~ 1400 BC

Prophet who led the Hebrews out of Egypt, and authored the first five books of the Old Testament.

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Moses  in  Old Testament Stories: Told to the Children  by  Edwin Chisholm
The Early Life of Moses  in  Heroes of Israel  by  Lawton B. Evans

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She laid it in the flags by the river's bank
 in Old Testament Stories: Told to the Children

And Moses turned and went down from the mount
 in Old Testament Stories: Told to the Children

Moses exposed on the Nile
 in  The Story of the Chosen People

Pharaoh Pursuing the Israelites into the Sea
 in Greatest Nations - Persia

The Egyptians urge Moses to depart
 in Greatest Nations - Persia

The Finding of Moses
 in The Children's Bible - Old Testament

Moses went up into a high mountain, from which he could see the land he was never to reach.
 in On the Shores of the Great Sea