Plot Against the Church: Part 4 - Maurice Pinay

Errors of the Nazis and Imperialists

When Russia was conquered by Communism, millions of Christians were murdered by the Soviet Jews, and in Hungary and Bavaria, towards the end of the 1st world war, Marxist coups d'Etats took place. Europe was justly disturbed. It saw itself directly threatened by subjection and enslavement through the seemingly irresistible Red avalanche, especially on account of the complicity of the secret Jewish government in London and the victory of the separatist tendencies in the U.S.A.

The visible predominating participation of the Jews, not only in the Communist revolution in Russia, but also in the revolutions in Hungary and Germany, opened the eyes of many European patriots and allowed them to recognise that the Red conspiracy was a tool of Jewish Imperialism. Russian monarchist writers had already warned the world, and subsequently Frenchmen, Rumanians, Spaniards, North Americans, Germans and others from various parts of the world and of different race and religion have drawn attention to the same danger. When it appeared as if Europe had been conquered by Jewish Imperialism and its Communist revolution, various patriotic organisations arose on the old continent and attempted to save their lands from the danger threatening them. They would perhaps have been successful in this, if the most important group, the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany, had not arrived upon false paths, which caused this European revival to fail sorrowfully.

All peoples have the right to justified defence against the attacks of Jewish Imperialism. If the Nazis had limited themselves to saving their people and Europe in the face of the deadly threat, no one could reproach them and perhaps they would have had success with such a praiseworthy enterprise. Unfortunately, into the National-Socialist movement imperialistic, aggressive tendencies against other peoples and races crept in. Even the Jewish racial hatred would not have been dangerous if it had remained limited to seizing upon internal measures for the betterment of its race or racial union. Even mixed marriages with the Jewish people could be forbidden, without that we protested against it. What causes Jewish race hatred to be unacceptable and dangerous, is its aggressive imperialist tendency to conquer and to enslave other peoples and is made authoritative to the harm of the legitimate rights of other races.

The same holds for the Nazi race hatred. No one can deny the great capacities of the Nordic race and refuse the German people the right to improve the good qualities of its race, or better expressed, of the complex of races. No one can also dispute its right to defend itself against Jewish Imperialism, and less still Holy Church which for nineteen centuries long has fought tenaciously and heroically against the cunning of the Synagogue of Satan. But it is not permissible that a nationalism or a so-called race hygiene strikes out upon imperialist paths and injures the legitimate rights of other peoples or sets itself up above them. The unjust invasion of Poland, the repellent Pact with Russia to divide the Polish territory, the violent conquest of Bohemia and Moravia, the attacks against neutral peoples, the over-estimation of German superiority and the under-estimation of the quality of other peoples, which the Nazis so greatly promoted, and which damaged so much their relations with their allies, were only a logical consequence of the Imperialist racial hatred which the National Socialist movement subjected itself to, and in a certain aspect is very similar to the Imperialist race hatred of the Jews.

Another serious consequence of the preceding were the events in the Ukraine, where the Germans were received as saviours, and which could have been one of their most loyal, most valuable allies against the Kremlin, but soon became an enemy on grounds of the policy of conquest and subjection which the Nazis pursued in this land, for instead of as liberators they came as cruel conquerors.

With the race hatred of the Nazis one must certainly very well distinguish between the purely defensive and the aggressive or Imperialist aspect. They first wished to drive the Jews from government posts and in general from valuable positions, which they occupied in German society. The Nazis only did what Holy Catholic Church has ordered upon various occasions during the last fourteen centuries as a measure to preserve Christianity from the conquest and revolutionary activity of Jewish infiltration.

The writings of the Church Fathers as well as various Papal Bulls and Council Laws give us evidence of the struggle of Holy Church, in order to depose the Jews from public offices and leading positions in the Christian states, since they have always utilised these in order to destroy Christianity and to subjugate the Christian peoples.

We have already investigated how the Church applied all possible means and even attempted to keep the Jews remote from the social and family life of Christians. For this reason we could also not criticise this aspect of the Nazi race policy, for we would as a result blame Holy Church, and as Catholics we could not do this. On the other hand, the aggressive Imperialist aspect of Nazi race hatred is absolutely to be condemned and rejected. For if the so-called Nordic race with its great scientific, artistic, and political talent is to preserve, cultivate and apply its outstanding talents to the well-being and service of other races, as the Nazis wished.

With such a mode of thought it is incomprehensible that this alliance between Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire could have been honest and effective, for the Japanese Nationalists also founded their movement for freedom upon a racial Imperialism, which was just as extreme and dangerous as the Nazistic, and wishes to aid the yellow race to world domination under the leadership of the Japanese. With this fateful ideal in mind they attacked China and fell upon other peoples. How under these circumstances could the two Imperialists work together loyally and successfully? To this lack of cooperation on the part of both allies their defeat in the last world war is to be attributed. Even if the Jew Roosevelt, as respected North American patriots have proved, did everything in order to encourage the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbour, then nevertheless the Japanese government, if it had not had such insane Imperialist intentions, would not have fallen into the trap, which international Jewry had laid for it.

As we already said in another passage, all great peoples of the world have unfortunately inclined to Imperialism and the subjugation of other peoples in favour of their own. The Assyrians, Chaldaeans, Persians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Turks, Dutch, French, English, Russians and North Americans did the same in this respect.

In connection with Imperialism, we could repeat the divine sentence of our Lord Jesus: "He who is without sin amongst you cast first the stone." All men, without difference of race or religion, must understand that every new Imperialist enterprise is not only unjust but is also suicidal, for in face of the deadly threat hovering over all religions and peoples of the world from Jewish Imperialism and its Communist revolution we have no other choice—as our elementary self-preservation instinct tells us—than at least to join together in the political realm. For only through the uniting of the peoples and the alliance of all religions can a coalition come into existence which is strong enough to save us and mankind from the Jewish-Communist slavery threatening us all to the same measure. This great alliance can only be concluded, if a real feeling of brotherhood exists among the peoples and a respect of the natural right of each individual.

It would be fateful and catastrophic if the movements for freedom against Jewish Imperialism and its Communist revolution, which arise in different nations of the world, became Imperialist nationalisms. For then the defence of the peoples would be impossible, which at these moments is so necessary, in order to triumph over Jewish Imperialism. We would once again fail with this perhaps last opportunity, in order to save ourselves, for the Jews and their Freemasonic and Communist satellites would skilfully utilise every Imperialist tendency of an anti-Jewish liberation movement, in order to set the threatened peoples against it, just as was the case in the last world war.

This is a decisive moment in history, and we have only a few years to liberate ourselves from Jewish-Communist slavery. The liberation movements which in several countries fight against Jewish Imperialism, should understand that today such conduct is suicidal and should therefore zealously fight, not only to liberate their peoples from the Jews, but to also unite in a brotherly way with similar liberation movements, so that the whole of mankind can be freed, including naturally the unfortunate peoples, who are already subjected by Red totalitarianism. The Imperialist Jews would be defeated by a closely allied world. But their victory over a mankind split up on the political realm in national, racial or religious rivalries is certain.

National and racial rivalries should be laid aside by wav of peaceful negotiations. Differences of opinion in the religious domain should be decided in an honourable, peaceful, theological discussion, which in the long run gives the right to those who deserve it, but prevents that these antagonisms degenerate into religious wars or violent conflicts, which always make impossible a political uniting of the peoples, which is so neces-sary, in the first place to eliminate the threat by Jewish Imperialism and later to secure world peace, which is indis-pensable for the progress and maintenance of the human race.

We have already mentioned another tragic fault of the Nazis, who in their struggle against Jewish Imperialism made no difference between the ancient chosen people, which provided us with our Lord Jesus, the Holy Virgin Mary, the Prophets and Apostles, and the sons of the Devil, as Jesus called the sectarians of the Synagogue of Satan who denied Him, crucified Him and have bitterly fought His Holy Church in the course of centuries. With this erroneous thesis the theoreticians of Nazism take up an anti-Christian conduct, which was to make impossible the traditional highest Christian union of Europe against Jewish Imperialism and thus also prevented the victory.

Whoever is still so simple as to believe that Christianity can easily be destroyed without divine help, should at least see the facts as they are. For if the mighty Roman Empire was not successful in three long centuries of merciless persecution, if the criminal Jews in the Soviet Union did not achieve it in 45 years of bloody terror, then still less will any modern Imperialism be successful, which in addition must still simultaneously conflict with the secret, enormous power of international Jewry.

We stand at the edge of an abyss, and the unbelievers and even the adherents of anti-Christian tendencies must, if they are not blind to the threatening danger, understand that we must all lay aside our dislikes and our national or religious resentment and must organise a common defence against the deadly enemy threatening us all. If we continue to think in terms of national hatred, revenge for injustice done and religious rivalries, we will all perish in the ever increasing onslaught of Jewish Imperialism and its Communist revolution. We must therefore all make efforts to bring about this unity, which is so necessary in order to save ourselves. In this chapter we decline to comment upon the slaughtering of the Jews by the Nazis, for we deal with this in the 3rd and 4th chapter of the part of this book which bears the heading "The Synagogue of Satan".

We should condemn for ever the war between the individual states, because it is first of all catastrophic for all and secondly aids the totalitarian Imperialism of Jewry most securely to the final victory. We must ally ourselves against Jewish Imperialism and also liberate our own peoples and all the others who are subjected by Jews, so that after victory over the worst form of Imperialism which has ever existed in the world—which hypocritically preaches peace but constantly furthers war—all lands of the earth can form a world organisation which, with respect for the legitimate rights of all, secures world peace, promotes the truth and the progress of mankind, and raises the living standard of all men, especially that of the economically weak strata, as high as possible and simultaneously fights to bring men nearer to God, the beginning and the end of the whole Universe.

The failure of the League of Nations and of the UNO is—as we shall investigate further in the 2nd volume of this work—to be traced back to the fact that both institutions, even if they announce the noblest most humanitarian aims, are controlled by the secret power of Jewry and Freemasonry and are used to promote the victory of the Imperialist plans of the Synagogue.

We anxiously call upon the patriots in the U.S.A. and England, that in the liberation of their nations from the Jewish yoke they may not enter upon the suicidal path of Imperialism. We make the same summons to the heroic-minded President Nasser of Egypt and the patriots of the other nations of the world who fight for the same goal.

The struggle for Arab unity is without doubt just. But if it is achieved, it must not pass over from nationalism to Imperialism. For by this it would give the Jews of the world the wonderful opportunity of suppressing Arab Nationalism, just as they did with Marxist Imperialism, which unintentionally gave the Synagogue the opportunity to destroy nationalistic Germany. The National Socialists hampered for a time Jewish Imperialism and had raised the living standards of the working classes in astonishing degree.

Thus the revival of Germany achieved in a few years was once again destroyed through the Imperialist ambitions of the very same creators of the revival. The great peoples and leaders easily become egocentric through repeated success in their important enterprises and often devote themselves to suicidal Imperialist intentions. Let us think, for example, of Napoleon, who snatched rule over the French revolution from the dark forces of Jewry, made it into a really national undertaking and completed the miracle of making a destroyed anarchistic France into the most important military power of the world. If Napoleon had not allowed himself to be led by his unlimited Imperialist ambition, then his work would have been of longer duration. The successes give the leaders and peoples a feeling of superiority, which drives the one or others to a kind of delusion of grandeur and causes them to forge Imperialist plans which finally leads them to collapse, especially in times when Jewish Imperialism utilises all these situations in order to stir up all the other peoples to struggle and war against those powers and leaders who disturb or endanger the plans for domination of the Synagogue of Satan.