Pepin the Short

(Pippin III, King of the Franks)


King of the Franks. Son of Charles Martel. Father of Charlemagne.

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End of the Merovingians  in  The Story of Old France  by  H. A. Guerber
Charles Martel and Pepin  in  Famous Men of the Middle Ages  by  John H. Haaren
School of the Palace  in  Barbarian and Noble  by  Marion Florence Lansing
Story of Venice  in  Patriots and Tyrants  by  Marion Florence Lansing
Death of St. Boniface  in  The Story of France  by  Mary Macgregor
Defeat of the SaracensóRise of the Carolingians  in  The Story of Europe  by  Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

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Pepin the short
Pepin the short
 in Back Matter
Pepin after the murder of Dure Waifre
Pepin after the murder of Dure Waifre
 in Back Matter