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Comprehensive History

Title Size eBooks
History of Spain   by Frederick Ober 88 mobi, epub
South America   by Hezekiah Butterworth 134 mobi, epub
Greatest Nations - Spain   by Charles F. Horne 65 mobi, epub
Stories of South America   by E. C. Brooks 96 mobi, epub
Child's History of Spain   by John Bonner 158 mobi, epub
The Romance of Spanish History   by J. S. C. Abbott 190 mobi, epub
Moors in Spain   by M. Florian 77 mobi, epub
A Short History of Mexico   by Arthur H. Noll 85 mobi, epub
Young Folks' History of Mexico   by Frederick Ober 218 mobi, epub
The Story of Mexico   by Charles Morris 183 mobi, epub
From Empire to Republic   by Arthur H. Noll 136 mobi, epub
The Peruvians   by Arthur H. Noll 40 mobi, epub

Episodic History

Title Size eBooks
The Men Who Found America   by Frederick W. Hutchinson 49 mobi, epub
South American Fights and Fighters   by Cyrus T. Brady 141 mobi, epub
Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coast   by Frank Stockton 111 mobi, epub
Mexico   by Margaret D. Coxhead 113 mobi, epub
The Boy's Prescott   by Helen Ward Banks 139 mobi, epub
Historical Tales: Spanish   by Charles Morris 130 mobi, epub
The War with Spain   by Charles Morris 169 mobi, epub
Buccaneers of America   by John Esquemeling 91 mobi, epub
Historical Tales: Spanish American   by Charles Morris 129 mobi, epub
The War with Mexico   by H. O. Ladd 105 mobi, epub

Social History

Title Size eBooks
Portugal   by Edith A. Brownee 37 mobi, epub
Spain   by Edith A. Brownee 45 mobi, epub
Panama   by Edith A. Brownee 48 mobi, epub
South America   by Edith A. Brownee 41 mobi, epub


Title Size eBooks
The Story of Columbus   by Gladys M. Imlach 35 mobi, epub
Isabella of Castile   by Oliver O. Howard 96 mobi, epub
The Adventures of Vasco da Gama   by George Towle 92 mobi, epub
The Adventures of Magellan   by George Towle 85 mobi, epub
The Adventures of Pizarro   by George Towle 102 mobi, epub
Jose de San Martin   by Anna Schoellkopf 45 mobi, epub
Maximilian in Mexico   by George P. Upton 42 mobi, epub
Life of Ignatius of Loyola   by F. A. Forbes 36 mobi, epub
Life of Teresa   by F. A. Forbes 38 mobi, epub
Vasco Nunez de Balboa   by Frederick Ober 83 mobi, epub
Columbus the Discoverer   by Frederick Ober 87 mobi, epub
Hernando Cortes   by Frederick Ober 86 mobi, epub
Ponce de Leon   by Frederick Ober 83 mobi, epub
Ferdinand De Soto   by Frederick Ober 85 mobi, epub
Ferdinand Magellan   by Frederick Ober 88 mobi, epub
Francisco Pizarro   by Frederick Ober 88 mobi, epub
Amerigo Vespucci   by Frederick Ober 88 mobi, epub
Albuquerque   by Morse Stephens 79 mobi, epub
Simon Bolivar   by G. A. Sherwell 90 mobi, epub
Junipero Serra   by A. H. Fitch 135 mobi, epub

Legends and Literature

Title Size eBooks
Stories of Don Quixote   by James Baldwin 98 mobi, epub
Irving's Alhambra   by Washington Irving 129 mobi, epub
Story of the Cid   by Calvin D. Wilson 90 mobi, epub

Historical Fiction

Title Size eBooks
Mexican Twins   by Lucy Fitch Perkins 54 mobi, epub
Into Mexico with General Scott   by Edwin Sabin 141 mobi, epub

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The size listed indicates the number of 8 by 11 sheets of paper required to print the entire book, single-sided. This number is about half the number of pages in the original book, since approximately two "pages" of text are reproduced on every sheet.

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