Louis IX

(Lous IX of France)


Crusading king. Canonized as a saint for his concern and compassion for the poor.

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Louis of Bourbon  in  Historic Boys  by  E. S. Brooks
How King Louis Came to Egypt  in  The Crusaders  by  Alfred J. Church
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Image Links

King Louis receiving the Oriflamme, alms-purse, and pilgrim's staff
 in The Crusaders

The Saracens casting Greek fire into the camp of King Louis
 in The Crusaders

King Louis started for the Crusades.
 in Stories from French History

St. Louis at Mansura
 in The Story of Old France

The child king, Louis the Ninth, bestowing alms
 in Famous Men of the Middle Ages

The founding of the Sorbonne
 in Famous Men of the Middle Ages

St. Louis in Captivity
 in The Story of the Middle Ages

Louis sprang into the water
 in Stories from the Crusades

Blanche the queen-mother kisses Herman
 in The Book of Saints and Heroes

St. Louis threatened by a saracen soldier
 in The Book of Saints and Heroes

The good king was to be seen giving food and drink to the folk
 in The Story of France

St. Louis entering Paris with the Holy Crown of Thorns
 in Church History: The Later Middle Ages

The education of St. Louis IX., conducted by Brother Pacificus
 in Church History: The Later Middle Ages