Strange Death of Franklin Roosevelt - Emanuel Josephson

Prediction of Coming Events

It is safe to predict that if any of the candidates now in the public eye, or any prominent political figure in any of the parties, is nominated presidential candidate, there will be no change in national policy. While lip service will be given to democracy, and Communism berated, the Bismarxian road to dictatorship and monarchy, will be followed steadily until every vestige of freedom eventually is wiped out. The United States will continue to be betrayed and sold out, and the Rockefeller Empire will be served to the last draftee and the last American dollar.

This prediction is based on the fact that every candidate thus far mentioned is a hand picked agent of the Dynasty, or of the Rockefeller Empire, or of both. Three of the Republican candidates, Robert A. Taft, Thomas Dewey and Douglas MacArthur are derived from the Roosevelt-Delano Dynasty, are more or less remotely related to Roosevelt, and are responsive to the same Dynastic and Rockefeller influences. They are in ultimate analysis, quite as completely, or more completely New Dealish, as Franklin Delano Roosevelt himself.

Taft's relationship to Roosevelt and the Dynasty already has been related. Like his father he is the product of the Rockefeller-dominated Ohio Republican political machine which Mark Hanna built. Except in a few instances, his record has revealed him to be a weak and ineffective rubber-stamp of the New Deal who shammed an opposition that demanded nothing more than slight modification for the record. His law firm has been attorney and adviser, according to Danton Walker, to Jack Kroll, National Chairman of the CIO-PAC; and apparently his record has been satisfactory to them. The Taft-Hartley Act which bears his name, he did the best he could to emasculate in favor of the left wing, CIO elements; and he ruined a basically sound and excellent bill drawn up by Hartley. As the Act stands, it accepts in principle all the gross violations of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, justice and honesty that prevail in labor law and practice. He has served the labor elements and apostles of class warfare well, and deserves their gratitude and support instead of their opprobrium.

Further evidence of Taft's Marxist, New Deal mentality are to be found in his bill to socialize medical care and in his housing bill, the Taft-Ellender-Wagner Bill. In the latter his name is significantly coupled with that of one of Rockefeller's principal legislative agents and the staunchest friend of subversives, Senator Robert F. Wagner. No doubt Taft fancies himself as a great compromiser. But principle can not be compromised. Taft's nomination or election would bolster the Dynasty's pretensions to hereditary rulership in the land and serve to affirm that practice so dangerous to democracy.

Both Thomas Dewey and his wife are related to the Roosevelt-Delano clan. His wife is reported to be a fifth cousin of President Roosevelt through Jefferson Davis. The Rockefellers financed Dewey from the start of his career as running mate of their agent, LaGuardia. on their left-wing Fusion ticket. He served them well, as has been related, in diverting attention from really important issues by his dramatic, pre-fabricated prosecution of the white slave and "numbers" rackets. Dewey campaigned on LaGuardia's left-wing platform and was completely in accord with his pose of radicalism and his subservience to the Rockefeller interests.

When he left the office of District Attorney of New York County and returned to private practice, Dewey was retained by several labor unions including the garment workers'. The platform on which he campaigned for the governorship of New York was distinctly leftist and appealed to the radical and subversive elements. He called to his side as advisers, the Labor Barons Dubinsky and Hochman.

As Governor, Dewey had his eye on the White House. He showed a lack of creative intelligence applied to the problems which confront the community and the nation; and was satisfied to court both his masters, the Rockefellers who largely financed his campaign, and the radical and labor elements who employed him and whose vote he seeks. He is a political agent, and not of the calibre of the statesman and leader that the nation and the world require. His election would insure the steady advancement of the schemes of the Dynasty and of the Rockefeller Empire for the establishment of dictatorship and monarchy. In his presidential campaign in 1944 Dewey merely offered the nation a more virtuous "New Deal" than that of Cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt. But the public were rightly sceptic when they saw the same Rockefeller-Labor Baron sponsorship of his and Roosevelt's nominations.

General Douglas McArthur is a capable general. But his rise to the position of Chief of Staff of the Array was not attained without a record of amenability to Dynastic and Imperial dictates and designs. As dictator of Japan his disciplinarian attitude has spelled success. To the radical elements, who have reviled him for his handling of their numbers in the Veterans' March on Washington during the Hoover regime, he has endeared himself by enabling them to foist their unions and their New Deal on Japan. From this it can be concluded that MacArthur would continue to favor the same elements, would continue the Dynasty and its allies in power and carry forward their plans for dictatorship. These are not the qualifications of an American President.

Senator Vandenberg principal advocate on the Republican side of the Senate of the Rockefeller Empire was dubbed by the Gridiron Club "vacillating Van". For years he staunchly opposed betraying the United States to further private interests in foreign lands and was therefore labelled "isolationist". But he could be depended upon to follow and implement the policy of the Empire. There was no vacillation from its dictates. After the Dunkirk deal, Vandenberg shifted overnight and became one of the most rabid internationalists and interventionists. Shifting from a position of opposition to all the frauds and inequities of the New Deal, he became one of its most dependable and staunch supporters. Obviously Vandenberg has but one principle and firm conviction—obedience to the dictates of the Imperial allies of the Dynasty.

Harold Stassen's metamorphosis is even more striking. He started off as a rabid left-winger, fellow-traveller and darling of the Reds. He was largely responsible for putting over on the nation through the Republican Party, the fraudulent candidacy of "One World", "Me Too' New Dealer, Wendell Willkie, as a fake opposition to F.D.R. He did so on behalf of his bosses and sponsors, the Rockefeller-Morgan-Dynastic interests. They are now supporting and financing him as a phony opponent of Truman. He is as completely their puppet as cousin Truman. They can not lose no matter which way the election goes. If elected he can be depended on to betray the nation once again to the interests of the Rockefeller Empire.

He closely followed the Communist party line and went went to Moscow to do obeisance and lick the boots of Joseph Stalin. He returned to the United States and suggested that the nation bow to Stalin as he himself had done. When Communism began to grow unpopular in the United States and the Communist Party line was to denounce Communism, Stassen proclaimed himself rabidly anti-Communist. By curious chance the shift coincided with the reversal of the policy of the Rockefeller Empire towards Russia.

A study of the list of contributors to the fund that has supported Stassen, and his family, through several years of campaigning for the presidential nomination reveals that they are identified with the banking interests closely associated with the Rockefeller-Morgan-Dynastic group including Reeve Schley, President of the Chase National Bank, the young Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, the Whitneys, and the millionaire pro-Communist, "Mission to Moscow" Joe Davis. Stassen is now the most open of the candidates in advocating the program of the Rockefeller Empire—immediate belligerency against Russia. Of all the presidential candidates, Stassen would probably prove to be the most pliant to the dangerously subversive Dynastic and Imperial interests, and the most destructive to human freedom and the security and independence of the United States.

The other Republican candidates that have been paraded before the public eye are of about equal quality and equally tools of the Dynastic and Rockefeller interests.

One of the most important of the Rockefeller agents in the Republican Party is its adviser on foreign affairs who so strongly dominates Vandenberg and Dewey, John Foster Dulles. Through his wife, Janet Pomeroy Avery, Dulles is related to the Rockefellers. He is a senior partner in the Wall Street legal firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, and Vice-President of the Association of the Bar of New York City, member of the New York State Banking Board, Chairman of the Bank of New York, and of the International Nickel Company. He is the liaison member between the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, of which he is Chairman, and the Rockefeller Foundation of which he is trustee. He was on the Peace Commission and the Supreme Economic Council of the World War I and United States Delegate to the San Francisco, London and New York United Nations Assemblies, and to the London and Moscow meetings of the Council of Foreign Ministers after World War II. He ably represents the Rockefeller Imperial interests as an agent of the United States. Closely associated with him is his fellow trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation, John J. McCloy of the Rockefeller law firm Milbank, Tweed, Hope, Hadley and McCloy. He is head of the International Bank that was set up in accord with the Bretton Woods plan to finance the foreign activities of the Rockefeller Empire at the expense of the American taxpayer.

On the Democratic side, the picture is even uglier with regard to President Truman. It has been mentioned that it is more than a mere coincidence that the name of the grand-daughter of Senator W. Aldrich, and John D. Jr's kinswoman, is Lucy Truman Aldrich. Truman's change of character since he entered the White House is well nigh that of the Jekyll and Hyde, split personality type. Whatever may have been his prior associations and activities, Truman was outstanding in the Senate for the courage that he manifested in fearlessly attacking and exposing corruption even in his own Party. He made himself feared as a power for good and respected for his Americanism.

As an occupant of the White House, Truman underwent a metamorphosis and a deterioration of character that would be unbelievable if not so manifest. Almost incredibly, despite the strength of character which he had previously manifested, he became a craven puppet of the very subversive and traitorous groups that previously he had fought with the utmost vigor. This indicates the tremendous pressure which the Dynasty and the Rockefeller Empire exert on a President.

The pressure on the President is materially enhanced in its effectiveness by the fact that the President of the United States is not paid sufficient to support his family; and meeting his expenses as Chief Executive is impossible on the salary that he is paid, unless he can draw on a private source of income—legitimate or illegitimate. Rather than face the disgrace of proclaiming his poverty, an incumbent is apt to prefer to accept loans, gifts or bribes. The donors of these advances generally manage to get what they want in the way of public favors. Two groups of citizens are now in the position to make such gifts without being severely penalized by the Treasury Department. One is the very wealthy especially those who derive tax-exempt income from outside the country. The others are the tax exempt Labor Barons, whose private tax on the American workers and industries runs into billions, and their allies, subversive propagandists. It is significant that the voices of these groups have been servilely heeded by the White House.

The Presidential salary of $75,000 is meagre pay today for the president of a second rate industrial concern. Many clowns and numerous showfolk earn several times that sum. When income taxes are deducted there is left less than $28,000, or less than $2500 a month. Such low pay for an office that makes so many costly demands, bars any honest but poor man from accepting the presidency, even if the opportunity should offer.

Wisdom dictates that the President of the United States should be paid a salary that is commensurate with the responsibility, dignity and expenses that go with that office, and that would put him in a position in which corruption and bribery would offer no temptation. The President of the United States should receive a minimum salary of $5,000,000 a year in the form of a tax exempt trust fund yielding him an annuity. This would place him on a par with the King of England and other chief executives. It would also provide a pension after leaving office that would reduce the temptation to seek repeated re-election, or to debase the presidency by undignified or sordid activities on leaving office. Until something of that nature is done, it is impossible for a poor man to be President of the United States and remain honest and American.

The most horrible possibilities of nomination on the Democratic ticket are the sons of Franklin Delano Roosevelt who are eagerly scrambling for it. That would mean the evils of the New Deal intensified to the nth degree; the openly corrupt offers made by the Democratic Party in the 1944 campaign to sell Presidential favors at $1000 per block would be regarded as virtue in comparison with what might then be expected. Nickerson's blueprint of electively attained hereditary monarchy would be an accomplished fact spelling the end to freedom and democracy. The U.S. would be irrevocably a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rockefeller Empire.

This brings to the fore the fact that if freedom is to survive in the United States control of nominations must be taken out of the hands of private cliques and parties and placed in the hands of the people. The betrayal of the nation by the Dynasty and the Rockefeller Empire has been accomplished by their control of the nominating machinery of all parties. This has reduced the right of franchise to the absurdity of choosing between two or more puppets of the same masters.

Campaigns for nomination and election must be financed in the future out of the public treasury. Every man who seeks to serve the public must be given an opportunity to offer himself and his program to the people. Unless that can be accomplished, dictatorship is inevitable.

World War III with Russia for which preparations are already under way, probably will not break out into open violence in the near future unless one of three things happens:

  1. Open attack on our occupation troops on a scale that cannot be ignored. Minor attacks and restrictions have occurred, but they are being ignored.
  2. A move by Russia threatening the Rockefeller Empire's Saudi Arabian oil fields. Such a move on the part of Russia before the completion of the pipeline and other developments would hardly be wisdom or good judgement on the part of the Communists. If they bide their time, they will get a completely developed oil empire. In the meantime Russia will collect direct and indirect bribes through the Marshall Plan and will continue to expand in zones which the Rockefeller Empire yielded her through Roosevelt at Yalta, Teheran and Casablanca through secret agreements.
  3. Revolutionary pressure and popular discontent within Russia may force her masters to go to war without regard to potential losses.

Ultimately Russia is forced by her ideology to either destroy all other forms of government or to be vanquished. That is the goal that her masters have set for her. The Rockefeller Empire, on the other hand, has set for itself an equally ambitious goal, when, as and if it can get the United States and other lands to fight their war.

They seek "One World", a Rockefeller-Standard Oil controlled world and Empire. Their propagandists shout that there can be no peace, they will allow no peace, until "One World" is theirs. They are as insistent as are the Soviets on this point. Since oil can be found in all parts of the world, a monopoly of oil is impossible without a complete and absolute control of the world.

This war can be averted in only one manner. An example must be given to the world of a surplus economy; an economy of plenty in which everyone will have all that he requires and is willing to work for; an economy which will give its people all the things that the Communists and other brands of Marxists pretend to secure but fail to do in practice. How this could be done within the framework of present law, as a full development of the economy envisaged and implied by the Constitution and by a truly American plan, will he pointed out in the last chapter.

The pretenses of "fighting Communism" by pouring billions of dollars of American taxpayers' money into Europe is absurd. Faith is not a matter of dollars and cents. On the contrary the very meaning of faith is a disregard of material advantage or the dictates of daily experiences. Those whose faith is Communism will no more change their faith for a dollar or for food, than those whose faith is Christianity. Some may pretend to change their faith in Communism for material advantage, but their conversion is more transient than the advantage gained. Such pretended changes in faith are part of the present day Communist party line. On the other hand a pretended increase of faith in Communism is the favorite device of foreign lands for grabbing important participation in the global handout of the Truman administration on behalf of the Rockefeller Empire.

A successful surplus economy would reduce Communism to absurdity. It would undermine the faith of Russia and the Communists in their Marxist scarcity economy that is a hopeless failure. Since Communism is virtually a religious faith with most of its adherents, only such destruction of their false faith would dispel their illusions, bring the world back to an even keel, and make wars useless.

War is an absolute necessity for the continued maintenance of our present scarcity economies and for the support of the scarcity monetary system, whether that economy be Communist, Socialist, Nazi, Fascist or the speculative or "Gold Standard" economy we call Capitalism. In any managed, or speculative, scarcity economy, surpluses of men and materials develop in spite of all efforts at suppression, because of the bounty of Nature and the vagary of its moods. War is essential to wipe out these surpluses of humans and materials, in order to reestablish scarcity—to maintain the sanctity of "management" in the role of deus ex machine..

Instead of attempting to solve the grave problems of scarcity economy that deprives a large segment of the nation and of the world of necessities of life and makes war essential, the Truman Administration is deliberately undertaking to intensify the situation. The objective is ruinous inflation, leading to national bankruptcy and dictatorship or monarchy.

No stone was left unturned by the Roosevelt Administration to bring about inflation. For the so-called "economists" saw in inflation the remedy for depression. Production and surplus were the dragons that the Agricultural Allotment plan, the NRA and the whole New Deal vigorously fought. The price of gold was raised from $20 to $35 an ounce. Restriction of production was designed to force inflation. Enormous Relief handouts, pensions. Allotment Plan payments to farmers and other wasteful expenditures coupled with heavy taxation were employed to stimulate inflation.

The Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank adopted an "easy money policy" and stimulated expansion of credit to bring about inflation. With the outbreak of the war, billions of "Lend-Lease" handouts to foreign lands and staggering military expenditures were coupled with a program of confiscatory taxation and steadily higher wage increases, to bring about inflation. During the war thin inflation was masked by price control which was a sham completely negated by the transfer of goods from regular market to the "black market".

At the end of the war the Administration was forced by public outcry to take cognizance of damage wrought by the inflation that it had brought on with full deliberation and intent. On various specious grounds, with tongue in cheek, the Government then applied to the process of "fighting inflation" the same measures that it had adopted in bringing it on. Since employment was at an all-time high there was little or no excuse for great Relief expenditures. Neverthless recent exposures in New York City have revealed that the Relief agencies were urged to pour out public funds. Prostitutes were subsidized as highly as $600 a month and housed in hotels by Relief agencies while they plied their trade. Criminals and wastrels were given aid amounting to more than honest men can earn. Since enormous expenditures could not be made on the pretense of "Relief", resort was taken to other methods of pouring out the wealth of the land. "Lend-Lease" was continued for years after the close of the war on a vast scale that cost billions. Much of it went to arm Russia. More American wealth and resources were poured out of the country into the laps of any taker with a foreign front, through relief agencies, the UNRRA, Export Bank loans, R.F.C. loans and an endless chain of devices topped by the Marshall Boodle Plan "to stop Communism".

Little of this money goes abroad. Most of the appropriations are drained out of the pockets of the taxpayers into those of the Dynastic and Imperial bankers. One glance at the glowing faces in the photographs of the Congressmen surrounding the President as he signs such an enormous "pork-barrel" bill as the Marshall Plan appropriation raises the question, "How much are they getting out of it, as a 'kick-back'?". They are too addicted to "pork-barrel" to be so happy handing out taxpayers' moneys without participation.

President Truman deliberately stepped out of line to advocate the C.I.O.-Communist Front program of repeated wage increases. Soldiers' bonuses were paid. Taxes were continued at an unconscionable level. Intensification of price control and harassment of legitimate enterprise forced ever more business into extortionate "black markets" that drove to sky-rocketing levels the prices that actually had to be paid for merchandise in contrast with the official fixed price at which no merchandise could be purchased.

Even to an imbecilic mentality, it should be obvious that all these pretended "measures for fighting inflation" are designed and intended to do the reverse—to force constantly greater inflation and a steady rise in price of the necessities of life. Taxes must be added to prices. The higher the taxes go, the higher prices must follow. The pretense of increasing taxes "to fight inflation by keeping money out of circulation", is the height of absurdity. For inflation is the increase in price of necessities of life, and only a plentiful supply of those commodities can keep prices low and prevent inflation. But commodities can not be plentiful if the Government agencies constantly purchase all available necessities of life for shipment overseas through various competing agencies. The Government is deliberately forcing to a higher level of inflation, the necessities of life by its constant purchase of all commodities in sight at ever higher prices; and by supporting the speculative markets whenever prices settle to lower levels. Likewise speculation by key government officials on the basis of inside information does not constitute "fighting inflation". The continuous restriction of production of necessities of life in the interests of maintained scarcity likewise constitutes deliberate forcing of inflation while pretending to "fight inflation".

What is the purpose of this thoroughly dishonest and malicious policy of the Government to bring about constantly higher inflation while pretending to fight it? Where will it lead?

The Truman Administration, like that of Roosevelt, is undertaking to follow the Lenin formula and force dictatorship through bankruptcy. By direct and indirect taxation it is taking between a third and a half of the nation's income. As the percentage rises higher, ever more persons will be forced into straightened circumstances and bankruptcy. Finally, when a sufficient number of taxpayers and a sufficiently large proportion of the productive capacity of the nation has been bankrupted, the government itself will be bankrupt. The nation will be faced with the alternative of seizing private wealth and industry, as was done by the Communists in Russia; or concentrating wealth directly in the hands of the ultra-wealthy whose fortunes will have escaped taxation through various loopholes written into the law, in which case the pattern will be that of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. In either case dictatorship will eventuate, as planned. The blight of wanton waste and of oppressive and confiscatory taxes is being depended upon to impoverish all but the Dynastic rulers and their allies. The Rockefeller Empire will then reign supreme.

To accomplish this ruin, the waste and destruction of another war may be needed, because of the great wealth of the nation. That war is in the making. And if military defeat is necessary to accomplish their purpose, the nation's malevolent rulers can be depended upon to traitorously engineer it. The U.S. will then have been sold into bondage to the largest, most ruthless and most hypocritic Empire that the world has ever known. For in all the process of engineering this sell-out, the wealth of the nation will have been drained off into the coffers of its behind-the-scene rulers.

The nation must demand a New Deal of its political parties and compel it. If necessary it must smash the monopolistic control of nominations. All the prostituted, chronic political candidates must be discarded. A true American who will not sell out his country, must be nominated and elected, if the U.S. is to remain free. Any honest American among our hundred and fifty million population will serve the purpose and make a better president than the stooges of the Dynasty and Rockefeller Empire. The U.S. must have a President who thinks and acts in terms of "America first, last and always" and who will not be afraid to be called an "isolationist" when that term is used synonymously with patriotism and protecting the interests of America.