Compendium of Church History - Notre Dame

The Chief Heresies

Heresy Author Error
Arian Arius, a Priest Denied the Divinity of Jesus Christ
Manichean Manes Taught there were two gods; one author of good, the other of evil.
Macedonian Macedonius, Bishop of Constantinople Denied the divinity of the Holy Ghost
Pelagian Pelagius, British Monk Denied Original Sin and the necessity of Grace.
Nestorian Nestorius, Patriarch of Constantinople Taught two persons in Christ and that the Blessed Virgin Mary was not the Mother of God.
Eutychian Eutyches, an abbott. Denied two natures of Jesus Christ.
Semi-Pelagian New form of Pelagianism Taught that grace is necessary to continue but not to begin good actions.
Monothelite Sergius, Patriarch of Constantinople. Taught only the divine will in Jesus Christ.
Iconoclast Leo III, Isaurian, Emperor of Constantinople. Aimed at the destruciton of Holy Images.
Greek Schism Photius Refused allegiance to the Holy See.
Berengarian Berengarius, deacon of Angers. Denied Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist.
Albigensian Followers of Arnold of Brescia. Denied incarnation, redemption, etc.
Waldensian Peter Waldo. Taught every sin was mortal; no indulgences; two sacraments.
Wickliffite Wycliff in England, Husss in Germany Taught predestination; private interpretation; revolutionary doctrine.