Great Englishmen - M. B. Synge

Sixteen short biographies of eminent, Englishmen are given. Although there are many important men of action portrayed in this volume, including Nelson, Alfred the Great, Clive, and the Black Prince, many men whose accomplishments were in the realm of culture are given also. Some of these include the Venerable Bede, Milton, Isaac Newton, William Caxton, George Stephenson, and others.

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Harold Godwine


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There is much talk just now of how and what we shall teach; but something is necessary before people can be taught anything:—they must want to learn; and therefore a teacher's chief duty is not to satisfy, but to creat a healthy appetite for knowledge.

It is for this reason that I recommend these stories about great Englishmen to the little ones for whom they are written. I htink such a book willmake them want to know more of the history of their country, will show them that the good and great became so by fighting their way through difficulties, adn will lead them to desire that their lives too may be not quite unworthy of

"This land of such dear souls, this dear, dear land."

Cheltenham Ladies' College

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