Compendium of Church History - Notre Dame

The Councils of the Church

Council Date Decision
I. Nicaea 325    Condemned Arius.
I. Constantinople 381    Condemned Macedonius.
Ephesus    431    Condemned Nestorius.
Chalcedon    451    Condemned Eutysches.
II. Constantinople    553    Condemned Theodorus, who favored Nestorius.
III. Constantinople    680    Condemned Monothelites.
II. Nicaea    787    Condemned the Iconoclasts.
IV. Constantinople    870    Condemned Photius, author of the Greek Schism.
I. Lateran    1123    Regulated the rights of Church and State in election of Popes.
II. Lateran    1139    Condemned Peter of Bruys and Arnold of Brescia.
III. Lateran    1179    Condemned the Waldenses and Albigenses.
IV. Lateran    1215    Regulated general legislation; established the Inquisition.
I. Lyons    1245    Decreed a General Crusade.
II. Lyons   1274    Confirmed doctrine of dual procession of the Holy Ghost.
Vienne   1312    Abolished Knights Templars.
Constance    1414-18    Elected Martin V; ended Western Schism.
Florence    1438    Effected the reconciliation of the Greeks.
V. Lateran    1512    Reestablished Church Discipline.
Trent    1545-63    Condemned Luther, Calvin and others.
I. Vatican    1869-70    Declared Infalliability of Pope.