Peter the Hermit


Peter the Hermit was a priest in Northern France and a prominent figure during the First Crusade. He led of the five sections of the People's Crusade to their destination, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, but their arrival was met with displeasure from the Eastern Roman Emperor, as many of those travelling were hungry and poor. Peter tried to organize the shipment of his followers to the Holy Land, but in the meantime the Emperor could not provide for so many new arrivals, who pilfered food and caused disorder in the camp. At last, the People's Crusade was shipped to an area just outside Turkish rule, with promise of guards and safe passage, but the pilgrims refused to wait and instead went unarmed into enemy territory, where they were robbed and attacked. Peter fled to Constantinople, seeking assistance once more. During his absence, the Turks killed many of the retreating crusaders, and those survivors who completed the return journey to Constantinople fervently awaited armed support.

When help arrived at last, Peter joined them as a member of council, and the remaining troops marched through Asia Minor and into Jerusalem. While his ranks were never again their original size, Peter was able to enlist many injured and bankrupt crusaders sympathetic to their cause. His position, however, was clearly diminished, and he played only a minor role in subsequent battles, until a rousing speech inspired a crushing victory at Antioch. Peter then went on to become treasurer of the alms at the seige of Arqa and the following Battle of Ascalon before sailing westward and disappearing from history until his believed death in 1115.

Many stories surround Peter's preaching of the First Crusade; several historians of that time believed him to be its prime instigator, and tales spread concerning a believed encounter between the hermit and Jesus Christ in the Chruch of the Holy Sepulchre, during which the latter bade him to promote the Cruades in His name.

Key events during the life of Peter the Hermit:

Led 40,000 members of the People's Crusade from Cologne to Constantinople.
  The People's Crusade was shipped to the Asiatic shore but was forced to retreat when Turkish enemies attacked.
Joined the Emperor's ranks as a member of council.
Seige of Antioch.
Served as treasurer of the alms at the seige of Arqa.
  Went to Latakia, and from there sailed for the West.
Died while serving as prior of a church that he had founded in France.

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