Mexico - M. D. Kelly

This thrilling account of the conquest of Mexico by Cortez and his band of conquistadors goes into enough depth to bring alive many of the important secondary characters, and recount the complicated goings-on between hostile tribes of natives as well as the back-stabbing and politicking of the Spaniards. Unlike modern accounts, which tend to simplistically moralize, this version simply recounts the entire complicated story, based directly on original sources. It fully attends to the tragedy of the circumstances, without demonizing either Spaniard or Aztec.

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Reckless courage and the power of endurance have a fascination even for the weak and timid, and in these qualities the dare-devil Spanish adventurers who conquered the mighty empire of Mexico have never been surpassed. Gold-greedy and cruel they were, and many a dark deed dims the glory of their great achievement, but they bore through all an unswerving faith in the justice of their cause, and an indomitable self-confidence which no peril, no disaster could entirely destroy. Thus armoured they were indeed wellnigh invincible.

In the pages of the old chronicler, Bernal Diaz, this spirit breathes in every line, for was he not himself one of the conquerors? And did he not know by grim experience the dangers braved, the toils endured, the cost of victory? "Let the wise and learned read my history from beginning to end," he says with quaint frankness, "and they will then confess that there never existed in the world men who by bold achievements have gained more for their Lord and King than we the brave conquerors; amongst the most gallant of whom I was considered as one, and am the most ancient of all. I say again that I,—I myself,—I am a true conqueror and the most ancient of all."

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