Abdul Aziz

(Abd al-Aziz ibn Musa)

d. 716

Abdul Aziz was the first governor of the Moorish provinces in Hispania, known by the Moslems as Al-Andalus. He was the son of Musa ibn Nusair, the Umayyid governor of North Africa, and in 712 accompanied his father when he led a second army into Hispania, shortly after the successful invasion of Tariq. This was to assure that Musa's family, rather than Tariq, would profit by the conquest.

Aziz was appointed Governor of Al-Andalus, and set up his capital at Seville. Soon afterward, he married Exilona, a Christian princess who had briefly been married to Roderic, the Visigoth king. This marriage was to cause him difficulties because enemies of his family used it against him, and charged him with both treachery and apostacy. Eventually he was decapitated and his head was sent to his father in Damascus.

Key events during the life of Abdul Aziz:

Accompanied his father on an expedition to Hispania.
Appointed first governor of Al-Andalusa.
Marriage to Christain Princess, Exilona.
Murder and beheading by rival Moslems.

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Short Biography
Roderic Last king of Visigoth Spain. Died at the Battle of Guadalete.
Exilona Christian wife of Visigoth king Roderick who later married son of Moorish governor
Theodomir Visigoth general who used a ruse in order to make peace with the Moorish conquerors.