469–399 BC

First moral philosopher, immortalized by Plato.

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Socrates and His House  in  Fifty Famous Stories Retold  by  James Baldwin
Wisest of Men  in  Pictures from Greek Life and Story  by  Alfred J. Church
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Socrates: From a bust in the Villa Albani (near naples).
 in Pictures from Greek Life and Story

 in The Story of the Greeks

Socrates' Farewell
 in The Story of the Greeks

Socrates teaching young Alcibiades, Schopin
 in Famous Men of Greece

The death of Socrates, David
 in Famous Men of Greece

Socrates Instructing Alcibiades
 in Greatest Nations - Greece

Socrates drinking the hemlock
 in Greatest Nations - Greece

 in Back Matter

Death of Socrates
 in Back Matter

He drank the contents as though it were a draught of wine.
 in The Story of Greece

An Argument with Socrates
 in Stories of the Ancient Greeks

Socrates was a well-known figure in Athens.
 in On the Shores of the Great Sea

Socrates Instructing Alcibiades
 in The Story of the Greek People

Socrates (From a bust in the Vatican Gallery at Rome)
 in Old World Hero Stories

Death of Socrates.
 in Old World Hero Stories