Venetian Wars

1352 to 1512
Wars between Venice and Genoa for control of trade in the Mediterranean.

Noteable Battles

Battle of Constantinople (War of Chiozza ) Genoese victory
A naval action fought February 13, 1352, between 64 Genoese galleys under Doria, and 75 Greek and Venetian galleys under Pisani. The Genoese were victorious, taking or sinking 26 galleys, and forcing Pisani to retire into the fortified harbour. The Genoese lost 13 galleys.
Battle of Antium (War of Chiozza ) Venetians victory
Fought May 30, 1378, when Vittorio Pisani, with 14 Venetian galleys, defeated the Genoese fleet under Fieschi. The Genoese lost 6 ships, and Fieschi was taken prisoner.
Battle of Pola (War of Chiozza ) Genoese victory
Fought 1380, when Doria, with 22 Genoese galleys, offered battle to the Venetian fleet, under Pisani, which was lying at Pola. Pisani sallied out with 20 galleys, and captured the Genoese flagship, Doria being killed. The Genoese, however, rallied, drove Pisani back, and defeated hint with a loss of 2,000 killed, and 15 galleys and 1,900 men captured.
Siege of Chiozza   Venetians victory
This city, which had been captured by the Genoese from Venice, was besieged by the Venetians under Pisani and defended by Maria, who was killed during the siege. The place made an obstinate resistance, but was forced to surrender June 24, 1380, the Venetians capturing 19 Genoese galleys and 4,000 prisoners. This disaster broke the power of the Genoese Republic for many years.
Battle of Macalo   Venetians victory
Fought October 11, 1427, when the Venetians, under Carmagnola, in a strong position near Macalo, were attacked by the Milanese, under Malatesta. The Venetians repulsed the attack, and assuming the offensive, surrounded Malatesta, and compelled him to surrender with his whole force, numbering about 10,000 men.
Battle of Pavia (Dano Civil War ) Milanese victory
Fought May 22, 1431, on the Ticino, near Pavia, between 85 Venetian galleys, under Nicolas Trevisani, and a somewhat superior number of galleys in the pay of the Milanese. The Venetians were defeated, with a loss of 70 galleys and 3,000 men.

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