Plot Against the Church: Part 4 - Maurice Pinay

The "Jewish Fifth Column" in the Clergy


The Introduction to this volume is written by the Heritage History Editor in order to address the "anti-Semitic" tone of Pinay's book and put it in proper perspective.

This book is composed of the second half of Maurice Pinay's Plot Against the Church. It focuses on a widely misunderstood topic: the long struggle of faithful Catholics against the treachery and interference of malicious Jews, especially those who have infiltrated the Church and harmed her from within.

Virtually all Modern Church histories avoid the topic, either by failing to disclose any treachery by Jewish actors, or by failing to identify the Jewish background of certain heretics, or by dismissing long-standing Christian distrust of Jews as mere superstition or prejudice. Contemporary Christians, who consider themselves well educated, may be shocked to find out just how serious and long-standing the Church's problem with "Jewish" subversion really is. The information in this book is a badly needed corrective to the 'sanitized', pro-Jewish Catholic histories that are found in virtually all modern Catholic institutions.

Pinay's book was published in 1962, prior the the Second Vatican Council. It's purpose was to warn Catholics of the danger posed by enemies of the Church who have infiltrated her ranks, and intend harm. Since the book was written in the early sixties, the first half (Volume I) focuses largely on the problem of "Communism" and world revolutions, since those were the visible crises on the minds of most people. The authors point out that almost all the Communist and revolutionary movements rocking governments around the world were the work of Jewish agitators and intellectuals. They are aware they will be called "anti-Semitic" but want to establish the malice and perfidity of the semitic race beyond a shadow of a doubt before recounting the long struggle of the Catholic Church against Jewry. (Volume II).

The danger of Jewish intereference in the affairs of the Catholic Church is real and for most of past 2000 years has been foremost in the minds of Catholic clergy and layman alike. During both the antiquity of the Church and the Middle Ages, Jews were known as money-lenders, procurators, publicans, tax-farmers, coin-clippers, and cunning traders. They had a bad reputation as untrustworthy among the common people, but were protected by kings and nobility, who relied on their services. To discuss their history of conflict with the Church in such "extreme" terms, using hostile phrases such as "Synoguge of Satan", "Betrayers of Christ", or "Perfidious Jews", would have been matter-of-fact, common-sense to our ancestors.

As recently as the 1930s, some open discussion of the "Jewish Problem" was still permitted. Most newspapers and publishing companies were already in Jewish hands but it was widely known among the common people that Jewish bankers controlled finance and credit, the Judeo-Freemasonry Lodges controlled most western governments, and that Jewish agitators were responsible for communist uprisings throughout Europe. There was a great deal of pro-Jewish propaganda by this time, but anti-Jewish polemics were not unfamiliar, and Pinay's book would not have seemed shocking.

Ever since WWII, Hitler, and the "Holocaust", however, the reputation of Jews in history has been entirely white-washed and turned on its head. Any critical discussion of modern Jews is immediately deemed "anti-semitic", and "not tolerated" by the establishment media or the "educational system". The Jews are victims, and anyone who criticizes them is an "oppressor". The idea of writing a Church history that is openly critical of Jews is utterly unthinkable to the current generation. Yet it must be done, if the truth be told.

Correcting Church History

The "Jewish Problem" effects not only the Catholic Church, but virtually all modern governments. Volume I of this work, as well as many other books in Heritage History's "Secret Societies" library deal with these issues. The unique contribution of this volume, is that it deals explicitly with much "untold" Catholic History.

The authors primary sources are official Church documents, Canons from councils that addressed the Jewish problem, and Jewish historians. In most cases Jewish histories were preferred over Catholic histories, to avoid the question of bias. The original book was extensively documented with copious footnotes but we have removed them to increase readability.

The book contains enormous amounts of valuable information, but it is not as readable as it could be. Part of this is perhaps due to to translation problems and part is due to the fact it was written by multiple authors. About half the book is quotes from other works (Canons, Jewish authors, letters, etc.) Overall, however, the book does a thorough job of documenting the long term, relentless problem of crypto-Jewish infiltration and interference with Church affairs. This is an extremely important topic, and it is impossible to understand the problems in the Church today without facing up to the problem.

A Luciferian Conspiracy

"I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan." Revelation 2:9

It is certainly true that not all those who "say they are Jews" follow anything resembling the precepts of the religion of Moses. The infiltration of Jewish communities by Canaanite agents of evil, has been a problem since Biblical times. Even Jesus and his apostles recognized an alien and perfidious element within the nation. Pinay's characterization of the "Synagogue of Satan" as the enemy of the Church is not an exaggeration. In modern times Catholic history has been bawdlerized to depict all "Jews" as innocent but that is a terrific distortion. This book takes the approach of honestly portraying Catholic-Jewish conflict as it was has been understood in previous centuries. In the future, it may be possible to write a Church history that distinguishes between the perfidious activities of 'crypto-Canaanites' and those of sincere, observant Jews. But such an honest history would expose many shocking lapses and probably knock a few venerated Saints off their pedastals.

Keep in mind the real enemy is Lucifer himself. It is unfortunate that some innocent Jews suffer by association but it is exactly such long-suffering Hebrews that will benefit the most from honesty and the exposure of their fiendish brethren.