Strange Death of Franklin Roosevelt - Emanuel Josephson

F.D.R.'s New Deal for the Masses
Social Security

The War, which Roosevelt and his Dynastic bosses had worked so systematically to bring about, offered the ideal approach to grooming of the United States and the world for dictatorship and monopoly. The regimentation of industry which the NRA had failed to attain, the war "emergency" made inevitable. Likewise political dictatorship under the Commander-in-Chief was unavoidable and regimentation of the nation within and without the armed forces was a "must."

The wartime regimentation of the nation avoided revealing the true purpose, fostering national and international trusts and monopolies of a private character and frank dictatorship. Such "trusts" had been and still were the pet hates of the Marxist, Communist and self-styled "liberal" elements. The error of the NRA and the first New Deal had been that its monopolistic purposes were too obvious to dissemble and that was an important cause for its failure. The conspirators now went to the opposite extreme of pretending to fight the very things that they intended to bring about. That was the truly Machiavellian cunning of the plan that so thoroughly deceived the public regarding purposes of the later Dynastic activities.

The first, peacetime New Deal had openly turned over the latchstring to the public purse to the Dynastic bankers, to Dynastic industrialists and to relatives. They were given the cream of the graft. To the rank and file of the nation, especially to poorer classes, it had thrown a sop in the pattern of the Gracchi and other demagogues of history, in the form of Relief, which was bribery for purchase of votes and a spoils system on a vaster and more corrupt scale than has been dreamed of or dared in all of human history. The mob was given the skimmed milk of the graft.

Historically there was nothing in Roosevelt's, or Bismarck's, New Deal that was not an integral part of the New Deal launched by the Gracchi in ancient Rome. There was nothing missing in FDR's program of the laws of Rome except one. In Rome the receipt of Relief was made a hereditary privilege for 500 years.

There was, however, an added wrinkle to FDR's appeal to the mob that was uncalled for in Rome's. He offered to restore prosperity by abolishing prohibition. It was soon found, as was expected by the more sober citizenry, that prosperity was thereby restored to the liquor industries and vendors only; and the balance of the community was richer only in glow—but poorer in purse. The Dynasty and its allies are heavily interested in the liquor industries. They grew richer. Their depression was relieved, as in all other instances where the Dynasty was involved. For the rest of the nation the depression rolled on unrelieved by the flow of liquor, except in spirits.

The unemployed were placed on Relief through the WPA, the PWA, and a host of alphabetic and constantly changing bureaucratic agencies which in their multiplicity and confusion justified numerous irregularities which were introduced by deliberate plan. The dole was openly designed to discourage people from working so as to hold down the production that would arise from greater employment. Relief agencies such as the WPA were frankly created and administered for the purpose of purchasing or extracting supporting votes from the recipients.

Politically influential reliefers got more in Relief than they had earned ever before in their lives; and they lived on the fat of the land. But the great minority received scarcely enough to hold body and soul together. They lived on the verge of starvation, seeing neither butter nor meat for week after week. Malnutrition among them rose to heights which had never before been seen in the history of the country.

In 1934, the author reported on the basis of school-children visiting New York Civ Board of Health eye clinics, most of whom were on Relief, that more than a sixth were suffering of malnutrition that was so severe that it seriously impaired their vision. The particular type of malnutrition involved was a deficiency of vitamin A which previously had been known to exist on so wide a scale only in poverty stricken China. Following the appearance of this report, the author's scientific publications were stopped by a rigid censorship, to prevent the facts becoming known. Two years later after temporary restoration of employment had resulted in improved diets and material improvement in nutrition, the Administration and social service agencies acknowledged the existence of the conditions which the author had described.

Workers under NRA were extended a minimum wage of $12 to $15 a week and kudoes were rendered to the "right of collective bargaining." They were also extended the fraud of "social security" and the claptrap of Bismarck's Made-in-Germany "New Deal." In return for payments deducted from their wages, certain classes of workers are offered first, a pittance of unemployment insurance which often did not equal the Relief dole; and second, a pension after reaching the age of sixty-five that is not enough to starve on respectably. It is made certain that the pensioners will starve, in the case of the average individual with no private income, by barring them from even those shabby "benefits" if they earn an adequate supplementary sum by continuing to work beyond pensionable age.

In return for the payments made, the worker has no legally secured rights. What rights may redound to him are subject to the constantly changing rules and regulations of the Social Security bureaucrats. The bureaucrats only interest is to provide social security for themselves in the form of jobs. Under the regulations which they set up from time to time, fewer and fewer workers are eligible for pensioning. Thus a man totally and permanently blinded to-day is entitled to neither a pension nor the return of his money unless he is sixty-five years of age and has worked and paid his assessments up to retirement. Since most blind folk can not get jobs, they are ineligible for benefits. The same is true of many folk over forty who in normal times can not secure employment Death benefits or return of money paid in are denied in an ever wider group of cases by bureaucratic rules that change from day to day.

An ever larger proportion of the contributors to the fund never receive any return—not even a refund of contributions. In the case of private insurance companies the courts have ruled that to fail to pay benefits due, or else, to return the premiums paid in, constitutes fraud. But government agencies including the Social Security Bureau may and do practice these frauds with impunity while the "liberal" political donkeys bray about workers' benefits, and the even more asinine electorate believe them.

The most stupid aspect of the humbug and fraud of "Social Security" is the fact that the money collected from the workers must be spent on current government expenses and only tokens of the liability for these funds in the form of government bonds are left in the S.S. treasury. Under our present scarcity-economy set-up, the failure to spend most of the Social Security funds immediately, would cause contraction of the currency volume; and that in turn would cause progressively deepening depression and increasing unemployment. Unemployment prior to retirement would bar the contributor from enjoying the benefits of Social Security unless the unemployed were placed on a dole and their security payments made for them out of the dole. The dole would have to be paid in part out of Social Security funds by the sale of Government bonds to the fund. As a consequence of the diminishing employment, however, the contributions to the Social Security fund would diminish, thus steadily reducing the amount available for purchase of bonds and payment of doles. The same progressive contraction would prevail in industry and the taxes derived therefrom. Eventually the Social Security fund, the government and industry would all be bankrupt. Therefore the Government must spend the Social Security funds as soon as it receives them.

But now that the Government has accepted its "duty" to spend all of the Social Security funds currently, to avoid paralyzing our scarcity-economy monetary system, other hydra-headed evil consequences appear.

First, the forced increased expenditures by the Government designed to put the money collected for Social Security, back into circulation, in order to avoid contraction of the currency volume and depression, results in inflation. Inflation causes a rise in cost of government and therefore a rise in taxes. Increased taxes means further inflation and higher prices. This inflation is aggravated and bankruptcy hastened by the necessity of currently raising taxes to raise money for repayment of the bonds placed in the Social Security vaults in order to provide for payment of pensions and for the interest on the bonds. Thus there is set into operation a vicious spiral of constant, uncontrolled inflation with eventual bankruptcy of the Nation.

The absurdity of the Social Security situation rises to the highest zenith when one stops to consider that the pensioners can find no security in either money or bonds; nor can they clothe or shelter themselves in them. Security rests only in having available for purchase necessities of life at all times. Droughts and other upsets make it necessary to produce always at maximum capacity, and to set up continuous reserves and surpluses to make sure that necessities of life at all times will be available. But reserves and surpluses, in our present speculative economic set-up spell a drop in prices, a loss of employment in production because of dropping out of marginal producers, and the wiping out of surpluses.

In short in a scarcity economy, such as our normal economy, the surpluses which insure security can not be attained. Under the New Deal economy that restricts production and plows under crops, the Administration is destroying the reserves that would have freed us of the necessity of hungering for food, clothing and housing (in the form of rationing). It destroys real security, while taxing the nation for pretended security.

The credits which are being set up in the Social Security books in Washington for the moneys taken from the workers present no security whatsoever. They offer only a mirage of security.

This fraud has been possible because the gullible and unthinking public, hear and believe what the politicians say, but are too dull to perceive that they do the very opposite.

The absurd inadequacy and undependability of the New Deal's Social Security program is vividly portrayed and attested by the fact that many powerful unions—including United Mine Workers, International Ladies' Garment Workers—have spurned its provisions. They have established pension and retirement systems that more closely approach adequacy and are less completely fraudulent, with funds raised as a private tax by assessments levied upon employers and industries.

When it had made its war official, the Dynasty carried on its skullduggery behind the front of real and pretended war needs, of sham "soak the rich" class warfare and of Bismarxian pro-laborism. That was labelled the second New Deal.

The needs of war offered a pretext for shamelessly betraying the security of the United States in favor of the interests of the far flung Rockefeller Empire. The story has been related of the Rockefeller-Standard-Oil I.G. Farbenindustrie conspiracy to deprive United States and the Allies of rubber which would have resulted in an Axis victory, had it not been exposed and checked. But this is only one of the conspiracies centering about essentials of war and peace which menace national prosperity and security.

Tin is one of the prime necessities of modern life. It is absolutely essential for national existence, defense and for war. Despite the fact that tin may be mined in many parts of the world including the United States, a British and Dutch cartel conspire to monopolize the tin industry of the world by suppressing its production elsewhere, with every device at their command and at the command of their governments. The tin which they produce, the Tin Cartel ration out at exorbitant prices to the countries of the world. They deliberately and systematically discourage or block the production of tin by corrupt machinations to prevent competition and hold prices at an exorbitant level.

The United States is particularly rich in tin. Production of tin was undertaken in the United States by the British tin interests when Cornwall tin ran low in the 1860's just before the alluvial Malay deposits came into production. It was mined by them in the State of South Dakota on property that now belongs to the Dakota Tin and Gold Company. From this property there was sent to England for refining, shiploads of high grade tin oxide (cassiterite) ore.

Shortly thereafter, the British discovered the commercial possibilities of alluvial ore in the Malay Peninsula, with its cheap labor. They undertook to discredit and paralyze competitive tin production for the purpose of maintaining their monopoly. In the United States they found ready allies in political circles. Boycott of American and other tin was required of industries whose products were admitted to the British and Dutch markets on a favorable basis. Support of the Tin Cartel was required of companies such as the Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests that sought to operate or produce in British or Dutch possessions.

The success of the operations of the Tin Cartel in maintaining a world scarcity of tin almost won the war for Germany and Japan. The stockpile of tin in the United States was so small that hearings for aviation engines had to be made with silver as a poor substitute for tin. Failure of these silver alloy bearings caused numerous crashes and deaths.

Some tin was made available for the United States by the Tin Cartel in partnership with the Rockefeller interests, from the Patino Bolivian tin mines. This tin ore is so highly impure that it is impossible to refine it by ordinary methods or to the ordinary grade of purity. The U.S. Government built for the Cartel-Rockefeller interests a special refinery in Texas for the refining of this ore at a cost of many million dollars; and it paid so high a price and bonus for the inferior Bolivian ore that Patino Mines stock earned more per year than the price of little over five dollars a share at which it sold at the start of the War.

Even under the stress of war, however, the U.S. government did whatever it could to discourage production of the higher grade American tin. Thus the Dakota Tin and Gold Company shipped one ton of high grade alluvial tin to the Metal Reserve Board, and was paid twenty-nine cents a pound. This was less than the actual cost of production at the time. But the payments made to Bolivia constitute a small fraction of the cost of their tin. Enemy submarine action made shipping dangerous and costly in money and lives. It also made the flow of imported supplies precarious. Shipping space had to be diverted to tin from other necessities. The Bolivian tin was therefore far more costly than the actual price paid.

Even if the government had subsidized the domestic production of tin to the extent of paying ten times the Bolivian price, it would have been worth-while in terms of national security and saving of lives. But high subsidy is not necessary. American tin, in such case as the Dakota Tin and Gold Company, could be produced at virtually no cost, as a by-product in the production of sodium feldspar, which is a valuable commercial product, if adequate financial support were given in starting production.

Either directly or through the SEC, the Government has barred the financing of American mining and tin production. British propaganda, supported by U.S. Government agencies, has persistently and falsely discredited American tin because it could readily supply all the needs of the United States at prices far lower than the Cartel's. The Rockefeller-Patino tin interests have been subsidized heavily by the New Deal. Overtures were made to Roosevelt, Wallace, the Army, the Navy and various New Deal officials to help the American tin industry get on its feet with RFC loans of the same type as was extended to Rockefeller Bolivian tin producers and refineries, to help it provide the tin that was so direly needed in our war effort, and the lack of which was costing many lives.

The Company was flatly rebuffed. American tin was not wanted, officers of the Company were told, even if lack of it meant loss of lives. The reasons stated were quite frank. Rockefeller's agent, Henry Wallace, stated that he wanted no competition with the British-Dutch tin cartel, or with the Rockefeller-Patino interests. Cordell Hull, who it was rumored had a sizeable investment in the British Tin Cartel stocks, vigorously opposed any encouragement of American tin production. On April 23, 1948 the International Tin Study Group conference, representing the Tin Cartel reported that there would be, according to their plans, a shortage of 20,000 to 40,000 tons of tin a year between 1948 and 1950 with no provision for stockpiling for war.

The desire of the Dynasty to leave the United States dependent upon foreign sources of tin, columbium, tantalum, and of other essential minerals and commodities, as in the case of rubber, clearly indicates that the safety and security of the United States means little to them. It appears to make clear that they care little if the United States wins or is defeated in war, so long as their own selfish purposes are served. It also indicates that they have a community of interests with enemy lands that would make them secure even in case of an enemy victory. And as a matter of fact, either complete exhaustion of the United States or its eventual military defeat, or both, seems to be regarded by them as almost a sine qua non for the destruction of democracy in the U.S.

It can be predicted with reasonable certainty that in event of war with the Soviets, the East Indies and probably also the Bolivian sources of tin will fall into Russia's hands at the very start of hostilities. Russia has been very busy buying up our sources of strategic minerals with "Lend Lease" funds supplied them from the U.S. Treasury by the Dynasty. The sham "soak the rich" program is improperly labelled. It is really a "soak certain rich" program. Its purpose is to maintain a monopoly of wealth by preventing any working man from becoming rich through his efforts. This is accomplished by imposition of progressively higher taxes on everything that a man makes by working. But the wealthy are protected in their wealth, and the speculative fraternity are fostered, by various loopholes in the tax law, and by the provisions of the capital gains tax. The wealthiest interests escape taxation by the United States completely by the provision of the law that exempts from taxes any money made by Americans in foreign lands. This has served to stimulate the flight of capital of the wealthy from the United States and to foster, with American funds, foreign competitive industry.

The Labor Baron agents of the Dynasty enjoy tax exemption that is conferred on the unions whose funds they control. Thus there is developed an ever tightening monopoly of wealth by the Dynasty. This monopoly is being tightened at the insistence of the Labor Barons, supposedly on behalf of the workers and as a part of their Marxist program.

The NRA function of wrecking industries that are not controlled by the conspirators was assigned to the 'Office of Price Control'. At the top of the OPA were put such men as advertising agent Chester Bowles, who posed as the white hope of the Communists but could be trusted by the Dynasty and the Rockefellers to protect their interests. The lesser offices of the OPA were deliberately filled with Communists and their sympathizers who were encouraged to run riot in their savage anti-capitalist "production for use and not for profit" fanaticism. They were left to vent their destructive mania on small property owners and the industries that the conspirators sought to destroy or suppress and take over into their monopolies.

The OPA Office of Rent Control offers an excellent illustration of the operation and consequences of the OPA. The personnel consisted of rabid Communists and crooked real estate brokers. All of them were absolute dictators. All of them, down to the lowliest clerk were a law-unto-themselves as far as concerns the landlord. From their maliciously destructive acts there is no appeal. The employed brokers worked in collusion with friends to depress the value of property which they wished to acquire at forced sale. They placed rentals at so low a level as to inflict losses on the owners, that compelled sales. The Communist employees had but one purpose—to foster Communism by disrupting and destroying production of housing and of every other necessity of life. By deliberately setting prices and rents so low as to inflict bankrupting losses they blocked production and provision of housing. They then blamed the havoc which they had wrought on Capitalism; and advanced more Communism as the only remedy.

The OPA and CIO revolutionary unionism, and their successors, have been the chief agencies of Communism and of the Dynasty's conspiracy for dictatorship and super-monopoly. Since the procedure of the OPA pretended to base rents on comparative values that had prevailed in years prior, comparison was a matter of judgement at best, and arbitrary, when at the worst. The landlord had no recourse. The landlord under their procedure is criminal suspect in advance and he has no recourse and no opportunity to defend himself against the falsest allegations. Under the law, the landlord was, and still is, robbed of his right of contract, is required to carry the whole cost and burden for the government of subsidizing low rents, while paying constantly rising taxes and operating expenses. In short, the landlord is faced with the confiscation of his property without any process, not in the interest of the nation but of private individuals. The entire situation is un-Constitutional and plainly dishonest. It is legitimatized thievery.

The housing shortage which now plagues the nation is a deliberately planned consequence of this rent control policy. Preservation of their jobs was almost as cogent a force in that policy, as are the desire to inflict damages on property holders and the other motives that have been mentioned. Employees of the OPA Office of Rent Control openly acknowledged that the permanence of their jobs depended upon creating and maintaining a housing shortage. They planned to force the creation of permanent housing administration which would take them over and make their jobs permanent. This they plan to accomplish through the Taft-Ellender-Wagner Housing Bill, which is designed to Communize ("nationalize") housing.

If the courts had not been so completely packed and corrupt, it would be possible for the landlords to recover from the Government the losses which it has inflicted on them. When the Government undertakes legitimately to subsidize, the burden must be borne by the taxpayer and the subsidies paid out of the Treasury. Landlords who have been forced to privately subsidize low rents have a legitimate claim on the Treasury for the losses inflicted on them that will be upheld by honest courts.

Complementing the OPA and price control in destroying competition and bolstering monopolies, rationing was extremely effective. Years of "New Deal" scarcity economy had stripped the nation of all commodity reserves and had reduced production of raw materials to a low ebb. This situation served to justify rationing of commodities. But in every instance the rationing was made to serve, as in the case of sugar, the monopolistic purposes of the Dynasty.

In the case of oil and petroleum products, however, rationing was completely unjustified. Various state and national agencies, such as the Railroad Commission in Texas, and voluntary pro-rationing agreements entered into by the industry, had served to reduce the U.S. oil production to a mere fraction of the potential production. The excuse offered for this procedure was the desire to conserve the life of the fields. But the real reason was that the Standard Oil and other major companies did not wish to pay the higher price for American oil when they could buy, or steal, Venezuelan or other oil for a mere fraction of the American price.

By the influx of foreign oil and restriction of oil production, before the OPA and by price control during the war, the price of oil was kept at so low a level that it did not pay the American producer to continue black oil and marginal production, or to seek new production.

The nation's distribution facilities up to the time of the war were geared to the importation of foreign oil by tankers. During the war a large proportion of the tankers were sunk by submarine warfare, but even that did not imply any real need for rationing of oil and gasoline during the war. For the number of cars on the road was so severely cut down by restriction of auto and tire production that there would have been ample fuel to go around, if the production and distribution of oil had not been disrupted deliberately.

As a result of rationing, numerous producers and distributors of gasoline and oil were forced out of business or were compelled to sell their businesses to the Standard Oil and other larger companies, most of them Rockefeller controlled, that could hold out. At the end of the war the monopoly of oil was tighter than ever. The artificial shortage of oil was maintained by the shipment to Russia and to the Rockefeller-Standard Oil development in Saudi Arabia and other foreign lands of most of the available equipment for production and distribution of oil. As a consequence the United States now freeze in winter because of lack of oil and other fuels, industries are paralyzed and must shut down at times, rationing is being brought back, and in case of war, a shortage of oil and gas may spell disaster and defeat. Russia when she seizes Saudi Arabia and Iran will have more oil than the United States thanks to the activities of the Rockefeller Empire. But the profits of the monopoly have become enormous because of the shortage.

The most amazingly ingenious and ingenuous sham incorporated by the Dynasty in its New Deal is its mechanism for regimenting labor under their own aegis through "labor leaders" and its use for establishing monopolies that are entirely within the law. Wagner's subservience to the Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests makes it clear that the Wagner Labor Relations Act is designed to serve their purposes. It epitomizes and points up the warfare of Labor on Capital in so truly a Bismarxian sense that Wagner has earned for himself the title of "America's Bismarck", a noble title for a pawn.

The Supreme Court decision wiping out the NRA was mock obeisance to public sentiment against monopolies in restraint of trade, through control of machinery, that has been built up through decades. With equal diligence there had been built up by Marxist agencies and pseudo "liberals" a sentiment in favor of union monopolies of labor. It required little astuteness to discern that industry could be monopolized even more completely by control of labor than by control of machinery.

The Roosevelt-Delano Dynasty, FDR and the New Deal, demanded through the National Labor Relations Board, of certain industries not controlled by them or their allies, that they turn over management, or share it with the Labor Barons of the unions involved. As a result Roosevelt was hailed as a "champion of Labor". This pose contrasts sharply with the harsh and ruthless attitude of the Dynasty towards the workers in the industries which they control.

A number of members of the Dynasty, including FDR, and his uncle Frederic A. Delano, shared ownership of the Graceton Coal Co. and of the Vintondale Colliery Co. which operates a mine at Vintondale, Cambria County, Pa. The production of the mines was sold through the Delano Coal Co. which drained off most of the earnings.

Launched about 1892, the Company built over 200 homes and employed about 400 men. The town was completely owned and rigidly controlled by the Company. Strangers could not enter town without the permission of the superintendent of the Company. Armed guards patrolled the town. Workers dared not discuss conditions in the mine with strangers. They were compelled to buy at the Company's store at high prices.

The Company persistently fought unionization with violence. In 1922, the UMW was enjoined by the Company from holding a meeting in town on property owned by the union. In 1933, after Roosevelt's inauguration and his adoption of a friendly policy towards labor unions, as a political device, the mine was organized by the UMW.

On March 18, 1940, the Vinton Collieries Co. shut down the mine, locked out the workers and left without paying them $40,000 in wages due them, after sneaking out 86 carloads of coal under a large guard.

The Company's store was shut down and its stock of food left to rot, while the workers and their families were left destitute and hungry. The Company refused to sell the food in its store to the workers. Eventually the miners were placed on Relief and they were furnished some items of food by the Federal Surplus Commodities Corp.

There is no record that Eleanor R. ever made one of her "welfare" visits to this mine, of the type that she made to the West Virginia mines, that were so widely publicized, or that she ever extended them any of her notorious "charity". Maybe it struck too close to home?

The fostering of labor unionism on a vast and unprecedented scale by the Dynasty and the Rockefeller Empire is completely understandable. By doing so they have completely regimented labor under their own control through their own appointed agents, provocateurs and dictators, more pleasantly labelled "labor leaders". This they have done through the Wagner Labor Relations Act and other "New Deal" labor legislation, which have robbed workers of their freedom and their right to work at a vocation of their own choice. This right the Dynasts have farmed out to the goons, racketeers, ward heelers and zealots, the "labor leaders" who are their vassal agents. They would be more correctly named "Labor Barons", for they serve in the same capacity as do barons in feudal states.

Under the franchise of the Wagner Act the Dynasty extended to the Labor Barons a series of so-called "rights" that flagrantly violate the rights that are supposedly guaranteed to the nation at large by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These special "rights" of the Labor Barons, that are equally enjoyed by the Dynasty include the following among others:

  1. The "right" to extort from vassal workers a private tax for the privilege of working.
  2. The "right" to dictate who may work, when he may work, and to virtually enslave the worker.
  3. The "right" to practice blackmail and extortion on all employers and industries, and to levy unlimited assessments on them.
  4. The "right" to wage unlimited class warfare on the rest of the community for their own special interests and to sabotage the nation at large.
  5. The "right" to mercilessly profiteer, to exploit communities and to deprive them of the very necessities of life, whenever it suits their purpose.
  6. The "right" to betray the country and to traitorously traffic with its enemies—as is instanced by the negotiations of John L. Lewis with Hitler, and the CIOPAC betrayal of our nation to Communism and Russia.
  7. The "right" to conspire to restrain trade.
  8. The "right" to disrupt industry and to destroy whole industries.
  9. The "right" to bring whole communities, and if they desire, the whole nation, to verge of starvation by strikes and sabotage.
  10. The "right" to throw out of work and deprive of a livelihood, employees of whole groups of industries whenever, however, and as often as they choose.
  11. The "right" to precipitate inflation, panic, depression and unemployment on as wide a scale as they choose.
  12. The "right" to destroy the Constitution and the government and to deliver the United States to foreign powers.
  13. The "right" to engineer staggering taxation on the community at large while they themselves are tax-free.
  14. The "right" to bribe and corrupt public officials, and to buy elections.

The Labor Barons and their henchmen—gangsters, goons, ex-convicts, convicts and intellectuals prostituted to them—have been extended these "rights" on the pretense of giving "protection", in the true gangster or baronial sense, to workers. The more moronic element believe that the unions provide the higher wages, the employment and the standard of living that now prevail. It requires only a very mediocre memory to reveal how false is this claim.

Labor unions rose to relatively as great power in World War I and its aftermath, as they now enjoy. They then did not prevent depression and unemployment, or provide for it. On the contrary, they forced wages during the post-war era to such extortionate heights, and restricted production so much, as to force collapse of commerce and industry and to price workers out of their jobs. They forced an inflation so high that the unions themselves called a buyer's strike against the purchase of the very merchandise produced at the higher wages.

With unions equally strong in the 30's and now, the difference in the situation accounts for higher employment at this time. Industry was prostrate in the 30's and could provide no employment. It is strong and prosperous now, and therefore provides jobs. Strong industry provides employment. Strong and arrogant unions weaken industry and destroy employment.

The Labor Barons deliberately collaborated with the Dynasty and precipitated the depression of the 30's. The objective of the right wing Labor Baron is to control or destroy; and many of them have gained control of industries in their domains. The objective of the left wing and subversive Labor Baron is to destroy the U.S. Government and to create an American Soviet over which he hopes to be Commissar.

To cover up their crimes, the Labor Barons have employed prostituted professors of economics and statisticians to throw dust in the eyes of the public and to falsely place the blame for the depression on capitalists and industry. The latter have been too stupidly disorganized to refute the false charges levelled against them.

What is more disastrous for the nation, is the fact that these "economists" who are prostituted to Labor Barons and most of them frankly Communists, have deluded the public into taking larger doses of the same quack medicine that killed the golden goose of prosperity in the 1920's—ever higher wages for ever less work. Their pretended purpose is "pump priming" and increasing the purchasing power of the workers. At a time when the United States and the world at large are crying for greater production of the necessities of life, they are imposing a shortening of the work-week and a restriction of production. This is clearly a part and parcel of their wrecking program of Communization of the United States through national bankruptcy. As might be expected, the result of their activities is a rapidly mounting inflation.

The Labor Barons and their Dynastic overlords could readily bring on another depression now, if they are not checked. That would be fatal to human freedom. Freedom would be lost to the Dynasty through the agency of the "managed economy"-Labor Baron clique, who use Communism as their bait. Depression as a step to revolution and overthrow of our government is the deliberate and avowed objective of the tactics of the labor movement, according to an article published by left-wing, Maxim Gorki Institute-trained, Victor Reuther of the UAW.

It is difficult to understand how anyone can be so stupid as to believe that the Labor Barons and their Dynastic patrons are serving the interests of the workers, or of the nation, by inflicting upon them the miseries and deprivations of inflation and depression; or that they are serving them by restricting production, by production and work rules, by feather-bedding, by conspiracy with specific employers or by numerous devices that they are free under the law to employ with impunity.

Are any Labor Barons so brazen as to openly assert that in preventing workers from getting homes, cars, refrigerators, and other necessities and luxuries, they are serving the interest of the workers? Have any of them the temerity to allege that they are protecting workers by pricing them out of jobs and forcing them into unemployment as they are doing in the movie industry, the housing industry, and many others, through ever increasing wage demands; or that they are protecting workers by chain strikes that keep hosts of workers unemployed for months on end, and wipe out their savings and impoverish them?

The record reveals the Labor Barons as the most ruthless exploiters and betrayers of workers, who spring into action and demand a cut of wages and profits when industry offers employment; then they expel the workers for non-payment of dues when employment is no longer available to them.

Pretendedly in the interests of the workers, the vassals of the Labor Barons, the Dynastic patrons extend the following so-called "rights":

  1. The "right to work"—when, as, and if the Labor Baron wishes them to work. As a corollary to the "right to work" there is claimed the "property right" in a job. This means in principle that when an employer gives a man a job, that man acquires a share in the business, which is tantamount to confiscation of the employer's property. This is one phase of the idea that has been incorporated into our law, to the effect that any man who gives employment to another man and provides him with a living, is an enemy of society, a criminal suspect who is guilty of any and every crime until he proves himself innocent; and that he must be hounded, harassed and penalized at every turn.
  2. The so-called "right to strike" consists of the right to violate the Constitutional rights of the others—the "right" to deprive the owner of the use of his property, the "right" to restrain trade, the "right" to use force and violence on the person and property of others, the "right" to assault, maim and murder, the "right" to deny others the "right to work" and earn a living, the "right" to endanger the health, safety, and lives of whole communities, and numerous other wrongs and crimes that when perpetrated by or under the direction of a Labor Baron are strangely converted, by a perversion of our laws, into "rights".
  3. The "right to strike" is neither used or intended primarily to benefit the worker. So-called organizational strikes, called by almost all Labor Barons annually under normal circumstances, are intended to assert the authority of Labor Barons over their vassal workers, to force them into line and to pay arrears in dues and special assessments including those levied for the strikes in question. They are primarily directed against the worker; and only secondarily against the employer and the community.
    Strikes are sources of revenue for the Labor Baron. They serve to dramatize him and put him before the public. In normal times strikes are the Labor Baron's chief function. The union member, or serf, loses wages during the period of strikes and can only be the loser. But the Labor Baron has asserted his authority and gained for himself notoriety and added income.
  4. The "right to collective bargaining" which means the "right" of coercion, blackmail, extortion and holdup of industry by the Dynastic politicians through their agents, the Labor Barons, in the pretended interest of the worker. These holdups of industry continue until high wages completely wipe out profits, shut down or bankrupt industry, and destroy employment. At the same time they force steady inflation. Ultimately they serve merely to impoverish the worker. Water can not be drawn from a stone, nor can wages be paid by industry that has no earnings for any length of time. These are the objectives sought by the Dynasty in their conspiracy to effect monopoly and dictatorship.

The dramatic effectiveness of the sponsorship of even the most Communist and subversive Labor Barons by the Dynasty and the Rockefeller Empire, is illustrated by the current developments in the New York City Transit situation. The success of the Rockefeller interests in getting New York City to bail them out of their transit investments through their subversive. Red agent, Fiorella LaGuardia, and their objective of increasing fares before they openly resume control of the companies has been related. Within one week after the prediction had been made, the fare on the subways of New York City had been doubled from a nickel to a dime by order of Rockefeller's hand-picked Mayor William O'Dwyer in a farcical performance that had all the elements of a Gilbert and Sullivan comedy, except the music.

From the start the New York City subway systems were ruthlessly looted by its financiers. Through dummy, exclusive purchasing agencies with a capitalization of a few thousands they drained off many millions of dollars. They paid themselves series of enormous dividends ranging up to 100%. They then unloaded the highly watered securities on the public, and after the panic of 1907, bought back the bonds for a mere fraction of their face value. With subway unification engineered by their agent, LaGuardia. they were repaid full face value on their bonds, giving the Rockefeller interests alone a profit of $150,000,000 at the expense of the taxpayers. In the meantime their own agents in the Transit Commission continued in control of the lines for the purpose of mismanaging them and creating a public outcry that would require improvement, extension and eventual reversion to private control.

A fare increase affected so many voters that politicians dared not advocate it. The five cent fare was a political shibboleth. Most vociferous in their opposition to an increased fare were the Communists, the Red American Labor Party and the left wing unions. To overcome their opposition, the control of the transit workers was turned over to the radical Transport Workers Union, CIO headed by the crimson City Councilman Michael J. Quill, its International President. Repeated strikes were called by the union that were settled by wage increases. In all of these strikes the union demanded wage increases without a rise in fares and the politicians all paid homage to the five cent fare.

Early in 1948, New York City was presented with a budget demand of more than one billion dollars. It superimposed on the grotesque corruption and waste of the LaGuardia regime the added figure of relatively modest Tammany graft. Subsequent events make it apparent that the budget was deliberately padded so as to threaten New York City with bankruptcy, as an excuse for the next fare move that was calculated to absolve all politicians involved, of any blame for the fare increase that was made to appear imperative. The Republicans at Albany refused to pass a bill increasing the fare outright, but did pass one permitting Mayor O'Dwyer and his City Council to increase the fare. Piously and with great ostentation, O'Dwryer protested that he had no intention of increasing the fare and passed the buck.

Very conveniently. City Councilman Michael J. Quill, of the Transport Workers Union called another strike demanding a wage increase. Mayor O'Dwyer played his act. He said that he forbade the strike; and that there could be no wage increase without a fare rise. Councilman Quill took the cue and issued an ultimatum on April 13, 1948 that his union would strike if the fares were not increased promptly.

Thus the responsibility for the fare increase was put squarely on the shoulders of the most troublesome of the opposition. The Rockefeller Empire won another victory through the agency of unions and Communists sponsored by them, and the politicians who fronted for it were left free to engage in other skullduggery.

The advantage of using unions to set up monopolies in restraint of trade has been demonstrated repeatedly. Thus Petrillo, the Czar of Music, suppressed television by interdicting the use of music, stopped phonograph recordings for months, suppressed popular music on the radio for a time, and systematically racketeers and levies a toll of protection money on every musical industry. The people of the nation are denied modern fireproof or prefabricated housing, and for the major part are denied any housing within their means, by conspiracies in restraint of trade by the building unions that are implemented by their overlord politicians through building codes. The nation is also denied food fresh from the farms at reasonable costs by a conspiracy engaged in by Teamsters' unions under the aegis of financial and political overlords. It has resulted in a constantly higher price in every populated section of the country on all foods and necessities of life. In the case of the Rockefeller-controlled Milk Trust, their Milkmen's Union has served as an excuse for repeatedly raising the price of milk to extortionate heights.

The Wagner Labor Relations Act and accessory labor legislation has imposed on the United States every phase of the destructive class warfare that Bismarck designed for the enslavement of labor and the disruption of the industry and defense of nations that Germany would have to defeat to attain a conquest of "Deutschland uber Alles". As in the case of every country that succumbed to Bismarck-propagandized Marxism this subversion was accomplished by agents subsidized by the very people who were to be victimized by it. In the United States the sponsor of the key legislation was a kin of the very man who had formulated the plan for Bismarck, Adolph Wagner; and the principal subsidizer was John D. Rockefeller, a descendant of a Hessian, who aspired to outdo Bismarck in the conquest of the world.

Through the Wagner Act there finally has been brought about in the United States the beginnings of a true feudal state masked by the trappings of democracy. The blueprint of Nickerson has been outdone. Both labor and the bulk of the rank and file of the populace have been reduced to serfdom by Labor Barons and their Dynastic masters. This serfdom is ironically labelled "Labor's Gains".

When all is said and done, the greatest boon that the Dynasty offered the American people through Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the opportunity to shed their blood and dissipate their wealth for its private purposes and for world-wide extension of the Rockefeller Empire and its oil reserves.