Franco Spanish War

1649 to 1656
War between France and Spain began with a French civil war called 'the Fronde'.

Noteable Battles

Siege of Perpignan   French victory
This fortress was besieged by the French, 11,000 strong, under the Seigneur du Lude, at the end of 1474, and was defended by a Spanish garrison. The Spanish army could not succeed in relieving the place, and after holding out with great gallantry until March 14, 1475, the garrison, reduced to 400 men, surrendered, and were allowed to march out with the honors of war. The capture of Perpignan gave France possession of Rousillon.
Battle of Palais Gallien (War of the Fronde ) royals victory
Fought September 5, 1649, between the Royal troops, 8,000 strong, under the Marshal de la Meilleraic, and 7,000 Bordelais, under the Dues de Bouillon and de la Rochefoucauld. The Bordelais successfully repulsed four or five assaults, but by nightfall were driven from their entrenchments into the city, with a loss of about 120. The assailants lost over 1,000 killed and wounded.
Battle of Charenton   royals victory
Fought February 8, 1649, between the Royal troops, 8,000 strong, under the Great Condé, and the forces of the Paris Parliament under Clauleu. Condé gained a complete victory, driving the Frondeurs from all their entrenchments, and forcing them back upon Paris with heavy loss, including Too officers. Among the slain was Clauleu.
Battle of Porte St. Antoine (War of the Fronde ) royals victory
Fought July 2, 1652, between the Royal troops, under Turenne, and 5,000 insurgents, under Condé. Condé occupied a position round the gate, protected by barricades and fortified houses, where he was attacked by Turenne. The barricades were taken and retaken several times, but at last, after heavy fighting, Condé abandoned all idea of penetrating into Paris, and retired. His losses were heavy, especially in officers, among the severely wounded being the Due de Nemurs, and the Due de la Rochefoucauld.
Battle of Valenciennes (Austrian Succession ) Spanish victory
Defended by a Spanish garrison under Francisco de Manesses, Valenciennes was besieged June, 1656, by the French, under Turenne and La Ferte. The French encamped in two divisions on the opposite side of the Scheldt, and when the city was on the point of surrendering, La Ferte's division was attacked by 20,000 Spaniards, under Condé, and totally routed with a loss of 400 officers and 4,000 men, before Turenne could come to his assistance. In consequence of this defeat, Turenne was forced to abandon the siege and retire.

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