History of the Church: Early Middle Ages - Notre Dame

Chronological Outline

Date  Events
           SIXTH CENTURY
543   Death of St. Benedict.
553   Fifth General Council—Second Constantinople—Three Chapters.
583   Conversion of Burgundy.
586   Conversion of Spain.
597   St. Augustine lands in England. St. Columba.
604   St. Gregory the Great—St. Augustine of Canterbury.
622   Hegira, or Flight of Mohammed.
632   Death of Mohammed—Spread of Islamism—Jerusalem taken.
680   Sixth General Council—Third Constantinople—Monothelites, Assertors of One Will.
709   St. Wilfrid.
710   Spain conquered by the Saracens.
732   Defeat of the Saracens by Charles Martel.
755   Martyrdom of St. Boniface, Apostle of Germany.
756   Patrimony of St. Peter given by Pepin to the Pope.
768   Accession of Charlemagne.
787   Seventh General Council—Second Nicaea—Iconoclasts or Image-breakers.
           NINTH CENTURY
800   Charlemagne, Emperor of the West
817   Reform of Monastic Orders.
826   Mission of St. Anschar to Denmark, Sweden, and North Germany.
850   Completion of Photian Schism in the Eastern Church.
869   Eighth General Council—Fourth Constantinople—Photian Schism.
871   Alfred and the Danes.
           TENTH CENTURY
910   Order of Cluny founded.
910   Popes under the power of Italian Nobles and German Emperor.
910   Russia and Poland evangelized.
972   Conversion of Hungary commenced.
987   Hugh Capet, King of France.
988   St. Dunstan.
1000   Christianity in Iceland and Greenland.
1016   Danish dynasty in England.
1038   St. Stephen of Hungary.
1041   "Truce of God."
1050   Heresy of Berengarius broached.
1055   Greek Schism completed.
1066   William the Norman conquers England.
1073   Accession of Hildebrand as Gregory VII.