Reformation Wars in Germany

1525 to 1553
Wars resulting from the protestant reformation in Germany prior to the Thirty Years War.

Noteable Battles

Battle of Frankenhausen (schmalkaldic league ) Barons victory
Fought May 15, 1525, between the troops of Saxony, Hesse and Brunswick, and the revolted peasants under Thomas Miinzer. The peasants were utterly routed, and Münzer captured and hanged out of hand. This entirely put an end to the rising.
Battle of Mühlberg   imperials victory
Fought April 24, 1547, between the German Protestants, 9,000 strong, under the Elector Frederick of Saxony and the Landgrave of Hesse, and the Imperial army, together with 3,500 Papal troops, 13,000 in all, under Charles V. The Protestants were totally defeated, and their two leaders taken prisoners. The Imperialists lost 50 only.
Battle of Sievershausen   Germans victory
Fought July 9, 1553, between the Germans, under Maurice, Elector of Saxony, and the Brandenburgers, under the Margrave Albert. The Brandenburgers were defeated, but Maurice was wounded in the action, and died two days later.

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