Plot Against the Church: Part 4 - Maurice Pinay

This volume includes sections IV, of Pinay's 'Plot Against the Church', which address the infiltration of the clergy by Occult secret societies. It was written before Vatican II in order to address the threat to the Church posed by the council. The book makes an excellent case using Church documents and 'Jewish histories', that the conspiracy to corrupt the Church from within has been active for over 2000 years. The long-standing conflict between occult infiltrators and Catholics has largely been ignored by Catholic historians. This is an important corrective.

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The Plot Against the Church

By Maurice Pinay, 1962

Translated from the German and Spanish editions of the same work


To the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God; to St. Joseph, Protector of the Universal Church; to St. Michael the Archangel, Prince of the Supernatural Host in the struggle against Satan, the first Naturalist; to St. Thomas Aquinas, the Catholic Church's Teacher of Order; and to St. Anthony of Padua, "Hammer of the Heretics."

"In our time more than ever before, the chief strength of the wicked lies in the cowardice and weakness of good men . . . All the strength of Satan's reign is due to the easy-going weakness of Catholics. Oh! if I might ask the Divine Redeemer, as the prophet Zachary did in spirit: What are those wounds in the midst of Thy hands? The answer would not be doubtful: With these was I wounded in the house of them that loved Me. I was wounded by My friends, who did nothing to defend Me, and who, on every occasion, made themselves the accomplices of My adversaries. And this reproach can be levelled at the weak and timid Catholics of all countries." Pope St. Pius X, Discourse he pronounced on December 13, 1908 at the Beatification of Joan of Arc.

O most powerful Patriarch, Saint Joseph, Patron of that Universal Church which has always invoked thee in anxieties and tribulations; from the lofty seat of thy glory lovingly regard the Catholic world. Let it move thy paternal heart to see the Mystical Spouse of Christ and His Vicar weakened by sorrow and persecution by powerful enemies. We beseech thee, by the most bitter suffering thou didst experience on earth, to wipe away in mercy the tears of the revered Pontiff, to defend and liberate him, and to intercede with the Giver of peace and charity, that every hostile power being overcome and every error being destroyed, the whole Church may serve the God of all blessings in perfect liberty. Amen.

—Leo XIII. March 4, 1882.

Note to the Online Edition

The English translation of the Complot contra la Iglesia is not as polished as one would like. Whilst the rendering of many passages may at times appear rather quaint, it often borders on the incoherent. We have remedied some of the more obvious defects and obscure passages (in consultation with the original Spanish edition), and hope that the extraordinary contents of this book will encourage readers to overlook the many that remain.

Lest readers be deterred from continuing their reading by the long, indigestible lists of Communist personnel found in Chapters 2 and 3 of Part One, we have relegated much of this material to an appendix (as per the original Spanish edition) and have presented the remainder in smaller typeface to indicate its secondary reference-like nature.

Timothy Peter Johnson, March 17, 2006.

Introduction to the American Edition

This historically important book will, in all probability, be attacked as being anti-Semitic. Let nobody be led astray or distracted, however, from a serious and scientific consideration of the incontrovertible facts here set out. We are concerned with a major factor of history, and more especially of the history of the Christian Church. No crude, negative and destructive anti-Semitism comes into question. That the Jews have played a tremendous and not always beneficial role in the whole story of mankind is obvious; that their activities were not always friendly to Christianity and to the non-Jewish peoples is equally obvious, and there is an enormous fund of evidence from Jewish as well as other sources of unshakable authority to prove this.

This work of great erudition displays not alone a knowledge of events past, but shows also that its compilers had had knowledge of events to come in some immensely important respects. As readers will see from the foreword to a German- language edition, the first edition of this work, in Italian, began by stating that its authors knew that the purpose of calling the Second Vatican Council was to persuade it to declare that the Jews were not responsible for the Crucifixion of Our Saviour, i.e., they were not guilty of deicide, and this book appeared before the first session of the Council. Subsequently, as forecast, this proposal was put forward, great pressures were applied to get it accepted, and something, even if diluted, was agreed upon at the end.

Now it cannot be denied, even apart from the essence of the proposal itself, that the fact that any Jews, however representative or otherwise of most of their co-religionists and co-racialists, could do what they had done at the very highest levels of the Catholic Church, is a matter of tremendous significance to Catholics and all others, even to non-Christians.

And not only was it possible to find men at the summit of the Hierarchy to further this project, but the Council appeared to contain a large number of Bishops who, at the very least, did not seem to understand the importance of the problem.

None can sit in judgment on those concerned; it is understandable that the Jews want to "improve their image", especially as they have the power to do so. The lessons to be drawn are, surely, not that the Jews as such or any who have been misled should be the objects of severe criticism, but that the facts, the truth concerning all matters of great importance, and especially when they affect the purity and influence of the Church, should be made widely known. In this all Churches should help with a sense of urgency.

However, it should be pointed out to the Jews concerned that instead of trying to improve their reputation and increase their influence by fostering deceptions and attacking basic Christian traditions, they would serve their own true interests best by first setting their own hearts and attitude toward others aright. Again and again they have overreached themselves over the centuries, and then complained at the results for which they alone were responsible.

In particular, this recent initiative in Rome has merely served to draw the attention of intelligent and decent men to a matter of immediate concern to all. It is the obvious duty of all who may read this book to make its contents known and to encourage all their friends to acquire, read and spread it.

St. Anthony Press
Los Angeles, California
February 15, 1967

Introduction to the Italian Edition

The most infamous conspiracy is in progress against the Church. Her enemies are working to destroy the most holy traditions and thus to introduce dangerous and evil-intended reforms, such as those Calvin, Zwingli and other false teachers once attempted. They manifest a hypocritical zeal to modernise the Church and to adapt it to the present day situation, but in reality they conceal the secret intention of opening the gates to Communism, to hasten the collapse of the free world and to prepare the further destruction of Christianity. All this it is intended to put into effect at the coming Vatican Council. We have proofs of how everything is being planned in secret agreement with the leading forces of Communism, of world Freemasonry and of the secret power directing these.

It is intended to first carry out a probe and to begin with the reforms which encounter less resistance from the defenders of Holy Church, in order to then gradually extend the range, as weakening resistance allows this.

In addition, we have confirmation of what will still be unbelievable for those who are not initiated, namely that the anti-Christian forces have at their disposal, in the ranks of Church dignitaries, a veritable "Fifth Column" of agents who are the unconditional tools of Communism and of the secret power directing it. For it has been revealed that those cardinals, archbishops and bishops, who form a kind of progressive wing within the Council, will attempt to bring about a break through shameful reforms, whereby the good faith and the eagerness for progress of many devout Council Fathers will be deceived.

The assurance has been given that the Progressive block forming at the beginning of the Synod will be able to count upon the support of the Vatican, in which, so it is said, those anti-Christian forces possess influence. This appears unbelievable to us and sounds more like boastful arrogance by the enemies of the Church than sober reality. However, we mention this, so that one sees how far the enemies of Catholicism and of the Free World risk revealing themselves. Apart from the dangerous reforms in the doctrine of the Church and her traditional policy which stand in open contradiction to what was approved by the preceding Popes and Ecumenical Councils, it is desired that the Excommunication Bulls uttered by his Holiness Pope Pius XII against the Communists and their lackeys be declared nullified.

In this manner the effort is made to establish a peaceful coexistence with the Communists, which on the one side would be harmful to the regard for Holy Church in the eyes of Christians who fight against materialistic and atheistic Communism and on the other side weaken the morale of these fighters, hasten their defeat and would have as a consequence dissolution in their own ranks, in order in such a way to ensure the worldwide triumph of Red totalitarianism. Concern is taken that Protestants and Orthodox are in no way invited who fight heroically against Communism, but rather more only those Churches and Church counsellors who stand under the influence of Freemasonry, of Communism and the secret power directing them. In this manner the Freemasons and Communists disguised in priestly robes, who have usurped the leading posts in such churches, work together concealed and in a subtle way, but also very effectively, with their accomplices who have infiltrated into the Catholic clergy.

On its side the Kremlin has already decided to refuse known anti-Communist prelates an exit visa, and only to allow their unconditional agents or those who, without being the latter, have bowed out of fear of Red reprisals, to travel from the satellite states. Thus at the Second Vatican Council the Church will experience the silence of those who could defend her best of all and could enlighten the Holy Synod concerning what takes place in the Communist world.

This will undoubtedly seem incredible to those who read it; but the events at the Holy Ecumenical Council will open their eyes and convince them that we are speaking the truth. For it is there that the enemy intends to play a trump card, whereby it, so we are assured, will have on its side unconditional accomplices among the highest Church dignitaries. A further disastrous plan, which is being prepared, is that the Church shall contradict itself, so as a result to sacrifice its regard with the faithful; for later it will be broadcast that an institution which contradicts itself cannot be divine. With this proof they wish to desolate the Churches and achieve that the faithful lose their confidence in the clergy and abandon them.

It is intended to cause the Church to declare that what it has represented for centuries as bad, is now good. Among such manoeuvres spun for this purpose one particularly stands out on account of its importance, and refers in fact to the conduct of Holy Church towards the damned Jews, as Saint Augustine calls them; and this in reference both to those who nailed Christ to the cross, as also to their descendants, who are both archenemies of Christianity. The unanimous doctrine of the great Church Fathers, that "unanimis consensus Patrum" which the Church regards as a source of faith, condemned the unbelieving Jews and declared the struggle against them to be good and necessary.

For example, in this struggle, participated, as we will prove by means of irrefutable evidence, the following Saints: Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, Saint Jerome, Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Athanasius, Saint Gregory of Nazianzus, Saint Basil, Saint Cyril of Alexandria, Saint Isidore of Seville, Saint Bernhard and even Tertullian as well as Origen, the latter two during the period of their indisputable orthodoxy. In addition, the Church fought energetically for nineteen centuries against the Jews, as we will likewise prove by means of reliable documents, and among which are found the following: Papal Bulls, Protocols of the Ecumenical and Provincial Councils as well as the highly renowned Fourth Lateran Council and many others, the teachings of Saint Thomas of Aquinas, of Duns Scotus and of the most important doctors of the Church. In addition we will quote Jewish sources of indisputable authenticity, like the official Encyclopaedias of Jewry, the works of famous rabbis as well as of the most well known Jewish historians.

The Jewish, Freemasonic and Communist plotters now have the intention at the coming Council of utilising, as they assert, the lack of knowledge of most clergy concerning the true history of the Church, to execute a surprise coup by adopting the standpoint at the assembled Holy Ecumenical Council that anti-Semitism must be condemned, as well as every struggle against the Jews who, as we will elaborate, are the wirepullers of Freemasonry and of international Communism. They would like the infamous Jews, whom the Church has regarded as evil for the course of nineteen centuries, to be declared good and beloved of God. As a result the "unanimis consensus Patrum" would be contradicted, which laid down exactly the opposite, as well as what also found its expression through various Papal Bulls and Canons of Ecumenical as well as Provincial Councils.

Since the Jews and their accomplices pillory every struggle within the Catholic Church against the wickedness of the former, as well as the plots directed against Christ Our Lord, as antisemitism, we will likewise reveal in this book that Christ Himself, the Gospels and the Catholic Church can be included among the sources of antisemitism, since they campaigned for nearly two thousand years against those who denied their Messiah.

With the condemnation of Antisemitism, which at times is called Antisemitic racialism, it is wished to attain that his Holiness the Pope and the assembled Council in condemnation of Antisemitism experience the catastrophic event that the Church contradicts itself, and therefore, without giving account to this, silently also condemn Christ Our Lord Himself, as well as the Holy Gospels, the Church Fathers and most Popes, among them Gregory VII (Hildebrand), Innocent II, Innocent III, Pius V, and Leo XIII, who as we will show in this book, have fought bitterly against the Jews and the "Synagogue of Satan".

With such condemnation it would be successful to simultaneously place countless Church Councils in the dock, among them the Ecumenical Councils of Nicaea and the Second, Third and Fourth Lateran Councils, whose Canons we will subject in this book to a thorough investigation, and which carried on an energetic struggle against the Hebrews. To put it in few words, the infamous plotters have the scheme in mind that Holy Church, by its condemning Antisemitism, condemns itself, whereby one can easily amplify the disastrous consequences.

It was already attempted at the last Vatican Council, even if in disguised form, to alter course in the traditional doctrine of the Church, when it was successful by means of a surprise manoeuvre and lasting pressure, to influence countless Church Fathers to signing "a Postulate in favour of the Jews". Misusing the Apostolic zeal of the devout prelates, it was first spoken of a summons to conversion of the Israelites, which regarded from the theological viewpoint is an intention without fault; but later they inoculated the secret poison in form of assertions, which, as we will reveal in the course of this work, stand in open contradiction to the doctrine which Holy Church has laid down in this respect.

But upon this occasion, when the "Synagogue of Satan" believed it had secured the approval of the postulate on the part of the Council, God, who always stands by His Church, prevented the mystical body of Christ from contradicting itself and fructifying the plots of its thousand years old enemy. The Franco-Prussian war broke out unexpectedly. Napoleon had to hastily withdraw the troops protecting the Pontificate, and the army of Victor Emmanuel prepared to take Rome. Therefore the ist Holy Vatican Council had to be hastily dissolved, and the prelates returned to their dioceses, before a general discussion concerning the postulate in question was able to be begun.

This was, however, not the first time that divine providence held up such a misfortune by means of something extraordinary. History shows us that it has done it in numerous cases, whereby it mostly made use of the Popes and devout prelates as its medium; among the latter we include Saint Athanasius, Saint Cyril of Alexandria, Saint Leanero, Cardinal Aimerico, and even such humble monks as Saint Bernhard or Saint John of Capistranus. In other cases than those previously mentioned, it even made use of ambitious monarchs, as the example of Victor Emmanuel, the King of Italy, reveals.

When in the middle of the past year we experienced how the enemy was preparing renewed attempts to unleash a plot which would open the gates to Communism, prepare the collapse of the free world and deliver Holy Church into the claws of the "Synagogue of Satan", we began, without losing any time, to collect documents and to write the following work which is intended to be not so much a book with a certain disputed tendency, but rather an ordered summary of Council records, Papal Bulls and all kinds of documents and sources, from which we leave out those whose reliability or truthfulness is doubtful, and select those which possess indisputable truth.

In this book, not only is the plot uncovered which Communism and the "Synagogue of Satan" have entered upon against the 2nd Vatican Council, but also the preceding conspiracies, which were recorded in the course of nineteen centuries as cases of precedence, are subject to a thorough illumination. For what is intended to occur at the new assembled Holy Synod, has already occurred repeatedly in the past centuries. In order to grasp what will occur to the full extent, it is therefore essential to know the cases of precedence as well as the nature of that hostile "Fifth Column" infiltrated into the bosom of the clergy. This purpose is served by the extensive investigation of the Fourth Part, which rests upon a faultless proof of sources.

Since in addition attention is drawn to the possibility that the Holy See and the Second Vatican Council might abandon certain traditions of the Church in order to grant aid to the triumph of Communism and of Freemasonry, we lay at basis of the two first parts of this work a minute study, whereby we cite the two most serious sources concerning what one can call the quintessence of Freemasonry and of atheistic Communism, and investigate the nature of the secret power directing it. Even if the fourth part of this book is the most important, then nevertheless the first three and above all the third make comprehensible the plot threatening Holy Church in its entire circumference. This plot is not restricted to its activity during the coming universal Synod but extends far more to the entire feature of the Church. For the enemy has already calculated that, if for some reasons at the Holy Synod strong defensive forces awaken against its planned reforms and these should bring about the failure of its intentions at the Second Vatican Council, it will use at a later point any kind of opportunity to return to its plan, in which respect it would know how to utilise the strong influence which it pretends to have with the Holy See.

We are naturally convinced of the fact that, in spite of the intrigues of the enemy, the support which God always grants His Church will also cause their criminal machinations to fail this time. It is also written: "The Powers of Hell shall not triumph over it!"

Unfortunately, in writing this very documentary book, we have used more than fourteen months, and there remain only two until the opening of the Second Vatican Council. God will help us to overcome all resistance, in order to have ready the printing of this work either by the beginning of the Synod or at least before the enemy can cause the first harm. Though we are also aware that the Lord God will not permit a catastrophe, nevertheless we must keep before our eyes what an outstanding Saint expressed: that, although we know that all depends upon God, we should nevertheless act as if everything depended upon us. And as Saint Bernard said in a similar grave crisis to that of the present: "Pray to God and hit out with the stick."

Rome, the 31st August 1962. The Author.

Foreword to the Austrian Edition

Due to the numerous requests that have reached us from the ranks of the Austrian and German clergy, we have decided to print the Austrian edition of the book "Plot Against the Church."

The Fathers of the Second Vatican Council, to whom this work was dedicated, had occasion to establish in the course of the Holy Synod that our warning voice with regard to the existence of a veritable plot against the most holy traditions of the Church and its defensive powers in the face of atheistic Communism found their full justification through the course of the first part of the Holy Council. This shows that our assertions correspond to a tragic truth.

The events of the coming months will provide our readers with the confirmation that our revelations rest upon an incredible but regrettable reality. The enemies of the Church renewed the attempt at the first sitting of the world-embracing Synod, by means of their accomplices in the high clergy, to abnegate or to narrow the tradition of the Church and its character as a source of revelation. This had already been striven for before them by the Waldenses, the Hussites and other Mediaeval heretics, as well as later by Calvin, Zwingli and additional false teachers; only that this time all this is fought for under the cloak of the high ideal, inspiring us all, of Christian unity, whereas the heretics of those times cited for substantiation of the same thesis further diverse and sophistic arguments.

To attempt that the Church deny the tradition of its character as a source of doctrine and to admit such an attribute only to the Holy Bible, more or less equates to the intention of causing it to contradict itself. This would accordingly mean that that which had been maintained for almost twenty centuries to be white was now declared to be black; and in fact with the devastating result that the mystical body of Christ, on grounds of contradiction, would forfeit its respect in the eyes of the faithful, since indeed an institution that contradicts itself in its essence can with difficulty be called divine.

A step of this kind would bring Holy Church into such an impossible situation that it could not be justified through the wishful image of the longed-for Christian unity, whose realisation at the moment would be very problematical. But should this dream become fact upon such an absurd basis, then this would signify that Holy Church recognises it has been caught up in error and its faithful would as a result turn in masses to Protestantism, whose essential postulate has always been from of old to recognise solely and alone the Bible as the source of true revelation and to refuse such a character to the tradition of the Catholic Church.

It is incomprehensible that the enemies of Catholicism and their accomplices in the high clergy have possessed the audacity to go so far. This also proves that what was prophesied in our book written before the Holy Council has found its confirmation through the launching of the same and that the enemy possessed infiltrated accomplices in the high clergy, who occupied the highest positions. As we in fact learned from well-informed sources, upon appearance of this book and after its distribution among the Council Fathers, the enemies first made a halt from bringing before the Council more daring proposals, which apart from the programme of the day they had kept in readiness for the last few days of the Council. Among such proposals was found that which had the aim of demanding the lifting of the Excommunication Bulls directed by Pope Pius XII against the Communists and their lackeys, as likewise the establishing of a peaceful coexistence between Church and Communism, and finally the condemnation of Antisemitism.

This step in retreat, which was forced by reason of the accusation in this book, may only be of partial duration. It is hoped that a careful propaganda worked out in agreement with the Kremlin will soften the resistance of those defending Holy Church in favour of the setting up of a peaceful co-existence with atheistic Communism. It is intended to attempt to weaken the defensive powers of the Church and of the free world, in which the support of the Red dictator can be relied upon, who in return would release the prelates imprisoned for many years, address letters of good wishes to his Holiness the Pope, and display further signs of visible friendship towards the Church. All this in order to bring weighty arguments in favour of the accomplices of the Kremlin, who have infiltrated into the high clergy, to give power to a lifting of the excommunication Bulls, and to bring about a pact of the Holy See with Communism.

In alliance with certain accomplices, who have nested themselves in the highest spheres of the Vatican, it is even planned in Moscow to take up diplomatic relations between Holy Church and the atheistic as well as materialistic Soviet State under the pretence that, as a result, an easing of the religious persecution in Russia could be introduced.

In reality it is the aim of the Kremlin and its agents from the ranks of the Church hierarchy to demoralise the Catholics as well as the heroic clergy who in Europe and the rest of the world fight heroically against Communism, in that they wish to provide the impression that the latter are in fact not so bad, after the Holy See has decided to take up diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union and other Communist states.

It is therefore also intended to cripple the fighting spirit of the North American Anticommunists; for through this step they would see themselves weakened in their struggle against the dark forces, which seek to draw even the United States into the Communist chaos. In a word it is intended, as we have already made clear in the introduction to the Italian edition, to cripple the defensive powers of the free world and to level the way for the final triumph of atheistic Marxism.

But the arrogance of Communism, of Freemasonry and of the Jews goes so far that they already speak of bringing the next Papal election under their control with the intention of placing one of their accomplices in the distinguished college of Cardinals on the throne of Saint Peter. Therefore they intend, with aid of the influence that they claim to have in the Vatican, to exercise pressure upon his Holiness the Pope, whose health is under much strain, in order to get him to appoint a large number of new Cardinals, even if the latter should exceed the highest number provided for. In this manner they will attain the necessary number of supporters, which is intended to secure the election of a Pontifex who will transform Holy Church into a satellite in the service of Communism, Freemasonry and the "Synagogue of Satan".

But the forces of the Antichrist do not reckon with the support which our Lord God will grant to His Church, in order to prevent that such a manoeuvre gains upper hand. It suffices to recall that this is not the first time in history that such an attempt has been experienced. As we prove in this book by means of undoubtedly authentic documents, it was successful for the powers of the "devilish dragon" to enthrone a Cardinal as Pope who was directed by the forces of Satan and at times made it seem as though the latter might be the Lords of the Church. Christ, our Lord, who has never abandoned His Church, provided, however, such devout men as Saint Bernard, Saint Norbert, Cardinal Aimerico, the Fathers of the Councils of Etampes, Rheims and Pisa as well as those of the Second Ecumenical Lateran Council, with the courage to act and armed their hands. They all divested Cardinal Pierleoni, this wolf in sheep's clothing who for many years was able to usurp the throne of Saint Peter, of his Papal dignity, excommunicated him and attributed to him the role of Anti-Pope, which fitted him.

The plans of the Kremlin, of Freemasonry and of the "Synagogue of Satan" are, however advanced they may seem, nevertheless nullified by the visible hand of God. For as in all times men will arise like Saint Athanasius, Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Bernard and Saint John Capistranus, who hold firm to the inspiration and strength which Christ, our Lord, chooses to provide them with, in order in this or that form to cause the disastrous plot to fail, which once again the dark forces of the Antichrist instigate to aid to victory the worldwide triumph of totalitarian Imperialism from Moscow.

We saw ourselves compelled, in the first Italian edition, to leave out eleven chapters of the fourth part from this book; and in fact by reason of the haste we had to distribute this work among the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council, before the beast could cast forth the first blows of its paws. But since we have more time at our disposal in the printing of this edition, we have added the eleven chapters in question, which are of fundamental importance for the better understanding of the devilish plot that threatens Holy Church in our days.

Preface to the German Edition

The following book was compiled by a group of Idealists, who are Catholics of strict belief and who, as Catholics, firmly believe that the Catholic Church is now passing through one of the most dangerous periods in its history.

In order to reveal, what dangers threaten the Catholic Church, in particular from International Communism and also from other International organisations, this Idealist group undertook the enormous task of compiling and editing this book, using numerous documents from the Middle Ages and recent times.

The Italian edition has already appeared and is already in the hands of the high clergy and other interested parties. Editions in other languages are in preparation.

The authors believe that it is vital that the German Catholic Church has this work in its hands, in order from the documents summarised in this work to be able to gain authentic information concerning historical facts from the struggle and life of the Catholic Church.

The authors must beg forgiveness that it was not possible to once again edit the German work stylistically. They know that the style in many chapters leaves much to be desired, and that repetitions also occur, which could have been prevented. The authors can only promise their highly esteemed readers that all these faults will be avoided in an eventual new edition. But they hope, nevertheless, that this work will find recognition and interest, and that their idealistic and selfless work for the well-being of our Catholic Church at least succeeds in informing the German leaders of the Catholic Church about historical facts that are certainly completely unknown to the public.

Madrid, 1963. The Authors.

Introduction to the Spanish Edition

A Sensational Book

The facts confirm that the term "sensational" applied to the book "Plot Against the Church" (Complot Contra La Iglesia) is not exaggerated. Following the first Italian edition, distributed in the Fall of 1962 among the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council, the press of different countries of the world began to make commentaries on this book, the reading of which is of capital importance not only for Catholics, but also for all free men.

It can be stated without fear of exaggeration that no book in the present century has been the object of so many commentaries in the world press; virulently unfavourable were those of communist newspapers and those controlled by Masons or Jews; and extremely favourable were those commentaries of some Catholic newspapers, which are independent of those obscure forces, and which have had, in addition, the courage and the possibility to express their points of view freely. Even one year after the distribution of the first Italian edition in the Vatican Council, the press of different countries of the world is still occupied with this extraordinary book a thing truly unusual in matters of publicity.

In order that the reader may be informed of the importance of this work, we quote here some interesting paragraphs that the Rome correspondent of the Catholic newspaper "Agora" of Lisbon, edition of March 1, 1963, page 7, tells his readers:

"We are going to refer to a publication which came out some time ago in Rome. In addition to other information, we were able to obtain a copy of this book, which in two months became a bibliographic rarity... The book was printed in a Roman publishing house, but when the present authorities in Italy, the Christian Democrats, favourable to Marxism, took note of its publication, the copies of the thick volume of 617 pages had already been distributed among the Fathers of the Ecumenical Council. A fact which produced alarm both in the Vatican government as well as in the diplomatic world and in parties of the left. For several days the printing house was visited by the highest police authorities, who obtained only the statement that the printing of the book had been ordered, and that the cost of the edition had been paid in full. The leftist press attacked it furiously..."

"The exceptional importance of the book resides principally in one fundamental element, and that is, whether the book has one or several authors. Any person of elemental culture can divine that the compilation has been made by clerics. Naturally, the most diverse versions have appeared in respect to this matter. There are those that affirm that they (the authors) were Italian prelates, in collaboration with elements of English Catholicism; others speak of a group of priests including some bishops from an unidentified country of Southern America... This work, because of the enormous importance of its scrupulous, erudite, and minutely detailed documentation, is not just one more of those products of anti-Semitism based on the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion' (which are in no way used in the book). In conclusion, in the pages, in the arguments, and in the style of the book, is revealed the presence of Catholic clerics, in battle against the eternal heresy, which has always tended to subvert the religious, ethical, and historical bases of Catholicism, employing successively Simon the Magician, Arius, Nestor, the Albigenses, and in the present day the leftists of the Ecumenical Council."

So much for the quotations of the interesting commentary made about "The Plot Against the Church" by the Catholic Portuguese newspaper "Agora".

Nevertheless, the version predominant in Rome as in the world press, is that the sensational book was prepared by no more or less than distinguished elements of the Roman Curia, which is, as is known, the supreme government of the Church, auxiliary of His Holiness the Pope in the highest functions. It is repeatedly affirmed that the work "The Plot Against the Church" is one of the greatest efforts of the Roman Curia to cause the destruction of those reforms which the left wing of the Catholic clergy is attempting to bring about, reforms which, if realized, would completely subvert the bases on which the Holy Church rests. There are newspapers which have been even more explicit, which affirm that it was the so-called "Syndicate of Cardinals" who prepared the book. It is necessary to explain that the Masons, the communists, and their accomplices have given the name "Syndicate of Cardinals" to the heroic group of Cardinals of the Roman Curia who are struggling in the Second Vatican Council to prevent a group of the clergy which in a strange manner is found at the service of Masonry and communism from imposing on the Holy Synod a whole series of theses, subversive, and some heretical, designed to cause the ruin of the Church. Such ruin will never be consummated, because it is written: "the gates of Hell shall not prevail against her", although the Apocalypse of Saint John also prophesises that such infernal forces will achieve great temporal triumphs, after which they will be conquered and destroyed.

So as not to prolong this Prologue, we will only transcribe in continuation that which an important Latin American newspaper has to say regarding Masonic and communist tendencies. We refer to the weekly "Tiempo" published in Mexico City by Mr. Martin Luiz Guzman, a distinguished Hierarch of Masonry, who says in referring to the Bishops called progressive: "The rebellion of the Bishops was considered as the beginning of heresy by Ottaviani and other Cardinals of the 'Syndicate'. Even the possibility that the Council would depose the Pope if it considered him a heretic, was mentioned in 'L'Osservatore Romano'. The 'Syndicate' (of Cardinals) then published, in October 1962, a libel entitled 'Plot Against the Church', having the pseudonym 'Maurice Pinay'." (Number 1119, Volume XIII, page 60, October 14, 1963). So much for the comment of the above mentioned newspaper.

What gives this book definite, provable worth is that it deals with a magnificent and imposing compilation of documents and sources of undeniable importance and authenticity, which demonstrates with no room for doubt the existence of a great conspiracy, which the traditional enemies of the Church have prepared against Holy Catholic Church, and against the Free World. These (enemies) are attempting to convert Catholicism into a blind instrument in the service of communism, Masonry, and Judaism, in order to weaken free humanity with it and to facilitate its ruin and, with this ruin, the definite victory of atheistic communism. The most useful instruments in this conspiracy are those Catholic clergymen who, betraying Holy Church, attempt to destroy her most loyal defenders, while at the same time they assist, in every way they can, Communists, Masons and Jews in their subversive activities.

In this edition, we attempt to alert not only Catholics, but also all the anti-communists of Venezuela and of Latin America, so that they may realize the grave dangers which at present threaten not only the Catholic Church, but Christianity and the free world in general, and so that they may offer all their support to that deserving group of Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops who are now fighting in the Vatican Council and in their respective countries against the external and internal enemies of the Holy Church and of the free world; those enemies which, with satanic perseverance, are trying to destroy the most sacred traditions of Catholicism, and to submerge us and our children in frightful communist slavery.

THE EDITOR, Caracas, Venezuela, December 15, 1963.