Plot Against the Church: Part 4 - Maurice Pinay

Jews Spread the Cult of Satan

Adolf Jakob Franck, a Jewish leader of the past [19th] century, writes in his interesting work about the Cabbala in connection with Jewish demonolatry (worship of demons):

"If in Judaism traces of dark superstition are present, then one must above all seek the cause of the terror which it inspires through its devil worship."

The confession that there has existed a Devil worship in Judaism is therefore so valuable, because it comes from an important leader of the synagogue who was no less than Vice-president of the Israelite Church council in Paris, the highest Jewish authority in France, collaborator in the Israelite Archives and assistant director of the Imperial library at the time of Napoleon III.

The Jews spread the Lucifer cult at first in various Gnostic sects and later through the secret Luciferian and Satanic sects and chiefly through the devilish magic which is universally known as Black Magic. Their doctrines go back to the Jewish Cabbala, and their chief diffusers were at all times the Jews. The most perverse phenomenon of this magic is the adoration of the Devil. It must be made clear that some circles of Jewish Cabbalists with their secret gatherings have really honestly worshipped Satan. Without doubt, however, most Jews who spread Satanism have not held this terrible superstition to be true and have only used it as an effective means to disrupt Christian society and prepare its destruction by their declaring evil to be good and conversely.

The Jews in an unexampled infamous way and manner made use of the motto: "The end justifies the means." How better in the Middle Ages could they have been able to demoralise Christian society than to cause it to worship Satan and to despise God? As one sees, the wickedness of the Jews knows no bounds. Not in vain did Our Lord Jesus call them Sons of the Devil and described the synagogues as Synagogues of Satan.

Satanism was another "octopus arm" of that great Jewish revolution in the 12th century, which in many respects was so terrible or even more terrible than that of modem time. The English writer Nesta H. Webster writes:

"Towards the end of the twelfth century Luciferianism spread eastwards through Styria, the Tyrol, and Bohemia, even as far as Brandenburg; by the beginning of the thirteenth century it had invaded western Germany."

In addition this writer asserts that it spread out as far as Italy and France.

It must be pointed out that, at the time of the crusades and afterwards, thousands of Jews in Germany and Central Europe were apparently converted to Christianity and in these lands took on usual family names. As a result, they joined themselves to Christian society and strengthened the Jewish Fifth Column.

Upon this invasion of false converts followed as usual the spreading of heresies and revolutionary movements, among which Satanism played an important role.

In Bohemia the false converts had flooded over the Church and this land, like South France and North Italy, became a veritable centre of heretics. Later the same occurred there as today in Switzerland, which became the cradle of the Jewish Protestantism of Calvin and Zwingli, which differed from the nationalistic and in many cases anti-Semitic Protestantism of Martin Luther.

Eliphas Levi describes the conjuration ceremonies of Hell:

"Those present must unconditionally dishonour the ceremonies of their religion and debase the most holy symbols. This method attains its high point in the polluting of the Holy Sacrament. The secret host was fed to mice, pigs and toads, and disgraced in an indescribable way and manner."

In the course of centuries there have again and again been scandals when it became known that Jews or converts or even Christian clergy, who were secret Jews, used hosts (Hostien) to commit terrible pollutions at their secret gatherings. Through magic the Jews, in their great hatred towards Christ, were successful in inducing many Christians infected by the teachings of the Satanists to do the same.

Nesta H. Webster, quoting Deschamps, writes:

"That science of demoniacal arts, of which the Jews were the initiators" and in which cannot be ignored the Jewish 'Cabbalists' in some form or other in any comprehensive analysis of the situation . . . Demonology in Europe was in fact essentially a Jewish science."

Eliphas Levi, an authority whom no one can accuse of anti-Semitism, asserts:

"The Jews who believed most of all in the secrets of the 'Cabbala' were in the Middle Ages almost exclusively the grand masters of magic."

Another personality whom one cannot accuse of making common cause with the Catholic Church is Voltaire. He accused the Jews of spreading Black Magic and in his work Henriade describes a revolting ceremony, in which the devilish name is named together with the name of the Eternal in the same breath:

"The priest of this temple is one of those Jews who were respected as world citizens. . .", then "It was universally customary that the Jews gave themselves up to magical actions. This old superstition goes back to the secrets of the 'Cabbala,' whose sole preserver the Jews regard themselves."

Monsignore Meurin, the archbishop and bishop of Port Louis quotes Leo Taxil and the Cabbalist handbook of Brother Constant, 30th Grade of Freemasonry, and writes:

"This report confirms the opinion of almost all authors who have dealt with this devilish magic, that all branches and practices of sorcery have their origin in the Jewish Cabbala."

Since the Jews were without doubt the founder and secret leaders of Freemasonry, they also introduced into some freemasonic organisations the cult of Lucifer. This is proved by Leo Taxil, who has employed himself thoroughly within this material. Concerning the 20th Grade (degree) of certain rites he writes:

"The Prince of the Tabernacle is now prepared for the freemasonic revelation, for in the 20th degree of the Grand Patriarch he has worshipped a glittering star on a golden cloud, which was described to him as morning star or also as Lucifer, and hears the summons of the President: 'Be like the morning star, who announces the day; bring the world light, in the holy name of Lucifer, dispel the darkness."

Concerning the purpose which the Jews follow with this reversal of values, the renowned, learned Jesuit, Archbishop and Bishop of Port Louis writes the following:

"As our readers know, the Jewish Cabbalists have reversed the value of words, in order to turn away their followers from the truth. Thus, for example, God signifies Satan and Satan God. Good is Evil. Virtue is vice and vice is virtue. Truth is lies and lies are truth. Light is darkness and darkness light. Revelation is obscurantism and obscurantism is revelation. Religion is superstition and superstition religion."