Lars Porsena

~ 508 BC

Lars Porsenna was king of Clusium, an Etruscan town north of Rome. He was approached for help by Tarquin Superbus after he had been exiled from Rome. Porsenna agreed to raise an army and march against Rome, but he was held back by several heroic Romans. Eventually he treated with the Romans, and Tarquin was not restored to power.

Key events during the life of Porsenna:

508 BC
Besieges Rome
507 BC
Negotiates a treaty ending war with Rome

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Mucius scaevola before Lars Porsenna
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Mucius Defying Porsena
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Short Biography
Tarquin Superbus Killed Servius and usurped throne, eventually overthrown but tried to regain throne by force.
Publicola Consul of Rome during the wars with Porsena.
Horatius Hero who held the Sublican Bridge against Porsena's entire army.
Mucius Scaevola Hero who burned his right hand to defy Porsena.