Flemish Wars

1302 to 1382
Fourteenth century wars wherein Flanders fought for and lost its independence from France.

Noteable Battles

Battle of Ziezicksee (Flemish War ) French victory
Fought 1302, when the Genoese galleys, in the service of Philip IV of France, under Grimaldi and Filipo di Rieti, utterly destroyed the Flemish fleet.
Battle of Courtrai (Flemish-French Wars ) Flemings victory
Fought 1302, between the French under Robert d'Artois, and the Flemings under Guy de Namur. The French were utterly routed, and so great was the carnage among the French nobility and knighthood, that after the battle 4,000, some say 7,000, gilt spurs, were hung up as trophies in Courtrai cathedral. From this circumstance this battle is commonly known as the Battle of the Spurs.
Battle of Mons-en-Puelle (Flemish War ) French victory
Fought 1304, between the French, under Philip IV, and the Flemings. The Flemings were unable to withstand the charge of the French cavalry, and broke and fled, leaving 6,000 dead on the field.
Battle of Rosbecque   French victory
Fought 1382 between 50,000 Flemings, under Philip van Arteveldt, and the French, under Charles VI. The Flemings at first drove back the French, but were overwhelmed by the charges of the French cavalry on their flanks, and were in the end utterly routed. Thousands fell in the action and subsequent pursuit, amongst them van Arteveldt.

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