Attila the Hun


Barbarian chieftain who overran and terrorized much of Europe. Defeated at the Battle of Chalons.

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King and His Hawk  in  Fifty Famous Stories Retold  by  James Baldwin
Three Deadly Blows  in  Helmet and Spear  by  Alfred J. Church
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Attila the Hun is Defeated at Chalons  in  European Hero Stories  by  Eva March Tappan

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The Meeting of Attilla and Pope Leo
 in Stories from German History

Attila and Leo
 in Helmet and Spear

A Hunnic Invasion
 in Famous Men of the Middle Ages

Attila and his terrible Huns
 in Famous Men of the Middle Ages

St. Leo halting Attila at the gates of Rome
 in Famous Men of the Middle Ages

Court of the Huns
 in The Story of the Middle Ages

Attila's Huns Plundering a Roman Villa in Gaul
 in Greatest Nations - Germany

Attila the Hun
 in Back Matter

Attila, The Scourge of God
 in Back Matter

Attila the Hun
 in Barbarian and Noble

Attila's Banquet
 in Barbarian and Noble

Attila's Banquet
 in Barbarian and Noble

Attila before the Pope
 in Barbarian and Noble

Leo Interceding With Attila at the Gates of Rome.
 in European Hero Stories