Compendium of Church History - Notre Dame

Twentieth Century

Pope Pius X.
On August 4, 1903, Cardinal Sarto was proclaimed Pope under the title of Pius X. He set himself from the beginning "to renew all things in Christ."

Some of the most important are those that deal with:

  1. The teaching of the Catechism.
  2. Church Music.
  3. Modernism.
  4. The Laws of Christian Marriage.

Principal Works.

  1. The formation of a Biblical Commission.
  2. The codification of Canon Law.
  3. The arrangement and organization of the Roman Congregations.

Pope Benedict XV.
On September 3, 1914, Cardinal Giacomo della Chiesa was proclaimed Pope with the title of Benedict XV. He will be known as the Peacemaker, unceasing in his efforts to persuade the warring Powers to end the fratricidal strife of the great World War.

Notable among his numerous messages to the Catholic world were those in which he treated of:

  1. Plea for Peace.
  2. St. Joseph and family life.
  3. The five great social evils demoralizing the world.
  4. Amity among nations based on justice, not force.

Principal Works.

  1. Concluded code of Canon Law begun by Pius X.
  2. New impetus to study of the Scriptures.
  3. Improvement of seminaries and preaching.
  4. Canonization of Jeanne d'Arc, Beatification of Oliver Plunkett and 257 Irish martyrs.
  5. Measures in welfare work and relief of war impoverished nations.