Marco Polo


Marco Polo was an Italian merchant and explorer who spent many years at the court of Kublai Khan in China alongside his father and uncle. There he served as ambassador and governor of the city of Yangzhou. He is a well-known explorer, and his travels opened the Eastern world to many in Europe.

When Marco was born, his father and uncle were away doing business with Mongol leader Kublai Khan, who had requested that they bring him the sacred oil of Jerusalem. They arrived to meet Polo when he was fifteen years old, and two years later he accompanied the brothers on their return trip to China, armed with the oil and letters from the papacy. The events that occurred over the next twenty-four years are a combination of fact and fiction, but the three men were greatly welcomed by Mongol Emperor and valued for their knowledge of western ways and trade routes.

During their long stay in the east, Polo served in several high-level government positions, and when his family returned to Italy in 1295, they were loaded down with gold and jewels. Unfortunately, however, they had arrived in the midst of an Italian war with Genoa, and Polo was taken prisoner. For four years he remained locked away, relating stories of his life in China to his cellmate, who compiled them and other accounts into The Travels of Marco Polo. After Polo was released, he went to live in a large estate with his father and uncle. He became a wealthy businessman, and in the next year he married the daughter of a fellow merchant, Vitale Badoer. Polo lived the rest of his life in Venice with his wife and three daughters. In 1323, Polo was confined to bed due to an illness, and he passed away in January of the next year. His explorations influenced many other adventurers, among them Christopher Columbus.

Key events during the life of Marco Polo:

Born, probably in the Venetian Rebublican
Met his father and uncle for the first time
Set out for Asia with his father and uncle, brought Khan the sacred oil from Jerusalem
Returned from China with an abundance of wealth, taken prisoner during war with Genoa
Was released from prison and went to live with his father and uncle
Married Donata Badoer
Died due to a year-long illness

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Short Biography
Kublai Khan Great Khan of the Mogul empire in China. Grandson of Genghis Khan. Marco Polo lived at his court.
Dante Alighieri Poet who wrote his masterpiece The Inferno in Italian. It became universally known.