Strange Death of Franklin Roosevelt - Emanuel Josephson

Significance of Dynasty's Family Tree

Among the significant facts concerning the Roosevelt-Delano Dynasty are the following:

  1. Over one-third of our thirty-three presidents have been derived from a single interrelated group of families
  2. Their presidents have held office sixty-six of the one hundred and fifty-nine years of our national existence, despite the death of two of them within a short time after inauguration.
  3. Thirteen of them have served fully, or in part, a total of eighteen terms as president, and additional terms as vice-president.
  4. Of a total of forty presidential terms in our history, eighteen have been served by them.
  5. The only two instances of hereditary transmission of presidency from father to son, John Adams and John Quincy Adams, or from grandfather to grandson. General William H. Harrison and General Benjamin Harrison, in our history has been in this Dynasty. In the person of Robert Alphonso Taft, an effort is now in process to reaffirm that tradition.
  6. On a number of occasions the nation has been confronted with two candidates derived from the Dynasty, as in 1848, Martin Van Buren and Charles Francis Adams, were presidential and vice-presidential candidates on the Free Soil ticket; 1944 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Thomas Dewey, both of the Dynasty were Democratic and Republican candidates respectively; and 1948 when three of the Republican candidates Robert A. Taft, Thomas Dewey and General Douglas MacArthur are all derived from the Dynasty. In 1836 Martin Van Buren, Democratic Presidential candidate defeated General William Henry Harrison Whig candidate—both of the Dynasty. In 1840, in return contest, Harrison was victor.
  7. The number of policy making offices in local and national government that have been filled by the members of the Dynasty are innumerable and utterly out of proportion to their number.

Apologists for the Dynasty and surprisingly enough even those possessed of intelligence, have a stock explanation for these extraordinary phenomena.

"A family that has been in this country for so long a time is certain to be related to every other family in the land", they explain.

It is absurd to represent that within ten to fifteen generations the half dozen families which have constituted the backbone of the Dynasty could have intermarried with the forty some million families that can not trace their relationship even remotely to any of our presidents. This apology is as false as it is insincere.

It fails to explain the fact that there is no relationship traceable between the other twenty-one Presidents. It is also very striking that there is no relationship traceable between any of those twenty one Presidents amongst themselves despite the fact that their ancestors were in this country as long, and some longer, than the Dynasty's.

To refute the apologists there is the phenomenon of intense inbreeding and intermarriage between the families comprising the Dynasty, with the occasional introduction of the scion of some commercial dynasty such as the Astors, the DuPonts, and others. This follows the pattern of the royal families of Europe. It results in multiple relationships that reinforce those of direct line of ancestry. Thus Frederick B. Adams, a sixth cousin of Franklin Delano Roosevelt married Ellen W. Delano, a first cousin; James Roosevelt Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt's half-brother, married Helen Schermerhorn Astor making a more distant cousin an in-law; and among the Delanos, it is their boast that most marriages are between cousins.

Quite as striking is the deliberate and steady enhancement by the Presidents of the Dynasty of the monarchic powers of the President with the simultaneous wiping out of the checks on that power imposed by the Constitution. This indicates a deliberately designed drive to make themselves the Royal Family of an American monarchy. The published blue-print of this drive is the theme of a later chapter.

Striking proof of the fact that the relationship that exists within the Dynasty is of a different intensity and degree than is found in the ordinary run of families, can be discerned in the publications of the Roosevelts—Eleanor Roosevelt's column "My Day" and her other effluvia and "F.D.R. His Personal Letters". These make it evident that the relationships within the Dynasty are of far different order than occur in the ordinary run of families. One finds intimacy and social contact assiduously maintained among cousins five degrees removed. Eleanor Roosevelt, though a cousin five times removed of Sara Delano Roosevelt's husband, was taken in by her; and when the need arose, married her off to Franklin. This is much the same state of affairs as exists in Europe's royalty and nobility.

A significant development for the Dynasty is its intermarriage with European royalty and nobility especially British. Their intermarriage with the British royalty make King George VI a closer relative of Franklin Delano Roosevelt than was even President Ulysses S. Grant.

Most convincing of all, however, are the appointments dictated by nepotism and the "deals" that cry of favoritism and violations of the nation's interests such as the Adams sugar deal and the Clayton cotton control deal. A few of these will be outlined later.

The clearest demonstration of the purposefulness of the transmission of office within the Dynasty is the case of the secretaryships in the Navy Department which will be detailed.

In conclusion it should be noted that there is a unanimity of opinion among the Democratic and Republican representatives of the Dynasty that "Democracy is a failure". Thus Roosevelt and his New Dealers insist upon the inadequacy of Democracy. They insist upon the improvement that could be effected by the totalitarian devices they adopted. On the other hand, Mrs. George St. George, a first cousin of F.D.R., elected to Congress on the Republican "anti-Roosevelt" ticket from Hamilton Fish's Tuxedo Park district and with his support, has been reported to have pronounced with no qualification, the same New Deal concept, "Democracy is a failure". She has issued no denial of this report. They all subscribe to the views of Hoffman Nickerson on the need for an American monarchy.

The best commentary on the peculiar quality of the relationship that exists within the Dynasty to the nth generation which is characteristic of royalty, is a statement by Eleanor Roosevelt quoted by Westbrook Pegler:

"Although we are a lucky and somewhat robustious family given to contrariness and quarreling, nevertheless, in the great crisis of life, we close up like a fist in a common defense."

Undeniably they constitute a coherent and collusive, open and "behind the scene" government.