Hussite War

1422 to 1431
Pre-reformation struggle between the Bohemian followers of a heretical martyr and the Holy Roman Empire

Noteable Battles

Battle of Deutschbrod   Hussites victory
Fought 1422 between the Taborite section of the Hussites under John Zisca, and the Germans under the Emperor Sigismund. Zisca was completely victorious.
Battle of Aussig   Hussites victory
Fought 1426, between the Germans under the Emperor Sigismund, and the Taborites, the extreme section of the Hussites, under John Zisca. The Germans were signally defeated.
Battle of Taus (Aftermath ) Hussites victory
Fought August 14, 1431, between the Hussites, under John Ziska, and the Imperialists, under the Emperor Sigismund. The Hussites gained a signal victory.

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Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit!' cried Huss
 in The History of Germany