Mexican War of Reform

1857 to 1861
Civil War between anti-clerical Liberals and pro-tradition conservatives.

Noteable Battles

Battle of Acapulco (liberal rising ) Liberals victory
Fought August 9, 1855, between the Mexican Government troops under Santa Anna, and the Liberals under Juarez. Santa Anna was totally routed and fled from the country.
Battle of Salamanca (liberal rising ) Conservatives victory
Fought March 10, 1858, between the Government troops, under Miramon, and the Liberals, under Doblado. Doblado's raw levies could not face Miramon's trained troops, and were utterly routed.
Battle of Tacubaya (liberal rising ) Conservatives victory
Fought April 11, 1859, between the Mexican Government troops, under Marquez, and the Liberals, under Degollado. The Liberals were completely routed, with the loss of all their artillery and munitions of war.
Battle of Calpulalpam   Liberals victory
Fought December 20, 1860, between the Mexican Government troops under Miramon, and the Liberals under Juarez. The Liberals won a signal victory, which opened the way to Mexico, and brought about the downfall of Miramon's administration.

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