Plot Against the Church: Part 4 - Maurice Pinay

Dangerous Enemies of the Church:
Jews and the Waldenses

Then in the 12th century Jewry attempted to gain control of the Papacy with help of the Jewish cardinal Pierleoni, and the sect of the Albigensians also prepared in secret the greatest revolution of the time. Through this Christianity was to be destroyed, and simultaneously in secret other sects were founded, which wished to master all Europe, abolish the existing order and destroy Holy Church. Jewry thus restricted itself not only to organising one sect, one revolutionary movement, but caused secretly several, differing from one another, to arise. The ideologies and principles were different and suited to satisfy the taste of all. If one did not agree with the programme, the dogmas or the confessions of faith of one sect, then perhaps the others would convince him. And if one sect failed, another would triumph.

At all events they supported each other mutually in secret, even if also following apparently opposing and. incompatible programmes. Thus Jewry began to apply another of its tactics: not to trust to the victory of one single organisation, but to found many organisations with different and even contrasting ideologies, which did justice to the most diverse wishes and opinions. The Jews do the same today. They found Christian-democratic parties, extreme Right parties—without the name playing a role—,Centre parties, socialist, anarchistic and Communist parties, as well as Freemasonic, Theosophical and Spiritualist organisations, Rotary Clubs, Boy Scouts Organizations and many others. It would require too much space to mention all those which—as well-known writers have proved—are controlled by international Jewry. Thus the Synagogue can control men of the most different tendencies and ideologies, watch over Christian and gentile peoples and drive onward their plans for world rule.

Before we investigate other heretical sects which participated together with the Albigensians in this great Jewish revolution in the 12th century and which nearly conquered Europe and destroyed Holy Church, we will quote highly regarded Jewish sources, which provide us with details about the role which the Jews played in the heresies of that time.

The Jewish-Spanish Encyclopaedia mentions the attitude of the Church to the mediaeval heresies and confirms the assertions of priests and writers of most different epochs, who made the assurance that "the Jews were the fathers of the heresies." Then it is stated expressly:

"In the same way as the Inquisition, it accused the Jews of having instigated the mediaeval heresies, and all heterodox movements were for the Church the result of a Jewish conspiracy, and the instigators and leaders Jews." It is clear that neither Holy Church nor the Inquisition lied. In addition they had sufficient proofs to base their assertions upon.

The rabbi Lewis Browne writes in addition in his interesting History of the Jews, in a chapter with the title The Disunion of the Church and the subtitle The Help of the Jews in the Protestant Reformation:

"It is more than only a thorn. Since the Synagogue was represented in all Christian lands, it had the effect everywhere like a network of small swords, which injured the self-satisfaction of the Church. This explains the fact that the Church allowed the Jews no pause to rest. It was her most dangerous foe, since everywhere it wandered, it promoted heresies."

This learned Rabbi expresses not only completely openly the greatest of all truths, by his describing the Jews as the worst enemies of the Church, but also gives us the solution to what was for many a great mystery, i.e. the rapid spreading of the mediaeval heresies, later of freemasonry and finally of Marxist Communism, over the individual lands. Since there have been Jewish organisations all over the world for many centuries, which have the effect of "a network of small swords," being represented in all lands through influential personalities and having everywhere a great financial power, it is naturally an easy thing for them to spread with astonishing rapidity every revolutionary, public and secret movement or every other kind of connection and to provide it with international regard. Only an institution like the synagogue, which has been rooted for centuries in all parts bf the world, could provide so many perverse movements rapidly with an international character. As a result it has attempted and still attempts through its favourite weapon, deceit, to rule the peoples and to make freedom impossible. In connection with another of the great heretical movements, which in the 12th century, threatened to tear down the existing social, political and religious order, we will once again quote very highly respected Jewish sources.

Rabbi Jacob S. Raisin writes about the Waldenses:

"Another heterodox group went back to Waldo, a rich merchant from Lyons. He diligently studied the Bible and commissioned two priests to translate it into French. The rich young man had the wish to set the counsels of Jesus into deeds and divided his wealth among the poor and also among those from whom he had acquired it, and praised poverty (1175). Many men of the city followed his example, and the poor of Lyons—under this name the Waldenses were known—were imitated not only in North France, but also in Spain and Italy."

The motto of this sect could thus not be more attractive, especially for the poor population strata, who as always were in a majority. The appearance of holiness and purity, with which its leaders surrounded themselves, was extraordinarily captivating. All this caused the revolutionary power of the movement to become enormously great. It is understandable that, with such a pure, clean and, for the lower classes, so beneficial exterior, great masses of believers were captured. However, later the poison made itself perceptible. The same rabbi writes:

"For these devoted pupils of the Ebionites the Roman Church was 'the scarlet woman' of the Apocalypse, and its idolatry (revering of Holy Images) was the same as the cult which they had displaced."

Up to then, however, everything alluded to a movement of unblemished purity, which was led by men who divided their wealth, followed exactly the rules for perfection of our Lord Jesus, and fought against the immorality of the clergy, for which reason they— as they pretended—compared the Church with the "scarlet woman" of the Apocalypse. It is natural that great masses allowed themselves to be deceived by this appearance and joined the heresy.

On the other hand, their doctrines departed less from the orthodox than that of the Cathars and Albigensians who were Gnostics and Manicheans, and would therefore be more easily accepted by the masses. Who would even suspect that behind so much beauty was also concealed a renewed dark attempt on the part of the Jews to control Christian society?

We quote once more the Jewish-Spanish Encyclopaedia, that official work of Jewry, in which the later course of this apparently purely humanitarian movement of the Waldenses is described:

"The Waldenses, a sect which arose in 1170 in Lyons under the leadership of Peter Waldo, represent that aspect of the Jewish movement which also later the protestants Huss, Munzer, Zwingli and other reformers of later centuries made use of. This heresy took on a considerable extent and stretched from Lyons and Provence up to Lorraine and south Belgium in the North and Hungary and Moravia in the East. It is certainly not by chance that it arose in Lyons, as also the sect of the Passagii in Milan, since the two cities were great centres of Jewish life and influence. The Waldenses' Bible, which is preserved in some copies (MS Cambridge, 14th century, and Grenoble) contains no less than 32 Jewish books. It was read at the secret gatherings under the direction of the preachers or ancients (one assumes that this word originates from the Hebrew).

"The Waldenses also held themselves to be the 'real Israel', or, as their leader Muston expressed it, 'Israel of the Alps'. Comba and Muston spoke of Exodus and the scattering of the faithful. Peter Waldo is the 'Moses of this little people which migrated from the land of slavery' and 'the father, the Abraham of Israel of the Alps, before he became Moses.' The Ancients of the Waldenses sent missionaries to Italy 'in order to call for repentance and to feed the lost sheep of Israel in the valleys of the Alps.' The Ancients themselves, who were well skilled in the sciences, the languages and scripture, compared themselves with the Ancients of Israel, whose communities consisted of the Israel of the Alps, and whose Levites and Judges they were."

The tactic of the Jews of accusing their enemies of what they themselves do, attained its peak in the attacks of the Jewish heresy of the Waldenses against the absolute anti-Jewish tradition of Holy Church. As the rabbi Louis Israel Newman assures us, it was asserted that "the tradition of Holy Church was the tradition of the Pharisees." This reproach is frequently made by heretics. The Waldenses of Lombardy asserted that their separation from the Roman Church was justified, "for it was no longer the Church of Jesus Christ but was ruled by scribes and Pharisees."

Later the rabbi, in connection with the personal relation between Jews and Waldenses, states that:

"Cities, as for example Lyons and Metz in which the Jews were powerful and influential, were also important centres of the Waldensian heresy. . . ", and "Not only during the 12th and 13th century did the Jews and Waldenses join together."

"It is not only evident that a personal relationship existed between the Jews in Provence and the Waldenses in the 13th century, but in the 15th century also the Hussites were frequently in contact with the Jews, and the Hussites and Waldenses were directly and indirectly connected with one another. During the 16th century, before and after the Reformation, the personal relations between Jews and Waldenses became strong. . . And as late as the 19th century we find the Waldenses and Jews associated, not in intellectual relations, but in governmental ones. Thus, on 13th September 1849, in Italy, a ministerial committee was founded which was to regulate anew the special government of Waldenses and Jews."

In conclusion we will quote an interesting revelation of the Jewish historian Gerson Wolf. The latter asserts that the Jews in the 15th century were accused of having conspired together with the Hussites and Waldenses against the government. This Jew was prosecuted by the Austrian government on account of his book Democracy and Socialism, which reveals revolutionary tendencies.

One finds valuable details concerning the said Jewish conspiracy in a report which is contained in the Protocols of the Theological Faculty in Vienna, and in fact in the Protocol of the 10th January 1419. Those who are interested in investigating still further this Jewish-Hussite-Waldense conspiracy in the 15th century, which wished to abolish the existing order, can refer to the original mentioned.