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Comprehensive History     Episodic History     Biography     Christian Antiquity     Legends and Literature     Historical Fiction    

Comprehensive History

Title (Printable) Level Size eBooks
Famous Men of Rome   by John Haaren Beg. 93 mobi, epub
The Story of the Romans   by Helene Guerber Beg. 115 mobi, epub
Stories from Roman History   by Lena Dalkeith Beg. 37 mobi, epub
The Story of Rome   by Mary Macgregor Int. 201 mobi, epub
Stories from Ancient Rome   by Alfred J. Church Int. 37 mobi, epub
Story of the Roman People   by Eva March Tappan Int. 109 mobi, epub
The City of the Seven Hills   by Samuel B. Harding Int. 116 mobi, epub
On the Shore of the Great Sea   by M.B.Synge Int. 74 mobi, epub
Historical Tales: Roman   by Charles Morris Adv. 131 mobi, epub
Stories from Livy   by Alfred J. Church Adv. 75 mobi, epub
The Story of Rome   by Arthur Gilman Adv. 122 mobi, epub
The Story of Carthage   by Alfred J. Church Adv. 108 mobi, epub
The Story of the Goths   by Henry Bradley Adv. 144 mobi, epub
The Byzantine Empire   by C. W. C. Oman Adv. 133 mobi, epub

Episodic History

Title (Printable) Level Size eBooks
Stories in Stone from the Roman Forum   by Isabel Lovell Int. 76 mobi, epub
Peeps at Many Lands: Ancient Rome   by James Baikie Int. 47 mobi, epub
Roman Life in the Days of Cicero   by Alfred J. Church Adv.82 mobi, epub
Pictures from Roman Life and Story   by Alfred J. Church Adv. 107 mobi, epub
Helmet and Spear   by Alfred J. Church Adv. 112 mobi, epub


Title (Printable) Level Size eBooks
Old World Hero Stories   by Eva March Tappan Beg. 58 mobi, epub
Children's Plutarch: Tales of the Romans   by F. J. Gould Beg. 69 mobi, epub
Plutarch's Lives   by W. H. Weston Int. 167 mobi, epub
Augustus   by Rene Francis Int. 56 mobi, epub
Julius Caesar   by Ada Russell Int. 74 mobi, epub
Herman and Thusnelda   by George P. Upton Int. 41 mobi, epub
Our Young Folk's Plutarch   by Rosalie Kaufman Adv. 259 mobi, epub
Romulus   by Jacob Abbott Adv. 80 mobi, epub
Hannibal   by Jacob Abbott Adv. 78 mobi, epub
Julius Caesar   by Jacob Abbott Adv. 72 mobi, epub
Cleopatra   by Jacob Abbott Adv. 84 mobi, epub
Nero   by Jacob Abbott Adv. 82 mobi, epub

Christian Antiquity

Title (Printable) Level Size eBooks
Church History: Christian Antiquity   by Sisters of Notre Dame Int. 47 mobi, epub
Stories of Saints and Martyrs   by Jetta S. Wolff Int. 62 mobi, epub
The Early Church   by George Hodges Adv. 105 mobi, epub
The Jews Under Roman Rule   by W. D. Morrison Adv. 143 mobi, epub
Last Days of Jerusalem (from Josephus)   by Alfred J. Church Adv. 47 mobi, epub

Legends and Literature

Title (Printable) Level Size eBooks
Kingdom of Jupiter, Gods and Heroes   by R.E. Francillon Beg. 98 mobi, epub
The Aeneid   by Alfred J. Church Int. 59 mobi, epub

Historical Fiction

Title (Printable) Level Size eBooks
Our Little Roman Cousin of Long Ago  by Cowles Beg. 37 mobi, epub
Our Little Carthaginian Cousin of Long Ago  by Winlow Beg. 36 mobi, epub
The Burning of Rome  by Alfred J. Church Adv. 115 mobi, epub
To the Lions  by Alfred J. Church Adv. 70 mobi, epub
Lords of the World  by Alfred J. Church Adv. 131 mobi, epub
Lucius: Adventures of a Roman Boy  by Alfred J. Church Adv. 137 mobi, epub
The Crown of Pine  by Alfred J. Church Adv. 92 mobi, epub

The default version of each book is provided in a printable PDF format, viewable on any computer with Adobe Reader. MOBI files can also be viewed if Mobipocket Reader is installed on your computer. If you are unable to access PDF or MOBI files you may need to download free e-reader software. For instructions on how to copy MOBI or EPUB files from your compact library to your e-reader device, refer to the Electronic Readers user guide.

The size listed indicates the number of 8 by 11 sheets of paper required to print the entire book, single-sided. This number is about half the number of pages in the original book, since approximately two "pages" of text are reproduced on every sheet.

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