Leif Ericsson


Discovered Newfoundland and explored the seacoast of North America. Son of Erik the Red.

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Leif, the Lucky  in  America First—100 Stories from Our History  by  Lawton B. Evans
Leif and His New Land  in  Viking Tales  by  Jennie Hall
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How Lief the Son of Eric the Red Sailed to the West  in  Our Empire Story  by  H. E. Marshall
Vineland and the Vikings  in  Historical Tales, Vol I: American  by  Charles Morris
Early Discoveries  in  American History Stories, Volume I  by  Mara L. Pratt
Vikings Sail the Northern Seas  in  A Book of Discovery  by  M. B. Synge
Leif Ericsson Visits the Coast of New England  in  European Hero Stories  by  Eva March Tappan

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Leif and his crew leaped out on to the beach.
 in Stories of the Vikings

The landing of the Vikings
 in This Country of Ours

Viking Ships at Sea
 in Historical Tales, Vol I: American

Leif the Lucky discovers a new land
 in Builders of Our Country: Book I