossing the Rhone. Scipio Africanus.
Generosity of Scipio. Marius. Marius on the ruins of Carthage.
Julius Caesar The Ides of March. German army of Hermann.
Hermann's Triumph over the Romans. Trajan. Rome Under Trajan—A Chariot Race.
Christian with Lions Army of Diocletian The Victims of Galerius.
Visigoths crossing the Danube Alaric in Athens. The Last Gladiatorial Contest.
Attila the Hun "Attila, The Scourge of God. "

Statesmen and Sages by Charles F. Horne

Cicero Caesar Augustus Augustus Caesar and Cleopatra.
Saint Ambrose of Milan Ambrose Rebukes Theodosius. St. Augustine.
St. Augustine and his mother St. Monica.

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