History of the Church: Later Middle Ages - Notre Dame

Chronological Outline

Date  Events
1073   Accession of St. Gregory VII.
1077   Henry IV. at Canossa.
1096   First Crusade.
1099   Jerusalem taken.
1109   St. Anselm—Archbishop of Canterbury.
1123   Ninth General Council—Lateran I. Investitures. Canonical Elections.
1139   Tenth General Council—Lateran II. Disciplinary Canons enacted.
1147   Second Crusade.
1153   Death of St. Bernard.
1170   Martyrdom of St. Thomas Becket.
1179   Eleventh General Council—Lateran III. Affairs of Ecclesiastics. Heresies of Cathari, Albigenses, etc., condemned.
1189   Third Crusade.
1202   Fourth Crusade. Latin Empire of Constantinople founded.
1213   Twelfth General Council—Lateran IV. Albigenses condemned. Paschal communion ordered.
1213   England a fief of Holy See.
1218   Fifth crusade.
1221   St. Dominic.
1226   St. Francis of Assisi.
1228   Sixth Crusade.
1229   End of Albigensian War. Foundation of Inquisition.
1245   Thirteenth General Council—1st Lyons—Crusade determined on. Reunion of Greeks, etc.
1248   Seventh Crusade.
1270   Eighth Crusade.
1274   Fourteenth General Council—2nd Lyons—same as above. St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Bonaventure.
1300   First Jubilee.
1309   Popes at Avignon.
1311   Fifteenth General Council—Vienne—Knights Templars suppressed. Condemnation of Beghards, Beguines, etc.
1348   Black Death.
1375   Turks masters of all Greek Empire, except Constantinople.
1376   Return of Popes to Rome, Wyclif begins to preach heresy.
1378   Schism of the West.
1380   St. Catherine of Siena.
1408   John Huss and his disciples join Wyclifites.
1414   Sixteenth General Council—Constance—Termination of Western Schism. Wyclifism condemned.
1431   St. Joan of Arc burnt.
1439   Seventeenth General Council—Florence. Reunion of Greeks.
1444   Battle of Varna fatal to Greek Empire.
1453   Constantinople taken by the Turks.
1482   Final victory of Spaniards over Moors.
1492   America discovered.
1498   Savonarola.