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Fulton, Robert, an American engineer and inventor; born in Lan-caster County, Pennsylvania, in 1765. He turned his attention at an early age to drawing and portrait-painting, which he practised with skill and success in Philadelphia, where he had re-moved at the age of seventeen. After spending some years as an artist in London he decided to become a civil engineer, in 1793 formed a project to improve inland navigation, and at a later period invented a machine for spinning flax and another for making rope, both of which were patented in England. He subsequently went to Paris, where he resided in the family of Joel Barlow, and became the proprietor of the first panorama exhibited in that city. He also invented a submarine boat, called a "torpedo," to be used in naval warfare, which attracted the favorable notice of Napoleon, and in which Fulton succeeded in remaining under water and guiidi it with ease. Returning to New York in 1806, he, with the assistance of Robert Livingston, succeeded in completing, in 1807, the valuable discovery of steam navigation. He launched his first steam-boat, the Clermont, in 1807. It proved to be a decided success, making trips between that city and Albany at a speed of five miles an hour, which was soon increased by improved machinery. Many larger steamboats were constructed under his direction. Though Fulton expended a large amount of money upon his invention, he gained nothing by his patent. He married, in 1806, Harriet, daughter of Walter Livingston. Died 1815.

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