Plot Against the Church: Part 4 - Maurice Pinay

Monks, Nuns and Prelates as Secret Jews

James Finn, the English historian of the past [19th] century, writes in his work Sephardim or the History of the Jews in Spain and Portugal about the Jews living in both lands as false Christians:

"They took on heraldic surnames, gained the Knights Cross, became bishops and even judges of the Inquisition, although they remained Jews at the same time. Orobius declared that he had come to know Jews in Amsterdam who did penance in the synagogues for their brothers, who in Spain pretended to be Franciscans, Dominicans and Jesuits."

This work was published by the Yard Printers in the Anglican St. Paul's Cathedral and confirms to us the assertions of Jewish authors, who assert that the secret Jews attached themselves to the Dominican orders in order to later introduce themselves into the Holy Office of the Inquisition and to spy upon the secret organisation, which was to destroy and cripple them or at least to render their activity ineffective from within. This is another of the traditional tactics of the synagogue: they introduce themselves into the secret organisations which they should fight, in order to allow no possibility to arise of effectively struggling against Jewry. Thus they behaved with the Czarist Okrana and—so it is asserted—also with the Gestapo.

The secret Jewish infiltration into the offices of the judges of the Inquisition, as is stated in the English work mentioned, gave Jewry the opportunity of causing the struggle of the Holy Office against secret Jewry to remain without effect. In his famous History of the Marranos the authorised Jewish writer Cecil Roth reports to us the remarkable history of a secret Jew who entered the clergy as brother of the Order and also practised the cult which the synagogue dedicated to the brother Diego de la Asuncion, a secret Portuguese Jew. This cult was particularly strongly spread in the city of Coimbra. Concerning this Roth writes:

"There were a considerable group of new Christians there (Marranos) who belonged to the famous university, and all or almost all remained true to the belief of the fathers. Their leader was Antonio Homen, one of the most talented men of the educated society of his time . . . Great grandson of Moises Boino (the good), merchant and Jewish physician in Oporto . . . He was brought up by his mother Isabel Nunez de Almeida, who belonged to an old Christian family. Jesuits educated him, and he studied at the university of his home city, where in 1584 he matriculated in Church law. In 1592 he obtained a position in the faculty. During the great plague in the year 1599, he provided valuable services, which brought him spiritual livings. In order to enjoy these, he entered into the Holy Order . . .

"In 1614 he became professor of Church law at the university. As such, he had an incomparable reputation. Various of his treatises are preserved as manuscripts. On the occasion of the proposed canonisation of Queen Isabella of Portugal, he was requested to give his attitude in 1612. Simultaneously he attained great regard as preacher and father confessor. . . When he had reached the high point of his fame as theologian, Antonio Homen nevertheless became spiritual leader of the Jewish group in Coimbra, to which various very respected personages of the university belonged. Among these were: Andres dAvelar, lecturer in mathematics, author of various scientific works, and monks like Homen. . ."

Then the Jewish historian whom we quote enumerates the respected professors of the university who belonged to the circle of false Catholics and reports further that a member of the Jewish circle:

"Francisco de Gouves, who was born in Lisbon, was promoted after brilliant studies as Lecturer in Church Law at the university of Coimbra and was also appointed as archdeacon of Vilanova de Cerveira. In addition he occupied still other lesser offices. He had already written an important book and would in a short time publish further ones. The Inquisitor General valued him greatly and particularly recommended him to the Pope."

With an anti-Semitic Inquisition like the Catholic one then in Portugal, the events reported to us by the Jew Cecil Roth reveal how the leader of the secret Jews of Coimbra concealed his secret Jewish activity and joined himself to the clergy of Holy Church, i.e. obtained an influential position in the enemy organisation and in this manner even became Professor for Church Law and made himself a name as preacher and father confessor. Imagine to yourselves a secret Jewish blasphemer who, in his capacity as monk, utilises the confessor's chair for espionage! This is monstrous, but countless documents, both Jewish as well as Christian, report to us an abundance of similar cases.

This was one of the reasons why many religious orders were compelled to approve the so-called Statutes for purification of the blood, in which entry into these Orders was forbidden to Catholics descended from Jews, for one had many proofs that almost all remained secret Jews. Naturally the Order of the preacher monks applied the Statute for purification of the blood in the strictest way. For since they were experienced in the struggle against Jewry, they recognised this necessity clearer than the others. As we have already seen, and authorised Jewish writers confess, however, the Jews succeeded in entering into these Orders and becoming judges of the Inquisition.

This was without doubt to be traced back to the fact that, even if in the Spanish and Portuguese Empire everyone had to provide a family tree of several generations, a great number of secret Jews were not established and this for the simple reason, because many false conversions, as we have already seen, had taken place already at least a thousand years before the working out of these family trees, and it was practically impossible to go back to such distant times.

When therefore in Portugal, Spain and their dominions, Jews were not identified in spite of the family trees going back six or more generations, one can easily conceive what may have occurred in Nazi Germany, where it was restricted to investigating only three generations. It is conceivable that countless secret Jews belonged to the Nazi government as Aryans.

The facts have proved that, in the wide overseas regions of the Spanish and Portuguese Empire, Jews were discovered by the Inquisition both in the higher clergy as also in government officials and in other realms of social life, who appeared like old Christians, i.e. as pure Catholics of Jewish origin who had everywhere admittance and also the right to occupy every kind of leading positions. We come back again to the reporting by the Jewish historian Cecil Roth concerning the organisation of the secret Jews in Coimbra (Portugal), where it is expressly stated: "Other persons also, who were connected with the university, belonged to the secret group, among whose members were found a half dozen clergy, several prominent physicians and countless priests.

"They held their religious services (the synagogue) regularly in a house of Largo das Olarias in Coimbra, and two dozen people, among them various students of the university, participated in these. They were conducted by a certain Diego Lopez da Rosa, and Antonio Homen seems to have acted as Rabbi.

"The secret was finally betrayed. On the 24th November 1619, the Inquisition took Homen captive and sent him to Lisbon, where he was to be put on trial. After four and a half years in prison, he was condemned to death as a 'stiff-necked, unbelieving heretic' On 5th May 1624, he was executed by the garrotte at a public ceremony. He had not wished to confess his guilt at any price, and his body was burned, while eight lesser members of the circle (of whom one died in prison) were handed over to the worldly authority for lesser punishment. To the group belonged two priests. . ."

In the following the Jewish historian quoted gives interesting details, and about Antonio DAvelar, another Jew of the group, he writes:

"His two sons and four daughters (three of them were nuns) were put on trial, because they adhered to Judaism. . . The scandal had a wide echo. On 30th April 1629, the Portuguese courts turned to Philip III and instructed him that, at recent burnings of heretics carried out by them, besides three monks and various Jesuits, three abbots from Coimbra had also been involved. A further six—all of whom had been appointed by the Pope—were in prison. The King was therefore requested in future to approve no livings to new Christians (i.e. Catholics of Jewish descent) or to allow them to enter the Holy Order. . ."

The report of this renowned Jewish historian makes clear to us how a seemingly zealous monk, Professor of Church Law, famous preacher and father confessor, was not only leader of the secret Jews of Coimbra, but, as it appears, even a Rabbi of the secret synagogue in a private house. It is also revealed to us that to the secret group belonged monks, nuns, Jesuits and even abbots of the respected Church chapter.

For six centuries the Inquisition, with its effective methods of locating and uncovering such secret Jewish organisations and their infiltrations into the clergy of Holy Church, destroyed them and put them out of operation. But when the Papal and then also the Portuguese and Spanish Inquisition were abolished, the Church and Christian society saw themselves robbed of the institutions which had defended them against the disastrous infiltrations and activities of the Jewish Fifth Column Thus it was possible that, from this moment on, enormous progress was made by the secret Jewish revolutions, since they now, in order to triumph, could reckon with a veritable swarm of clergy as accomplices. These made easier at first the victories of freemasonry and today those of atheistic Communism. Christianity and the whole world have need of new institutions which are adapted to modern times, but which must be equally as effective or even more effective than the Inquisition, in order to protect mankind from the strivings for conquest of Jewish Imperialism.

In the publication mentioned of the Jewish publishers in Buenos Aires, this secret Jewish infiltration into religious convents is openly admitted. In this connection it is stated:

"One could set up a long list of nuns and monks who suffered under the Inquisition or have ended their lives as Jews" (and in the footnote) "The family of Manuel Pereira Continho must be mentioned, whose five daughters were nuns of the cloister de la Esperanza in Lisbon, while his sons lived in Hamburg as Jews under the name Abendana. Among other remarkable Church personages of the 17th century in Spain must be mentioned the famous dramatist and novelist Juan Perez de Montalvan, the friend of Lope de Vegas, priest and notary of the Holy Office.

Some of the priests of the Fifth Column burned by the Inquisition are regarded by international Jewry as martyrs, as for example the famous monk Diego de la Asuncion, about whom the Jewish historian Cecil Roth writes the following:

"One of the most outstanding martyrs of the Portuguese Inquisition was Diego de la Asuncion, a young Franciscan monk, who was born in Viana in 1579. He had in his veins only a small percentage of Jewish blood. . . It was impossible for him to keep his intentions to himself. Since his situation was dangerous, he attempted to flee to England or France, but was taken captive on the way. Before the Inquisition Court he voluntarily confessed everything which he was accused of, and at first pretended to repent, but later altered his conduct and proudly confessed himself to be an adherent of the law of Moses. . .

"On 3rd August 1603, he was burned alive as a twenty-five year old in Lisbon. . . A number of Jews in Lisbon founded an association in his memory which, in order to remove all suspicion, was called the Brotherhood of Saint Diego, and which maintained a perpetual light in front of the Ark of the Law of a synagogue, in a place of greater religious freedom. Thus the blood of a sacrifice fructified and strengthened the faith of the secret Jews."

At the time of the Inquisition, the technical organisation of the Holy Office frequently discovered the members of the Fifth Column, who in the Church today conduct themselves as they wish, without anyone preventing it. The defence of Christianity is destroyed or crippled, the internal enemy causes all possible harm and rapidly brings us towards Communist slavery. On the other side, one sees that a small percentage of Jewish blood suffices for a Christian man to be a secret fanatical Jew who gives his life for this dark cause.

The Jewish historian mentioned speaks once again about the Catholic but secretly Jewish nuns and writes:

"To the 231 persons who were condemned, in Portugal, in the eight years from 1619 to 1627, to public burning as heretics, belonged fifteen doctors of the university, two of whom were professors, eleven additionally academicians, twenty lawyers and the same number of physicians and notaries, and in particular 44 nuns and fifteen priests, of whom seven were abbots."

In other cases, the career of the priest serves the secret Jews for the purpose of not having to confess to the real priests. This device is especially of importance for the confession of children who, on account of their age, are unable to conceal a secret and therefore, during the first years, are true Christians and do not know that their parents secretly belong to Judaism. If then the children at the age of thirteen or later are prepared for the secret introduction into Judaism, it may happen that for many of them the Christian faith is already rooted, and that they naturally wish to ask their father confessor for advice. It would thus be very dangerous if the father confessor of youth were a real priest, who obtained knowledge of the great secret of clandestine Jewry and sounded the alarm, watched strictly over the confessing child, made it attentive to the Jewish error and could strengthen it in the Catholic belief. If, on the other hand, the father confessor is also a Jew, he can be decisive for the final resolution of the vacillating child.

At the time of the Inquisition this was a vitally important problem for the new Christian families, for every child was obligated, under threat of excommunication, to denounce to the Holy Office every attempt of the parents to introduce it into Judaism. And every indiscretion of the boy towards the father confessor could have the consequence that the latter convinced him that he must reveal this to the Inquisition, which represented a serious danger for the entire family. In this sense the Jewish writer quoted, Cecil Roth, writes in the American edition of his work mentioned, which was published by the Jewish Publication Society of America, that an English Jew "who died in 1890", had said about the secret Portuguese Jews:

"Many [Portuguese] families, including those of merit, were Jews, and in different districts the Jewish families were very numerous. Often also a monk, so that he could take confession from the families in the neighbourhood."

In another place we will report how other Jewish writers describe the procedure of how to introduce the young generation of secret Jewish families, had lived as Christians, to judaism. At a suitable moment they are introduced in an imposing, gloomy ceremony into the dark sect of Judaism.

Concerning the strict control that the Inquisition exerted over the Christians of Jewish descent and over the population in general in order to unmask secret Jews, reports to us the respected Jewish historian Frederick David Mocatta, who in the previous century was President of the Jewish Historical Society of England, in his work written in 1877, The Jews in Spain and Portugal and the Inquisition:

"The unfortunate Jews, outwardly the most devout of the entire Catholic population, followed in all secrecy the laws of their old faith in spite of the great danger linked with it. The traitors had on grounds of their denunciation such great advantages and the suspicion was so easily believed, that no one escaped with whole skin if the servants of his house, secret enemies or incautious brothers had slandered them. In spite of the greatest caution the new Christians were not secure from showing an inclination to Judaism. Their clothing, suits and especially their food were carefully watched over."

The Jewish historian mentioned further reports, that it was observed how they practised the Catholic rite, how they behaved on the Sabbath and Jewish festivals, that their expressions and gestures were zealously observed and often an unconscious action was denounced. Then an official of the Holy Office, called by the relatives, appeared at the door in order to fetch his victim, whom he kept in prison for months, years or perhaps forever. "So one generation of secret Jews followed upon the other. They mixed with all social strata and occupied all State posts and especially Church offices.

This strict superintendence was carried through, although the secret Jewish clergy, in order to arouse no suspicion in general, pretended to be anti-Jewish. For any defence of the Jews would have sufficed for the Inquisition to regard them as suspect, to accuse them of practising the Jewish religion in secret, and to put them on trial in order to discover the truth. In our time the secret Jewish clergy defend the Jews unpunished, for there is no Inquisition or a corresponding modern institution that has investigated and revealed the dark practices of Jewry.

In another passage of his work the president of the Jewish society for historic studies in England asserts:

"In fact the converts adapted themselves outwardly to the Catholic confession of faith, took on new names, filled their houses with crucifixes, holy images and other Christian symbols and went regularly into the Church. . ."

Then he closes by remarking that, despite everything, many were discovered by the Inquisition.324) ?> One can easily imagine how difficult it was under these circumstances for the secret Jews to effectively develop their revolutionary movements. In addition, the Inquisition had to be abolished or made harmless before the first revolutionary attempt could have positive and lasting results.

One of the most renowned anti-Jewish works of the 17th century was the famed Sentry on the tower of the Church of God. The author was the virtuous Franciscan monk Francisco de Torrejoncillo, the Prior of various Franciscan monasteries including, among others, that of St. Bartholoma of Valencia de Alcantara, our Holy Virgin of Rocamador and our Holy Virgin of Montecelli del Hoyo; he had also been clerk with three different provincial fathers. In his quoted work he writes expressly about the secret Jewish priests:

"In the monastery of St. Hieronymus, says Velazquez, they once cheated one of the monks and chose him as Prior and Prelate. Secretly he carried out his rites and ceremonies, until he was discovered by the Inquisition, taken prisoner and publicly burned. From then on great Laws and Statutes were introduced in this monastery and in the entire Order, that none of this race should be admitted. . . In the kingdom of Murcia a superior or prefect of a religious order preached all day zealously the Law of Christ and at night he went out with another Jew, who was door-keeper in his foundation, in order to teach the Law of Moses to the Jews of a house. Many of them were burned with their teacher and others died in prison. "

Here we have another scholar of the scripture, i.e., secret rabbi, who, in order to conceal his true character, became at first monk and then superior of the Order, which made it possible for him to secretly practise his activity as rabbi. But the Inquisition knew very well, that the greatest danger lay in the higher clergy, watched over them all, and finally discovered that the devout superior of the religious Order was a secret Jewish leader, and also discovered his parish children, who were burned or met death in prison.

And Father Torrejoncillo further reports:

"If a man wished to become Prelate, then he told others that he did not wish to, and since the others saw that he apparently rejected it, they gave him the office. Accordingly, he confessed, that he was a Jew."

These revelations of the famous protector of the Franciscan Order compel us to explain a fact which other writers confirm and is also corroborated through documents from the time of the Inquisition. The rules of the monastic order, to refuse the offices to those who strove after them, were set up to the greatest part in order to prevent the secret Jewish infiltration. However, they were skilfully evaded by the Jews, which even today is still the case. The best God-fearing men do not strive in reality after such dignities, while the secret Jewish monks act as if they are not interested, but provide skilled teamwork in order to obtain these positions and even gain control of the leading positions in these religious Orders, in whose control they are most interested. The same occurs with the Bishops' offices, for the best, most virtuous and most devout priests are not concerned with gaining Bishops' seats and often refuse to accept them when they are proposed for them, in contrast to the Jews, who mutually support one another and through the influence of their own in Rome easily rise in the hierarchy of the Church.

When the Inquisition still existed, it suppressed this infiltration as far as possible and even put famous archbishops and bishops on trial, who had been seduced to practising Judaism in secret. But when this defence of Christianity was destroyed, nothing any longer held up the infiltration of the Fifth Column into the supreme hierarchy of the Church. For this reason there are so many cardinals, archbishops, bishops, abbots, presidents of an Order for the province, abbots, etc., who in inexplicable manner support the enemies of the Church, for it is a matter of Jews, of freemasonry or of Communism. If we wish to prevent this situation degenerating into a catastrophe, the competent authorities must build up at the right time a new defence against these infiltrations and against the otherwise traitorous activity of the Fifth Column.

The educated member of the Franciscan Order reports further in his quoted work:

"A treasurer of Holy Church (Cathedral) of Cordoba, pretended to fall into ecstasy in a solemn procession. A short time later he was burned, and his figure and insignia are today exhibited in this Holy Church. Since that time extreme caution was exercised that no new Christian should occupy an office. . . Another was vicar of the Bishop of Cordoba and set the entire Holy Church into confusion with prosecutions and dispute among the old Christians. With matters in dispute, which he had to decide as judge, he always gave judgement in favour of the new Christians. For it is ordered in their law that one shall support the other against the Christians. However this may be, everything undertaken against the Christians is just, even if it is a matter of killing us."

Concerning this Pharisee, Father Torrejoncillo reports in addition the following:

"With the midday or evening meal the Jews wish to have the best place, and in the Church they also wish to have the best seating places. . . In Valladolid there was another new Christian in a monastery, who there instigated great dispute among fifteen noble pupils. Therefore some have thought that the old custom had begun in the monastery of the Holy Cross, in memory of them (the Jews), as is described in the fifth Chapter of this book."

The most serious danger of the new Christians, who overthrew everything and brought their children up from infancy as Jews, is made clear through the following report of Father Torrejoncillo:

"During confession a priest asked a child, in connection with the fast obligation, for his name. The child answered: 'Are you asking me for the name which I have at home or outside?' 'I ask about the name you have at home.' And the child said: 'My home name is Abraham and the other Francisquito'."

It is thus understandable that the false Christian families, who do homage to Judaism, undertake the introduction of their baptised children, who have been educated as Christians, into the Synagogue only at an age when they are no longer incautious and they always attempt to give them a secret Jewish father confessor. In addition they subject themselves before their acceptance into Jewry to a succession of examinations, which prove that they are capable of preserving the most closely guarded secrets. Through experience all these methods were perfected in the course of centuries, which the Jews use all over the world, and since there exists no Inquisition or like organisation that defends the people and watches over this devilish sect, the danger today for the Jews is very small.

The uncertainty of the peoples about this problem has this consequence: that the natural lack of caution, which occur again and again, is not noticed. Here in Spain we have, for example, experienced something remarkable: A member of the Catholic Action, which was very much against Franco and for Gil Robles, once said to us: "I am a zealous, apostolic, Jewish Catholic." When we asked him what he meant by Jewish, he became excited and said: "I have made a mistake, a slip of the tongue, I wished to say Roman. Well, you see, one often says one thing in place of the other." (Jewish in Spanish = marrano, Roman = romano, very similar words). The Jews are naturally men like us all and no gods, and they constantly commit indiscretions. But since the people know nothing of all this and on the other side there exists no organisation that can discover and destroy this godless sect, these indiscretions are overlooked.

In Spain and Hispanic America, the secret Jews of the 20th century jokingly say to one another, "Catolicos Apostolicos Marranos" (Catholic apostolic Jews) instead of (as is correct) "Catolicos Apostolicos Romanos" (Apostolic Roman Catholics), and naturally the power of custom allows them to commit such indiscretions, but today, due to the reasons mentioned, they have no importance.

In the monumental work of modern Jewry, the Jewish-Spanish Encyclopaedia quoted, it is stated:

"The monasteries are full of Jews. Many of the abbots, Inquisitors and bishops also are descended from Jews. Many of them are in the bottom of their heart convinced Jews, even if they also, in order not to have to abandon worldly goods, pretend to believe in Christianity."

As one sees, this quotation from an official work of Jewry concords with other no less credible sources. We will deal in the sequel of this work, on the basis of undisputed documents and sources, with the tragedy of Jewish infiltration into the Protestant clergy, but here we will make some allusion in advance, which particularly draws our attention to it and proves that the problem of the Jewish Fifth Column in the clergy is a general phenomenon that concerns all confessions. In this connection it is stated expressly in the monumental Jewish work, quoted by us, under the word "Holanda" (Holland):

"Many new Christians turned, from 1566, to Calvinism and other reformed doctrines. It is, for example, known that a certain Marco Perez, of Jewish descent, was president of the Calvinist Church Council of Antwerp. "

This proves that it is not a question of a tendency but of a clear striving for domination, for this Church Council was the highest Calvinist Church Council in Antwerp, and in fact a Jew was president, i.e., the highest authority.

These Jewish infiltrations into Christianity had at times dangerous consequences for the Christian rulers. In the Jewish Encyclopaedia quoted by us, another interesting revelation is made. Under the name "Gaden Stephan", alias Daniel or Daniela Yevlevich, it is stated:

"Physician at the court of the Czar, in the 17th century . . . altered several times his religion and finally entered into the Catholic men's association of the Greek Orthodox Church . . . he was cruelly murdered on account of his friendship with the Bojars, who planned the overthrow of the Czar."

In addition, this official work of Jewry provides us with the following other details:

"Alexei Protopop, Russian priest and one of the leaders of the Jewish sect in Kiev, Novgorod, Pakow and Moscow (1425-1448). Was apparently pupil of caraita Zejarya . . . Ivan III, Grand Duke of Moscow, appointed him as director of the Cathedral of the Ascension in Moscow, where he succeeded in converting countless personages of the court and oftheChurch."

Concerning the Jew Bar Hebraeus, whose Christian name was Gregor Abul Faradesh, it is stated in the Encyclopaedia: "Historian and dignitary of the Syrian Church, of Jewish origin, see Bar Hebraeus." Under the name "Bar Hebraeus" it is then stated:

"Bar Hebraeus (Gregor Abul Rafadch or Abu-al-Faradch), Superior of the Church of Jacob in Syria, historian, philosopher, theologian and physician, was born in 1226 in Melitene and died in 1286 in Maraga, Persia. He was the son of Aaron, a converted Jewish physician and became Bishop of Guba (1246) and Aleppo (1253) and in the year 1264 director of the Jacobus Church in Persia. He wrote countless books in Arabic and Syrian about history, philosophy, medicine, grammar, biblical commentaries and a book with histories and chronicles, which contains anecdotes and simple proverbs, of which a part refers to the wise Jews. In 1889 E.A.W. Budge translated this book into English."

In another passage, it is stated in this monumental work of Jewry: "Abraham Rabbi, prior of the barefoot monks, new convert, burned in 1270."

Alexander Michael Solomon, converted Jew, first Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem . . . religiously educated in Germany, studied the rabbinical sciences and in 1820, when he went to England, was confirmed in the Synagogue of Plymouth as cantor. In 1825 he was baptised . . . appointed superintendent of the English clergy and of its men's associations in Syria, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Abyssinia."

We will not tire the reader with numerous data that we have at our disposal concerning this material. After what has been said already, he can nevertheless form an opinion concerning the universal spreading of the Jewish Fifth Column in the clergy and also concerning the deadly danger that it represents not only for the Catholic Church but also for the whole of Christianity.


In conclusion to this chapter we will mention a regrettable fact. In some lands, where the Protestant and Orthodox patriots heroically fight against the Communist infiltration into their churches, the former commit the fault, when they have noticed that certain dignitaries of the Catholic Church aid Communism to victory, of accusing Catholicism in general of what only the members of the Fifth Column in the clergy do. This conduct is unjust and the same would be the case if we Catholics conversely were to accuse the Protestants and Orthodox, who are to the greatest part anti-Communists, of betrayal, which the members of the Fifth Column in the clergy and the leadership of the orthodox and Protestant Churches daily commit on their chosen fatherland and the free world. We real Christians, who are also necessarily anti-Communists, must therefore recognise that the Catholic Church, as also the Protestant and Orthodox Churches to the same extent, fall victim to the destructive activity of the same enemies.

The Synagogue of Satan, which through its infiltrations into the clergy of the different churches furthers the triumphs of the Communist, atheistic revolution, which in secret is directed by the synagogue itself. The fact that we are threatened by the same danger and the same enemy, should allow ns to see the necessity to apply our powers in common against the enemy. As long as we remain divided through religious, racial or national hatred, the Jews will conquer us one after the other until they have enslaved us all, as they have done with the unfortunate peoples under Communist rule. For self-preservation we must therefore unite our forces and as an organisation represented in the whole world fight against the foe.

Only thus can we counter with prospect of success an enemy, who at present solely and alone hinders the true Christians and pagans on account of the disunity among us, and rules not only the world but the entire planet. If we unite, we will become much stronger than they, easily defeat them and be able to secure the salvation of Christianity, of independence and of well-being of our peoples. Victory or defeat can thus depend on our unity or disunity. Our alliance in the political realm is relatively easy to bring about; for, if we are not blind and wish to save ourselves, we must regard it as urgently necessary.

As far as the unity of all Christians in the theological domain is concerned, then it seems—even if it is an apostolic ideal, which encourages us all— very difficult for the one and attainable for the others. In every case it is clear that if we Christians, Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox form an alliance in the political sphere against Jewish Imperialism, its Communist revolution and its Fifth Column in our Churches, then this struggle against the materialist atheism of Communism is the best preparation for a greater approach in the theological sphere, through a friendly discussion, which allows us all to discern the truth. How different is this Christian striving for unity from that of the agents of Jewry and of Communism in the Vatican clergy, which they wish to spread at the next, Second Vatican Council!

Under the pretence of uniting Christians, they attempt to destroy the traditional foundations of Holy Church, the foundation of its most important defence against the Jewish-Communist revolution, so that atheistic materialist Marxism can easily rule the Catholic world. The same goals are followed by analogous so-called Christian unity movements, which are led by secret Jewish members of the Jewish Fifth Column, who are also secret Communists and control many Protestant Churches. In these cases simply the sublime ideal of Christian unity is utilised for the dark purposes of somehow furthering the victory of the Jewish-Communist revolution. In other cases they wish to control the Churches, which they do not rule, through those national or world church councils, in order upon diverse ways and means to favour the triumphs of Communism and to attack, by denigration, the patriots who defend their peoples against the beast.

Also among Protestants and Orthodox there are efforts for uniting of Christians against Communism. Fortunately, there are many Protestant pastors and dignitaries who desperately fight with Christian zeal to free their Churches from the Communist Fifth Column.

The same is the case with the Orthodox Churches. In order to be able to form an idea of the violent dispute in this domain, we will reproduce what the renowned orthodox Bishop Alejo Pelipenko says concerning this in his work Communist Infiltration into the Christian Churches of America

"And if the Patriarch of Moscow works together with all kinds of sectarians, who in reality fight the priests of Christ, supports the spiritualists who are not even Christians for they do not recognise Christ as God and do not believe in the Resurrection, why should we Orthodox not work together with our Catholic Brothers and fight together with them against the forces of Hell? We must keep before our eyes that if, under the constant attacks of the Kremlin and of the Patriarch of Moscow, unity is lost and the power of the Catholic Church diminished, none of the Orthodox Churches will remain free, but would be enslaved by Moscow."

Thereupon he writes concerning the "ICAB" (Iglesia Catolica Apostolica Brasilena) (= Apostolic Catholic Church of Brazil), which is ruled by the Orthodox Church of the Kremlin: "I have reflected upon all this with the publication of this book. I have trustworthy information about the harmful work of the ICAB not only for the Catholic Church but also for the entire Brazilian people, and I have not only the right to write and speak openly, but for me this is a sacred duty. May many others follow my example and join themselves together in an anti-Communist Front. Why does power always lie only in unity?"


As we will investigate extensively in another volume of this work, the League of Nations and the Organisations of the United Nations are, in spite of their noble ideals, controlled in fundamental points by Jews and Freemasons who occupy the bureaucratic key positions and also sit in many national representations of States, whereby the most diverse ideologies and Communist, anti-Communist or neutralist tendencies are followed. In all three camps the Jews and Freemasons take up important positions, for they introduce themselves secretly everywhere they can and utilise all these key positions, in order to further the triumph of Jewish Imperialism and its Communist revolution or to attack the important patriotic governments that Jewry does not control. Thus the League of Nations and the UNO, which could have done much good to preserve world peace and to promote the progress of mankind, have failed, for frequently they are used by Jewry, Freemasonry or Communism for purposes which do not justify their existence.

However, the ideal of Jewish Imperialism has always been to found a world state, which would make it possible for it to control the states which could not be conquered. One of the measures which seems indispensable to Jewry for the preparation of such an ambitious plan, is the setting up of a world police under the control of UNO, which has power in every state and—so they say— should serve for securing world peace and unity among the peoples. These apparent goals are only intended to conceal the real ones. These are: (i) to have a new Fifth Column of Jewry in the Christian and pagan states, which is fully supported by the UNO, for it must be an effective organ within this organisation; (ii) to use the world police for espionage against the states which Jewish Imperialism does not control. For this police will be controlled by Jewish, Freemasonic or Communist agents, like almost all bureaucratic organs of the UNO, even if these agents also seemingly represent the most diverse political tendencies, from the Right to the very Extreme Left, and thus pursue the centuries-old tactics of the Synagogue.

As one sees, the possession of this world police, which in the hands of UNO is a satellite of the Synagogue, would be one of the most important measures that the Jews could take in order to destroy the remaining independence and freedom of the peoples. We will discuss this matter further in the sequel of this work.

Jewry wished to make the League of Nations, as also later the UNO, into that Super-State which had sufficient full powers to make an end to the independence of the peoples. But the resistance of many nations, who zealously defend their sovereignty, compelled Jewish Imperialism into recognition of this sovereignty, in order in these state alliances to join together most or all states. For many of them would not have participated in these organisations if their independence might have suffered. Therefore Jewry saw itself compelled to equip these two super-state organisations with limited executive powers. All this was provisionally accepted, in order to gradually give greater authoritative powers and finally to fully abolish the sovereignty of the states. One of the preparatory steps to this goal is the planned world police, which shall have the right to exercise its power in the most different states of the world. They wish to use—so they assert—their powerful influence in the Vatican in order to attain that this proposal is drawn into a document, and thus becomes the doctrine of the Church.

In the same way they wish to bring it about that the Holy See is transformed into a kind of satellite of the Synagogue of Satan and even serve them as a mouthpiece, if it appears purposive, so that in the name of Holy Church proposals or definitions of doctrine are made that directly or indirectly favour the political plans of international Jewry. For to this shall also belong naturally the plans that are connected with the condemnation of patriots who fight against Jewish Imperialism, or with measures which somehow make easier the victory of Marxist Socialism and the policy of the Kremlin. These Jewish projects seem to us not only satanic, but also monstrous and prove once again that, in the same way as the Scribes and Pharisees constantly led our Lord Jesus into temptation and wished to entice into a trap so as later to have arguments in order to kill him, the descendants of these Scribes and Pharisees have taken over the methods of their forefathers and attempt to constantly place traps in the way of the highest Church dignitaries so that they, if they fall into these traps, can bring forward arguments against them which they need in order to degrade Holy Church and prepare its disintegration.

Under the present Pontificate, the Synagogue of Satan behaves as at the time of the secret Jewish anti-Pope or satellites of Jewry, for it believes it has almost everything in its hand. But it does not reckon with the support that Our Lord Jesus has always granted His Holy Church and which has always condemned the hellish conspiracies of the Synagogue to failure. At the time of Pius IX, for example, the Jewish-freemasonic forces had already struck up a cry of triumph. They even boasted that this Pope was a freemason. But Our Lord God illuminated at the right time the Vicar of Christ, who finally opened his eyes and recognised the infamous intrigues of Jewry.

One of the measures which clearly allow the change in his policy to be discerned, was the frequent enclosing of the Jews in the ghetto. Upon other occasions the Pontificate had always been represented by secret Jewish cardinals. But in these cases the support was always revealed which God showed His Holy Church, in that He illuminated other Church dignitaries and gave them strength so that they could organise the Holy Councils and convince the Fathers of the necessity of not recognising the descendants of Judas Iscariot as Pope, and to declare them to be anti-Popes and—as in the case of the Pierleonis—to declare null and void their actions, declarations relating to doctrine and investiture of priests, although they had sat for many years or a whole life on the throne of St. Peter in Rome and had been elected by a two-third majority of the cardinals.

The case of another well-known Pope, who at first on 1st April 1412 summoned the Holy Council of Rome and later in 1413 the Ecumenical Council of Constance, is also revealing. At the seventh session on 2nd May 1413 he was declared by the general Holy Council to be a rebellious, incorrigible rebel and Simonist, and at the 12th sitting of 29th May it was added to these earlier accusations that he was a notorious Simonist squanderer of goods and rights of many Churches, repellent on account of his revolting unnatural morals, stiff-necked and guilty of many other crimes. The Holy Council finally deposed him as Pope and took from him every power. All this was attained, as in the case of the Pierleonis, with military aid, which various powerful Christian heads of state provided the Holy Council. The latter understood that it was a duty to save the Sacred Council and their lands from the danger hovering over them.

The history of Holy Church shows that the divine assistance has revealed itself in a very varied manner but was finally always revealed against the infamous spite of the enemy. Not in vain did Our Lord Jesus promise men that "the powers of hell should not rule over them."