Augustine of Hippo

(Aurelius Augustinus)

St. Augustine

Saint Augustine was born in a small town in North Africa to a Christian mother, St. Monica, and a pagan father. He excelled at his studies and went to Rome to teach Rhetoric, where he lived an indulgent life, and explored such heretical philosophies as Manichaeism. Finally, at the age of 30 he went to teach in Milan, and was greatly influenced by Saint Ambrose, then bishop of Milan. He finally converted to Christianity and was baptized in 387 A.D.. Shortly afterward, he returned to Africa to live a monastic life, but was soon recruited into the priesthood. He was declared bishop of Hippo, a coastal town in North Africa, in 395, and remained in that position until his death in 430 387 A.D., during the Siege of Hippo by Genseric the Vandal.

Augustine is best known for his writings, which included several books as well as a great many letters detailing specificpoints of Christian theology, and critiquing other philosophies. His two best known books are Confessions, which tells the story of his personal faith journey and ultimate conversion to Christianity, and City of God, an influential treatise on the proper role of religion in public life. His works were widely read during the middle ages and are still influential today.

Key events during the life of Saint Augustine of Hippo:

Went to Rome to teach rhetoric. Became involved with Manichaeism.
Went to Milan. Influenced by Ambrose, Bishop of Milan.
Baptized as a christian on Easter Sunday.
  Lived a monastic life at Tagaste.
Became a priest in Hippo.
Became a bishop of Hippo.
Wrote Confessions, a very influential story of his own conversion.
Wrote City of God., dealing with role of religion in public life.
  Wrote many letters and books detailing Christian doctrine and apologetics.
Died during the Vandal's siege of Hippo.

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Short Biography
Monica Mother of Augustine. Saint. Prayed for his conversion.
Ambrose Bishop of Milan. Resisted Arian heresy, advised emperors, advocated for Church interests.
Genseric Leader of Vandals. Conquered Northern Africa and Sicily. Invaded and ransacked Rome.
St. Jerome Translated the Bible into the Latin Vulgate.