Martin Luther—the Story of his Life - E. Singmaster

This life story of Martin Luther that tells of incidents of his youth which influenced his ideas and characters, but it also goes into some detail regarding his theological ideas. An analysis of his major works is provided, but in easy-to-understand layman's terms. Mention is also made of the effects of his writings throughout the European community, and of his family life and later years.

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Martin Luther


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The author offers this brief Life of Martin Luther as her contribution to the literature of the Four Hundredth Anniversary of the Reformation. The volume contains no original material, but is intended to serve as an introduction to the longer, richer, and more scholarly records of a great life which abound and to the noble writings of the Reformer himself. Grateful acknowledgment is made to the biographers of Luther, especially to Dr. Henry E. Jacobs, to Dr. Preserved Smith, and to Heinrich Bohmer, the author of Luther in the light of Recent Research.

January, 1917.

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