Plot Against the Church: Part 4 - Maurice Pinay

Jewish Infiltration of Jesuit Order

In the Jewish Spanish Encyclopaedia, Limborch is quoted as follows:

"In Amsterdam and elsewhere there are Augustinians, Franciscans, Jesuits and Dominicans, who are Jews."

As we have been able to discern, the secret Jews usually strive for all positions of the secular clergy and the monastic orders. In reference to the latter we must, however, still mention their preference to attach themselves to and control those orders which are most dangerous of all for their infamous plans, since they could make them ineffective through their control. When, in the 13th century, the Templar Order signified a great danger for them, they entered it and finally in all quietness conquered the highest positions, brought it away from its goals and used it against the Church and the Christian monarchies. This was a real catastrophe, and the Papacy and the Christian monarchy rapidly intervened, dissolved the Order and had the Grand-Master executed, in order to preserve Christianity from a catastrophe. In the Middle Ages they preferred the infiltration into the Orders, who worked out the plans for the Papal Inquisition, in order to make the latter's struggle harmless. Since, however, the Franciscans and Dominicans exactly knew the Jewish problem and were masters in the struggle against Jewry, they were nevertheless able, as we have seen, to assert themselves.

In modern times the meritorious Society of Jesus has fought most of all against the Jewish revolutionary enterprises, freemasonry, spiritualism, theosophy, Communism, etc. This is to be attributed to the fact that many of their members are not subjected to such strict rules and prayers and have the necessary time to devote themselves to political-social struggles.

Naturally the Jews, since the founding of the holy work of St. Ignatius, have attempted to introduce themselves there in masses. It is known that the Jesuit Order at first played a decisive role with the counter-Reforms, which made it possible that Poland and other states were won back for Catholicism. Although very soon the new Christians flooded over this land and gained control of the key positions, the true Jesuits still fought heroically against the Jewish threat and attained that a Statute was approved, which, as also with another Order, refused admittance into the Society of Jesus to descendants of Jews. Even today, there is a statute which forbids admittance into the Order to Jews up to the third generation. However, it is no longer heeded, for if today one investigates the family tree of the false secret Jewish Catholics of our days, it can be to the greatest part proved that they are descended since ten or more generations from Christians, which is to be traced back to the false conversions of their forefathers before this point in time.

Until now we have seen by means of recognised Jewish or Catholic sources that the presence of traitorous Jesuits, who secretly practised the Jewish religion, was at various times a frequent occurrence. In the following we will now, even if only summarised on account of the expediency of this work, investigate this regrettable occurrence.

Among other things, the Jewish Jesuits have attempted with intrigues to bring away from its goal the meritorious Society which was founded for the defence of the Church, and to occasion it to exactly the opposite, i.e., instead of combating the enemies of the Church to fight against its best defenders. Naturally the secret Jews, who pretended to be Jesuits, first of all set the Society against the sole bulwark of the Church, the Inquisition. This we will prove by means of Jewish sources, who enjoy the greatest regard in the modern synagogue.

In the Jewish-Spanish Encyclopaedia, it is stated under the word "Bahia" concerning the false Jewish Christians in Brazil:

"It is highly probable that in Bahia, since its foundation, there were secret Jews, for the Portuguese needed settlers for their possessions in the Western Hemisphere and made use of the suspect new Christians. Many other Jews emigrated to Brazil in order to escape the Inquisition . . . Also in the trade with African slaves they played an important role, since it became necessary to introduce workers more capable of resisting the climate for the heavy plantation labour than the natives. Besides Jewish planters, manufacturers and merchants there were also some physicians. During the first centuries of the Portuguese settlement, the Jews lived relatively free in Bahia in spite of the activity of the agents of the Holy Office in Lisbon. The authorities represented economic and fiscal interests for the capital and were tolerant in living together with the Jesuits, who were then against the Inquisition. The Jews secretly held religious services and maintained rabbis."

In this case the organisation of St. Ignatius, founded for the defence of the Church against her enemies, was led astray and occasioned to be exactly the opposite, to oppose the Inquisition, which represented the principal defence of the Church and to tolerate its enemies. Here also we see once again the participation of the Jews in the hated slave trade, which in the preceding centuries was one of their most productive occupations.

The present day false Jewish Christians in Brazil, whose forefathers captured the unfortunate negroes, who really deserved a better fate, like wild animals or sold them like cattle, proceed in a really shameless way when today they lead the Socialist and Communist movements in Brazil and give themselves out to be liberators of the negroes or Mulattos of the population, when they brought their forefathers in chains and made them into slaves. The Brazilian negroes and mulattos must open their eyes and recognise that the same evil powers who condemned their forefathers to hated servitude, now lead them towards the worst slavery of all, Communism, and deceive them with enticing means of liberating them and creating a paradise for them. They did the same with their forefathers who were cheated by the secret Jewish slave dealers and believed their lying promises in the hope of being led to a better life and one fine day awoke with the chains of slaver when it was too late to free themselves.

Let us select one of the many cases in Brazil, for to this land we have hitherto devoted little space in this work. This terrible struggle took place a hundred years later than that which we have just investigated. The details we take from another authorised source of Jewry. The most renowned historian of the present, Cecil Roth, writes in his History of the Marranos concerning the suppression of the secret Jews in Brazil by the Holy Office and continues as follows:

"In this time a ray of hope fell through the clouds. An Interregnum in the office of the Grand Inquisitor from 1653 to 1673 admittedly did not influence the activity of the Court, but diminished certainly its regard. Meanwhile Antonio Vieira, the great Jesuit, who had earned the surname Apostle of Brazil, had taken over the defence of the new Christians in Brazil. He pressed Juan IV to abolish the disappropriations and to erase the still existing differences between old and new Christians. Through his free expression of opinion he engaged upon a feud with the Holy Office. After three years of imprisonment (1665-67), his writings and he himself were formally condemned. Through his experience with the terror of the Holy Office his sympathy increased with the oppressed. He went to Rome where, in the citadel of Christianity, he attacked the Portuguese Inquisition as a godless court not influenced by devoutness, which condemned the innocent just as often as the guilty and was the enemy of the best Christian interests.

"The Society of Jesus—afflicted on account of the treatment of one of its most regarded members—supported his cause. Encouraged through the change of events, the new Christians turned to the throne on account of definite reforms, including the free pardon of those prosecuted and the replacement of the Inquisitorial procedure through a more humane form customary in Rome. For such modest concessions they offered to pay 20,000 Cruceiros yearly, to send 4000 soldiers to India and each year 1200 as reinforcement and a further 300 in event of war. The Inquisition protested energetically, but the application was supported by many great men of the kingdom and even by the faculty of the University of Coimbra (which, as we have seen, was flooded with secret Jews) and personally supported by the Archbishop of Lisbon. It was thus approved and sent on to Rome for final decision.

"There Francisco de Azevedo, the representative of the new Christians, together with Vieira, prepared a sharp denunciation, and allowed it to be seen that the Portuguese Inquisition was only a means of repression, enriched itself through extortion and was out for the last blood of every new Christian. The latter—so they asserted—were all zealous Catholics, who, because they denied, i.e., denied Judaism, were condemned or were pardoned on grounds of a false confession. After a long struggle, the new Christians won. On 3rd October 1674, Pope Clement X took over control of the activity of the Portuguese courts and ordered that the most important cases should be transferred to Rome. Since the Inquisitors refused to cooperate on the following investigation, under the pretence that thereby the secrets of the trial could come to light, an interdict was uttered against them and on 27th May 1679 they were finally deposed from their offices.

"The easing was not of long duration, for on 22nd August 1681 the deposing was already annulled, after a couple of reforms of no further importance had been resolved. The resumption of activity in Portugal was celebrated with triumphant processions and carnival lights. In January of the following year, the first burnings of heretics took place again in Coimbra. Upon this followed a few months later the burning of four persons in Lisbon on, 10th May, three of them alive, because they did not repent. To the latter belonged a lawyer of Aviz, Miguel Henriquez (alias Isaak) da Fonseca, who had himself called Misael Hisneque de Fungoca, Antonio de Aguiar (alias Aaron Cohen Faya) from Lamunilla in the neighbourhood of Madrid, and Gaspar (alias Abraham) Lopez Pereira, who were all lamented by the literates in Amsterdam as martyrs."

The renowned Jewish historian reports further concerning the burnings of several secret Jews as heretics, and the Jewish researcher describes the high point of this terrible struggle as follows:

"This resumption was given expression in September 1683 through a command that all persons who had been pardoned on account of membership to Jewry, must leave the kingdom in the impossibly short period of two months. They should in addition leave behind their children who were younger than seven years until they proved that they lived in their new home as true Christians. The rapid increase of the communities on grounds of the dispersion in that time was partly to be traced back to this measure, which first became invalid when the war with France broke out in 1704."

Later this and other renowned Jewish historians assert that, despite everything, secret Jewry in Portugal and Brazil survived, i.e., the repression through the Inquisition was able to be avoided. The case particularly investigated by us is an important example of how the Synagogue, against the intentions of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the other meritorious founders of this order, has utilised the Society of Jesus in order to destroy the defence of Holy Church. It also makes the serious fact clear to us that a bad Jesuit or a group of wicked Jesuits let themselves into an unjust struggle against the real defenders of the Church and later drew in the entire Order by that they utilised the noble spirit of solidarity of the meritorious society towards non-members. With all respect and high regard for the Jesuit Order, we allow ourselves to give warning of such manoeuvres which frequently occur in this disastrous time.

In addition the special interest of the Synagogue of Satan to introduce itself into the Society of Jesus and to control it, is proved in an official work of freemasonry, which we have just received from one of those groups of devout Latin American clergy, who, out of the noble striving to save Holy Church, provided us with the extensive South American Bibliography, which is so inestimably valuable and useful for the rapid preparation of this work and to spare us expensive travels and the search for Bibliography, which would have considerably delayed the publication of this work. We speak of the Abbreviated Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Freemasonry, which was written by the freemason of the 33rd degree (grade), who under the name Pascalis or Pascualis writes expressly:

"Pascalis or Pascualis (Martinez) Jewish theosopher and renowned enlightener, leader of the sects of the Martinists . . . founded a school of the Cabbalists, made in 1754 talk about himself for the first time as founder of a philosophic-spiritual, Jesuitical rite, which he described as a rite of the chosen Coons . . . It is revealed from his writings that the doctrine of Martinez Pascalis goes back to the Cabbalist tradition of the Jews."

In connection with this rite, it is stated in the freemasonic dictionary under the term "Elegidos Coons", word for word: "Chosen Coons. Description for a philosophic-spiritual, ultra-Jesuitical rite, which was founded in 1754 by a Portuguese Jew named Martinez Pascalis. Coons means priest in Jewish."

Concerning the repeated attempts of Jewish freemasonry to introduce itself into the Society and to control it, another source gives us information about this freemasonic rite created for this gloomy purpose. It is stated in the official encyclopaedic dictionary of freemasonry under the term "estricta observancia" (strict observance):

"Estricta observancia. Description for a rite which had split up into many others and represents the most perfect expression of the Templar system in freemasonry. This rite was the third freemasonic innovation of the Jesuits, who stirred up the hope among their supporters to come into the possession of the riches of the old Templars. The chronological history of the Grandmasters corresponds to that of the generals of the Society of Jesus. The rite of strict observance was finally set up in Germany, between 1760 and 1763, by the brother Karl Gathels, the Baron of Hund, who to the six grades of the Order at first determined added yet another. The rite was organised in the following seven degrees: pupil, companion, master, Scottish master, novice, Templar in three classes: Eques, Socius and Armiger, and Eques professus."

The fact that, since his grounding in this Rite which was intended to control the Jesuits, a new Grandmaster was also chosen if a new general of the Order was appointed, shows the tenacity of Jewry and its satellites, freemasonry, to introduce themselves in the Holy Work of St. Ignatius and to control it.

On the other side is the special wish to make this freemasonic rite in connection with the Templar Order very significant. We must not forget that the Templar Order was founded in order to defend Holy Church against its enemies. The Synagogue of Satan, however, gained entry into it until the secret Jews occupied the leading positions, then brought it away from its original aims and made it become a serious danger for the Church and the Christian peoples. One must also bear in mind that, in the prosecutions against the Templars, the effort was revealed to skilfully conceal themselves, for, although the Christian Order was watched over by the enemy, it remained in its official outward realms bound to Holy Church, even if also in secret circles the easier controlled Catholic Templars were seduced and their religious faith gradually taken from them, until they had finally become secret satellites of Jewry.

The infiltrations of the Synagogue and of Freemasonry into the Society of Jesus followed visibly the same aims, for this freemasonic-Templar rite of the Jesuits wishes apparently to make the Society of Jesus into a new Templar Order with retention of its outer official structure is then finally secretly ruled by the enemies of the Church and then used in order to destroy its defenders and with the purpose of making easier the victory of Jewry and its satellites, freemasonry and Communism. From the valuable Freemasonic document, which we study, it is revealed that even other schismatic rites of Freemasonry, which were for this reason called mixed rites or also controlled by the Jewish Cabbalists, were organised in order to influence the meritorious work of St. Ignatius of Loyola and to control it. Accordingly it is stated under the expression "Clerigos de la estricta observancia":

"Clergy of the strict rule of the Order. Title for a Jesuitical mixed rite, which was formed by Cabbalists, Alchemists, Black Magicians and members of the Society of Jesus."

This is apparently a Freemasonic rite, which emanated from a schism of the "Rite of the strict rule of the Order", which, as is stated in the dictionary of Freemasonry mentioned, was subjected to schisms. Both rites are of Jewish origin and we must allude to the fact that in Judaism frequently inner dissensions occur, which are reflected in the schisms which every Jewish party calls forth in the Freemasonic organisation, which at first is ruled by the Jewish cell, but then later passes through its own split. It is not further remarkable that to this Freemasonic rite, which is intended to control the Jesuits, Black Magicians belonged, for we have indeed already proved that the Jews were the most principal spreaders of the Lucifer cult and of Black Magic. On the other side, it was revealed, through many prosecutions of Templars, that in secret circles of the Order the devil was worshipped, even if the open outward structure of the Templar order appeared additionally so Catholic and orthodox as in good old times.

The hair-raising facts, which we describe and have taken from official works of Judaism and of Freemasonry, allow us to clearly recognise the devilish stiff-neckedness of the Synagogue of Satan in infiltrating itself into and controlling the Society of Jesus, which in modern times was for it the most combative, most dangerous Catholic Order, in order then to use it against Holy Church, just as it did circa seven centuries ago with the Templar Order.

But what interests the Catholic world certainly most of all is how far Jewry could realise its intentions to make the Society of Jesus into a satellite. Since today, however, there are no Holy Inquisitional Courts or a like institution which could discover this with effective methods, no balanced investigation in this sense is also possible to us. However, certain facts allow it to be concluded that a traceable process of Judaisation is in progress in some domains of the Order of St Ignatius. There are Jesuits who, to the harm of Christianity, defend the Jews and the Synagogue of Satan. Others favour with any disposable means the enemies of the Church instead of combating them, while on the other side they attack cruelly and in an anti-Christian way the defenders of the Church, especially those who successfully and tenaciously fight against Jewry, Freemasonry and Communism. Others again further the victory of the Freemasonic and Communist revolution, perform tenacious disruptive work against the few Catholic governments which there are in the world.

In addition—and that is the most remarkable thing in the affair—the good fighting Jesuits who fortunately still exist in great number, when they defend the Church against her enemies, especially against Jewry, Freemasonry or Communism, are in an inexplicable way and manner opposed hostilely in the Order by other Jesuits themselves, who stir up rancour against them for so long until they make them harmless or can attain that the superiors forbid them to fight further against the enemies of the Church. In other cases we see well-regarded very intelligent Jesuits, who on grounds of their great capacities could do much good for the Society and Christianity, set back and practically eliminated. As a result, the Order and Holy Church loses the opportunity of using these so valuable capable men. All this gives the impression as if the enemy already sat deeply in the meritorious work of St Ignatius.

But we are convinced of the fact that the Jesuit Order can still save itself from the cunning of its enemies, for the majority of members are honest upright Catholics who entered the Order in order to serve God. If the members, who secretly belong to the Jewish Fifth Column and their Freemasonic accomplices were able at times to make progress with their attempts to conquer this fortress, it was only because they proceeded highly secretly and always with the most skilled deceit. We believe honestly, through warnings and the unmasking of the enemy, that the honest Jesuits will, with our modest aid, prosper, so that they can save the Society from a possible catastrophe.

As the reader will have remarked, we quote in these last chapters details from official sources of Jewry and of Freemasonry, who cannot be accused of any Antisemitism or fanatical clericalism. Whoever wishes to carry out further research in this sphere as to what methods the secret Jewish monks and nuns have applied at various times, in order to exert their practices in the strict life of the cloisters, can deepen their knowledge in the archives of the Holy Inquisition, which we mention in another part of this work.

In the Archive of Torre do Tombo in Portugal and that of Simancas in Spain, in that previously mentioned in Italy, France and other lands of the world, we find the handwritten original records of countess trials of the Holy Office against Jesuits, Dominicans, Franciscans and monks and nuns of various other religious Orders—among them even abbots and dignitaries of the Order—who were led over and confessed to have secretly paid homage to Judaism in the peaceful life of the most strict cloisters. All this would appear unbelievable to us if, in addition to those admissions from the Jewish and Freemasonic side, the existence of thousands of Inquisitional prosecutions were not able to be quoted which with many details confirm this terrible fact. From these trials are revealed the revolutionary activity and the terrible secret blasphemies of those monks and nuns, who apparently lived with holy dedication according to the rules of their religious Order, against Our Lord Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

In conclusion to this chapter it seems to us necessary to draw the attention of the organisers of patriotic organisations and political parties to the danger that the Jews and Freemasons join themselves to these organisations, finally control or ruin them. Many simpletons believe that the infiltration by such enemies is not important. Others, no less naive, are of the opinion that it would be easy to hold up this invasion. Those who with regrettable naivete believe the one or other, must reflect that the Catholic clergy and the religious Orders are from diverse reasons far more rigid institutions, into which it is more difficult to penetrate than into simple political parties or associations. If it was successful for Jewry, even at the time of the Inquisition, which particularly wished to prevent this by all means, to infiltrate into the Church institutions, the Synagogue will be able to influence political or social associations even more easily, since they demand neither vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, nor strict monastic life, absolute discipline and all the rest, which in the religious orders have nevertheless held up the deadly infiltration of the enemies of mankind, even if it could not prevent it entirely.

The leaders of political movements should thus prevent by all attainable means that the Jews, Freemasons or Communists enter into their ranks, for, if they are not successful in this, the enemy can bring these movements to ruin. We can make the assurance that the possibility of the triumph of a political Christian or pagan association is to the greatest part dependent upon whether it triumphs before the Jewish, Freemasonic or Communist infiltration can prevent this. The necessity to eliminate the Christians of Jewish origin rests upon the fact, proven in the course of centuries, that by far the majority of mock-Christians, are Jews in secret, as we have proved by means of indisputably credible documents and sources in this work.

We have here to do with a sad political truth, which has been proved to sufficiency, and not with racial prejudices, which we as Christians in no way foster, and as followers of Jesus Christ all men are for us equal before God and the law. It is one thing, however, to have no racial prejudices, but quite another to allow oneself to be surprised knowingly by the Fifth Column of an enemy who wishes to enslave and destroy us. If we wish to defend ourselves against such an invasion, we are simply making use of our natural right to justified self-defence.