New World Order - Eustace Mullins

This Fascinating study provides insights into the 'Secret Rulers', who operate within a network of well-funded foundations, intelligence agencies, private 'councils', banking and business establishments, and government contracting agencies, to implement the NWO agenda without oversight or consent of those they govern. In this book Mullins follows the money and exposes a shadow government that essentially directs our national economy and foreign policy from within a privileged cocoon of like-minded, power-crazed, criminal sociopaths.

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[Dedication] from New World Order by Eustace Mullins
[Dedication] from New World Order by Eustace Mullins
[Dedication] from New World Order by Eustace Mullins
[Dedication] from New World Order by Eustace Mullins


I wish to thank the staffs of the following institutions for their unfailing courtesy, cooperation and assistance in the preparation of this work: THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, WASHINGTON, D.C. NEWBERRY LIBRARY, CHICAGO, ILL. NEW YORK CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY, NEW YORK ALDERMAN LIBRARY, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA MCCORMICK LIBRARY, WASHINGTON & LEE UNIVERSITY


When he was proffered the cup of hemlock by his fellow-citizens, Socrates' last words were, "Crito, I owe a cock to Asclepius; will you remember to pay the debt?" A gentleman is responsible for his obligations, and this book is the repayment of the efforts of three great men who chose me as their protege—Ezra Pound, the dominant literary figure of our time; George Stimpson, the most respected journalist in Washington (the title has been vacant since his death); and H.L. Hunt, whose spectacular business success blinded the public to his brilliant philosophical achievements It was H.L. Hunt who invented the term "The Mistaken" for the self-corrupted members of the new class who now control our world—he might have added that they could also be described as "The Misshapen", because of their warped and perverted sense of values.

The present work is also an expression of another Greek attitude—gratitude for life. Michael Lekakis introduced this astounding Greek attribute to me some thirty years ago. I describe it as "astounding", because no one today thinks of being grateful for life. Who can conceive of "gratitude for life" in an existence of eternal and worldwide slavery imposed upon humanity by the minions of the World Order?

In "The Greek Way", Edith Hamilton says, "Tragedy was a Greek creation because in Greece thought was free." We do not have tragedy today because of the thought control imposed by the World Order. Instead, we have "Newspeak" and "doublethink" in the world of 1984. I was privileged to sit in on a number of conversations between Edith Hamilton and Ezra Pound, in which the conversation was uninhibited and far-reaching — freedom of thought in a federal institution in which one of the talkers was held as a political prisoner! Pound describes these talks in "The Cantos",

"And they want to know what we talked about?

'de litteris et de armis, praestantibusque ingeniis."

Nietzsche also discoursed on "tragic pleasure", which no longer exists, because the World Order, in its anxiety to maintain control of every aspect of our lives, has banned passion. As a poor substitute, it gives us drugs and degeneracy.

There are many facts in this book which you, the reader, will not wish to accept. I ask you to accept nothing, but to make your own investigations. You may find even more astonishing true facts than I have managed to glean in thirty-five years of intensive and in-depth research.

Finally, we have Edith Hamilton's rendering of Socrates' most notable admonition, "Agree with me if I seem to you to speak the truth; or, if not, withstand me might and main that I may not deceive you as well as myself in my desire, and like the bee leave my sting in you before I die. And now let us proceed."

Eustace Mullins,
November 1, 1984

Preface to Second Edition

My search for the names and addresses of the secret rulers of the world became a mediaeval quest to find the Holy Grail which would fling open the doors of freedom for the oppressed and betrayed peoples of the world, particularly those in my own country. These World Order minions fear exposure more than they fear armed force or a legal system which would punish them for their crimes against humanity. I discovered that the hidden manipulators of the World Order had maintained their power by a very simple technique, which I have likened to a masked ball. The bal masque enables the Gnostics, the Knowing Ones, to identify their friends and enemies because they alone know who is wearing what costume. It is a masquerade which depends entirely upon disguise, that is, on things which are not what they seem. H. T. Martineau wrote in 1833, in "Three Ages", 1.1 "A troop of gentlemen, whose country could not be divined from their complexions, since each wore a mask." Persons whose country cannot be divined from their complexions—bandits wore a mask to prevent their victims from identifying them. The bandits of the World Order have succeeded in robbing the whole world through the technique of the bal masque, the disguise which enables them to carry on their Satanic work without being identified and prosecuted.

The bal masque is the ideal vehicle for this program, because the World Order gained its present power in Europe of the nineteenth century. It was a truism among the old European aristocracy that "Balls are given for those who are not invited". The guests attend because of duty or career, to spend an evening in the company of boring persons when they would much rather be elsewhere. The reward of being a guest at a bal masque is to be one of the Knowing Ones, those who know which masque hid the face of the King, which costume is that of the Grand Vizier. The other guests never knew whether they were talking to a mere courtier, or to a powerful personage. The masses, with their faces pressed against the windows of the ballroom, know none of the celebrants, and will never know. This is the technique of the World Order, to be masked in mystery, with its hierarchy protected by their anonymity and their masks, so that those who revolt will strike out against the wrong targets, insignificant officials who are expendable.

The World Order record is one of horror, as the ghosts of the massacred billions cry out for retribution. Its true nature is described by that master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe, in "The Masque of the Red Death",

"While the pestilence raged most furiously abroad, the Prince Prospero entertained his thousand friends at a masked ball of the most unusual magnificence. . . And now was acknowledged the presence of the Red Death. He had come like a thief in the night. And one by one dropped the revelers in the blood-bedewed halls of their revel, and died each in the despairing posture of his fall. And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all."

What Poe depicts is what is actually happening to the present world under the ministrations and conspiracies of the World Order—increasing pollution, disease and famine ending in worldwide desolation and the disappearance of our species. What is the alternative? We can survive by ripping the mask off of the face of the Red Death, and by sending him back to that hell from which he came. God made the earth for the living, and we are overdue in our attack on the Brotherhood of Death. We must not be inveigled into more contrived "wars" for the profit of the World Order, nor can we afford to continue to be misled by their control over the media, the educational process, and our governmental institutions.

[Dedication] from New World Order by Eustace Mullins