Plot Against the Church: Part 4 - Maurice Pinay

Conspiracies Against History and the Rites

The Jews have made the falsification of history into one of the great—perhaps the most important of all—secrets of their successes. Without this, Jewish Imperialism would not have been able to control almost the whole world, but would perhaps have been defeated by the threatened institutions and peoples, as it also repeatedly occurred in the Middle Ages, when Holy Church and the Christian nations recognised the enemy who laid in wait and could defend itself against him. Particularly the Church and worldly chronicles and historic studies provided this knowledge and described the true origin of the earlier attempts of Jewry to control the Christians, to rob them, to gain control of their governments, to destroy Holy Church, to call forth schisms, to organise degrading heresies or to conspire against the Christian peoples.

Since they recognised the historic truth, the Christian and pagan generations could always identify their principal enemies, take heed before them and bring about the failure of their renewed revolutionary plans for rule. On grounds of the knowledge of historic truth, the priests and dignitaries of Holy Church could exactly recognise that the most bitter enemy of Christ and of Christianity was satanic Jewry, and were thus in the position to defend the Church against all its cunning. For in order to destroy an enemy, one must first recognise him. There is nothing more dangerous than an enemy who can conceal his hostility or his identity, for in these cases he can destroy his victims with decisive surprise attacks. If the victim does not know the aggressive plans of his enemy, he is incapable of preparing a defence or even of recognising the necessity for this. Not to mention the fact that the presence of the enemy may not even be known.

Jewish Imperialism grasped this at the right time and therefore it applied enormous powers in a succession of heretical-revolutionary movements and in intentions of political conquest, even if these were also bloodily defeated with great losses for the 'Synagogue of Satan". These unfortunate events have taught them to apply a part of their energy really attentively to a long-lasting work of organisation, in order to falsify the worldly and religious history of the Christians and to cleanse them all from that is connected with conspiracies, attacks or revolutionary movements of the Jews and finally to attain that in the historical texts every allusion to the participation of the Jews in these enterprises will be left out, which they carry out for centuries, and prepare with a tenacity and energy which would be worthy of a better cause.

For examination of these assertions one can for the sake of studies compare the version of the mediaeval chronicles and historical books and those edited at the present concerning the same factual content. In the comparison one will be able to establish without difficulties, that in the present version every single reference of the mediaeval chronicles to the participation of the Jews in plots, rebellions, crimes, treachery against the King and of the land in question, etc., have been left out although nevertheless the modern historical texts should give again the truth, as this is revealed from the sources upon which they support themselves.

The same is the case with the historical texts of Holy Catholic Church. The clergy who are interested in this kind of investigation should make a thorough comparison between the histories and chronicles of the Church, the writings of the Fathers, the Bulls and the records of the Councils, which were written between the 1st and 15th centuries A.D. concerning events of the time and the edited historical reports in our time We can predict to them in advance that they will be astounded at the mysterious omissions in the modern Church histories of all allusions to the intrusion of the Jews in the heresies and against the Church and the movements directed by the Popes or their cooperation with crimes and conspiracies against the Christian peoples, which are present in the old chronicles and documents, which serve as basis.

Naturally, in the history books of different lands errors occur about one or other fact. But it is highly strange and revealing that in all or almost all modern texts—a remarkable coincidence—that particularly all reports existing in mediaeval history books, chronicles and documents concerning the revolutionary, harmful interference of the Jews into the historical events of the time were left out. It would be ridiculous to hold that such a universal and persistent circumstance must be due to chance or to some kind of magic which from the historical texts caused only one line to vanish concerning social activities. In fact, the knowledge of this should have made the succeeding generations watchful, so that they defended themselves against Jewry. One thus sees that in the course of centuries an organised work was performed, in order to leave out from the new historical sources everything which could damage the plans for world conquest of the Jews.

Every serious researcher can affirm that this mutilation of the Chronicles and history books becomes more frequent and general, the more the Jews and principally the false converts to Christianity joined themselves to Christian society and gained in influence in it. As far as Church history is concerned, then, the conspiracies increased when the current of secret Jewish new Christians became greater, who introduced themselves into the clergy of Holy Church in order to gain control of her from within or to disintegrate her through schisms and heresies. Thus, for example, we can observe that up until the 11th century A.D. in the Chronicles and Documents the harmful, destructive participation of the Jews in social events and also all other interesting historical events are mentioned. From the 15th century onwards there are historical texts written by Christians and even by Catholic clergy, whose authors were in general converted Jews or descendants of converts, in which carefully the allusions to the wickedness of the Jews were left out. In these texts every revelation concerning the participation of the Jews in various events was left out and it was even attempted to falsify certain factual contents.

The more the secret Jewish historians and chroniclers descended from false converts to Christianity mutilated the historical texts and chronicles of their time—and that is what is serious about the matter—the real Christian historians, who went the most simple way, supported themselves on these already mutilated sources, without consulting the older more credible documents, which represented the events without evil-willed omissions. Thus one can establish that even in the 19th century, scarcely a Church or lay historian, even when it was a matter of well-believing persons, gives details about the harmful activity of the Jews in the past centuries. We are in the sad situation of having to reach back to the Jewish history books destined for internal use by the Synagogue, in order for the greatest part to reconstruct the true history of Holy Church.

In the face of the indisputable fact that both Church history, which is studied in the seminaries, and secular history, which is studied in the schools and universities, are incomplete and distorted and in them all that is missing which can give an idea of the most tenacious and very worst enemies of the Church and of mankind. It is urgently necessary that those particularly make efforts who are in the financial position to do so, in order to finance the work of researchers who are free of all suspicion of being accomplices of Jewry, so that they reconstruct the real history of Holy Church and also the true history of Europe. In this way, future generations, both civil and ecclesiastical, will throw off the blindfold obscuring their eyes and be in constant alert, ready to defend against the new attacks and conspiracies hatched by the enemy.

In the Liturgy and the rites of Holy Church there are constant references to the danger of the Jews, to their falsity and their infamous hatred for Christ and His Church. This warning greatly disturbs the Jews, for it signifies a constant drawing of attention to something which the Jews wish to efface in the memory of Christians: their infamy and danger, from which everyone must take great heed. For this reason they now wish to undertake an unbelievably bold step and to use the next Ecumenical Council in order, with the help of their Fifth Column in the bosom of Holy Church, to carry out a total reform of the Church, to alter the liturgy and the rites and to leave out all allusions to the infamy and danger of the Jews.

With this the Jews and their accomplices in the clergy wish to throw even more sand in the eyes of Christians and Church dignitaries, who then, when they no longer know the principal foe of the Church, have no opportunity to defend themselves. Thus can Jewry easily continue its unexpected advances for enslavement and destruction of the Holy Church of Christ and of mankind.

One must bear in mind that all zealous clergy who have carefully worked out the Liturgy and the rites, and Holy Church, which in the course of centuries has made these part of itself, had good reason for certain, very clear allusions to the Jews. When Holy Church accepted them, it has in no wise erred, as those assert, who support Jewry, but as divine institution has performed the correct decision. In addition, there exists the plan to abolish tradition as source of revelation, as we already investigated in other chapters and alluded to the fact that the chief aim of this infamous manoeuvre is to abolish the highly anti-Jewish determinations in Bulls and Council Laws, and to abolish the doctrine of the fathers as doctrine of the Church, even if other reasons are given for this.