Burgundian Wars

1466 to 1477
Conflict between the Dukes of Burgundy and the Kings of France

Noteable Battles

Battle of Montlhéry (Franco-Burgundian War ) Rebels victory
Fought 1465, between the forces of the Ligue du Bien Public, under the Comte de Charolais, and the Royal troops, under Louis XI. Louis was totally defeated, after a sanguinary engagement, and driven from the field.
Battle of Hericourt (Burgundian Wars ) Swiss victory
Fought November 13, 1474, between the Swiss, 18,000 strong, and the Burgundians, 10,000 in number. The Burgundians were totally defeated, the town of Hericourt taken.
Battle of Grandson (Burgundian Wars ) Swiss victory
Fought March 2, 1476, between the Swiss, 18,000 strong, and the Burgundians, numbering 36,000, under Charles the Bold. Charles endeavoured to entice the Swiss into the plain, and to that end ordered a retreat. He was followed by the Swiss, and his rearguard being attacked, was seized with panic, and fled, and in the end Charles was completely defeated and his camp captured.
Battle of Morat (Burgundian Wars ) Swiss victory
Fought June 22, 1476, between the Burgundians, 35,000 strong, under Charles the Bold, and 24,000 Swiss, under Hans Waldmann. After a few hours' hard fighting the Burgundians were driven into the plain, where the Swiss utterly routed them, no less than 8,000 falling. The Swiss chroniclers aver that the victors only lost 500 killed.
Battle of Nancy (Burgundian Wars ) Lorraine victory
Fought Jan 5, 1477 between Charles the Bold, leading 6,000 men and about 20,000 men, including many Swiss mercenaries, under the Duke of Lorraine. The Burgundians were decisively defeated, and Charles the Bold was killed.

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