Young Pretender

(Charles Edward Stuart, Bonnie Prince Charles)


young pretender
Charles Edward Stuart is well known for his role in bringing about the last of the Jacobite Rebellions in 1745. Charles was the grandson of the deposed James II, and while Britain was embroiled in the War of the Austrian Succession, sought to reclaim the throne for his father. He was promised a small fleet by the French government, but it did not materialize, and he landed in Scotland with only seven supporters. He was able to raise an army of Highlanders within Scotland, and at first had some success. His cause was not popular within England however, and he failed to gain enough support to successfully resist the British army, led by the Duke of Cumberland, who came against him. His army was thoroughly routed at the Battle of Culloden and he was driven into hiding.

The most romantic part of his story involves the few months that he was in hiding in Scotland, and how he escaped with the help of Flora Macdonald by dressing up as a maid. At the time of the rebellion he was young, charismatic, and brave, and popular among the highlanders, but his later life was not particularly creditable. He also failed to produce a male heir. The Jacobite cause therefore died off during his lifetime and there was no further attempts to reclaim the throne for the descendents of James II.

Key events during the life of Charles Edward Stuart:

Birth of Charles Edward Stuart
  Raised in Rome.
Participated in the siege of Gaeta.
Opening battles of the War of the Austrian Succession.
Charles arrives in Scotland. Victories at Prestonpans and Edinburgh.
Jacobites defeated with great slaughter at he battle of Culloden.
Dramatic escape from Scotland
Death of James III, father of Charles.
Death of Charles Stuart

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Short Biography
George II Second Hanoverian Monarch of Britain.
Flora MacDonald Heroine who help Bonnie Prince Charles escape from Scotland.
Pope Clement XI Pope who supported the Jacobite cause.