Founder of Islam, author of the Koran.

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A Camel Driver Becomes a Prophet  in  Old Time Tales  by  Lawton B. Evans
Mohammed  in  Famous Men of the Middle Ages  by  John H. Haaren
Mohammed and the Mohammedans  in  The Story of the Middle Ages  by  Samuel B. Harding
Rise of Mohammedanism  in  The Story of Europe  by  Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall
Story of Mohammed the Prophet  in  The Story of the Crusades  by  by E. M. Wilmot-Butxton

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The long lines of richly laden beasts would wind slowly over the desert
 in Old Time Tales

Mohammed preaching to his followers in the desert
 in Famous Men of the Middle Ages

Mohammed entering Mecca, preaching the unity of God
 in Famous Men of the Middle Ages

Mohammed and his nurse Halimah
 in  Mohammed

Mohammed's Vision
 in  Mohammed

Bilal calling the Moslems to prayer
 in  Mohammed

Mohammed pelted and jeered at in the streets of Mecca
 in  Mohammed

Mohammed at the Battle of Badr
 in  Mohammed

The Meccan attack on Medinah
 in  Mohammed

Mohammed destroying the idols of the Kaabah
 in  Mohammed

Mohammed preaching his farewell sermon
 in  Mohammed

Capture of Mecca by Mohammed
 in European Hero Stories