Front Matter Gauls Defeat Romans Vercingetorix Saints of France Attila, Scourge of God Story of Clovis Sons of Clovis Mayors of the Palace Charles the Hammer Pepin the Short Charlemagne in Lombardy Defeat at Roncesvalles Emperor of the West Louis the Pious War of Three Brothers Louis the Stammerer Paris defies the Sea Kings Rollo the Viking Hugh Capet Becomes King Bishop Betrays the Duke Robert the Pious The Peace of God Harold Visits Duke William William Sails to England The Battle of Hastings Peter the Hermit First War of the Cross Louis the Fat and Laon King Fights his Vassal Second War of the Cross French Queen of England How Normandy Was Lost Albigenses War Battle of Bouvines Story of Hugh de La Marche Reign of St. Louis St. Louis's last Crusade Peter the Barber Knights vs. Weavers Pope vs. Philip the Fair Sons of Philip the Fair Philip VI vs. Flanders Battle and Plague King vs. Charles the Bad The Jacquerie Stephen Marcel Betrays Paris Charles V and du Guesclin Du Guesclin Fights for France The Madness of Charles VI The Battle of Agincourt The Maid of Orleans End of Hundred Years' War King vs. Charles the Bold Troubles of Duchess Mary Charles the Affable Knight Without Reproach Battle of the Spurs Francis I, Gentleman King King Taken Prisoner Duke of Guise Defends Metz Calais Returns to France The Riot of Amboise Huguenot and Catholic St. Bartholomew Massacre War of the Three Henries The Protestant King Edict of Nantes Reign of Favorites Taking of La Rochelle Power of the Cardinal-King Reign of Louis XIV The Man in the Iron Mask The Height of Power Edict of Nantes Revoked War of Spanish Succession

History of France - H. E. Marshall

Marshall's history of France covers the Rise of the Franks under Clovis to the height of the French monarchy under Louis XIV. Main topics include the Frankish empire, the Norman/Crusades period, the Hundred Years War era (rife with civil wars, and rebellion when told from the French p.o.v.), and Renaissance/Reformation period, which was more of a struggle between the rising merchant class and the nobility, than an actual religious war. Marshall's histories brings the characters to life, although her biases--as always--are somewhat Whiggish.

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It often happens that those of us who live in great cities do not know our next door neighbors. In the great world it is very much the same and we know little or nothing about our neighbors.

Hundreds of years ago a French writer called us his "next neighbor." It was impossible, he said, to write about France without also writing about England. That is very true, for during hundreds of years the history of the two countries mixed and mingled. Yet in spite of that Jacques Bonhomme and John Bull have gone on living side by side knowing little of each other's history, understanding little of each other's ways. For during hundreds of years France and England were deadly enemies, and Englishmen cared little about the history of France. They thought that they knew enough about Frenchmen when they knew how to fight them. But those days have long gone past, and now Jacques Bonhomme is not only our next neighbor, but our very good friend. That being so, British boys and girls are no longer content to know nothing about this friend, and several years ago I got a letter from a little English boy. "I like that book," he said, "and I wish you would write one just the same, only about France, because we can't find anything nice about France."

Since then I have received many such letters both from British boys and girls and from their cousins in America. I promised them all that "some day" they should have the book they asked for. They were not very pleased with that promise, I think, for they all knew that "some day" had a horrid trick of never turning up at all. However this time some day has come and here is the book. I hope my friends are not tired of waiting for it, and if they get half as much pleasure from reading it that I have had in writing it we shall all be pleased.

Paris, 1911.

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