Rise of France

507 to 717
Early wars of the Frankish kingdom in Gaul

Noteable Battles

Battle of Soissons   Franks victory
Fought 486, and notable as the first military exploit of Clovis, the founder of the Merovingian dynasty, who here defeated Syagrius, Count of Soissons, and annexed his dominions.
Battle of Tolbiac   Franks victory
Fought 496, between the Franks, under Clovis, and the Alemanni. The Franks, after a desperate conflict, began to give way, but were rallied by Clovis, who leading a charge in person, utterly routed the Alemanni. This victory gave the Franks undisputed possession of the territory west of the Rhine.
Battle of Vouille   Franks victory
Fought 507, between the Franks, under Clovis, and the Visigoths, under Alaric II. Clovis and Alaric met in single combat, and Alaric was slain, following which the Goths were utterly routed. By this decisive victory, the province of Aquitaine was added to the Frankish dominions.
Battle of Truceia   Neustrians victory
Fought 593, between the Neustrians, under Queen Fredegond, and the Austrasians, under Childebert II. The Austrasian army was totally routed and fled from the field.
Battle of Dormeille   Burgundians victory
Fought 602, between the Neustrians under Clothaire II, and Austrasians and Burgundians under Theodobert and Thierry. Clothaire was defeated with great slaughter.
Battle of Etampes   Burgundians victory
Fought 604, between the Burgundians, under Queen Brunehilde, and the Neustrians under Clothaire II. The latter were totally defeated with heavy loss.
Battle of Testry   Austrasians victory
Fought 687, between the Neustrians, under Thierry III, and the Austrasians, under Pepin d'Heristal, the Maire du Palais. The Neustrians were routed, and Thierry captured.
Battle of Viney (Etruscan Wars ) Austrasians victory
Fought 717, between the Austrasians, under Charles Martel and the Neustrians, under Chilperic II. The Neustrians were defeated.

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