Strange Death of Franklin Roosevelt - Emanuel Josephson

Made in Germany: Marxism, Communism, Nazism, New Dealism

Two outstanding developments over-shadowed the events of the first half of the twentieth century. The first was the dissemination of Marxism. The second was the phenomenal rise of the Rockefeller Empire, the greatest the world has even known. The two developments became closely connected and interwoven.

The point of origin of Marxism was Germany. Karl Marx was the son of Heinrich Marx whose correct name before it was "Aryanized" was Hirschel Levy, the son of Rabbi Marx Levy of Trier. His mother was a Polish Jewess derived from a family of rabbis, including Rabbis Meir Katzenellenbogen of Padua, Joseph Ben Gerson ha-Cohen and Joshua Heschel Lvov. His elder brother, Karl's uncle was also a rabbi.

In order to retain his post as counsellor in the Trier court, when the Rhineland was taken over by Germany, Heinrich Marx (nee Hirschel Levy) was baptized in 1817, one year before Karl was born. He retained his court job and advanced to the position of Justizrat and a leader of the Moderate Constitutional party in Trier. Karl's Hungarian Jewish mother, Henriette did not become baptized until after the death of her parents in 1825. Karl and his brothers and sisters were baptized in the National Evangelical Church (Protestant) on August 24, 1824, when Karl was a little over six years old.

Karl Marx suffered from an acute inferiority complex regarding his Jewish origin. He never could bring himself to realize that those about him regarded him with questioning, if not contempt, because he pretended to be something he was not. He held the Jews responsible for his state. His paranoia and inferiority complex were compensated by an intense hatred of the Jews. This found expression in the first works he wrote for publication. In the Deutsch-Franzosische Jahrbuch of 1844 he wrote in a review entitle "Zur Judenfrage" ("On the Jewish Question") the following:

"What is the basis of Judaism? Selfishness and greed.

"What is their faith? Swindling.

"Who is their God? Money.

"There can be no solution of the problems of the world without the destruction of the Jews and their religion (Judenthum)."

In 1875 he wrote: "The Hebrew faith is repellent to me".

Thus Karl Marx, a neo-Lutheran, became one of the fathers of Nazism, acknowledged by Hitler and his crew. At college, as a phase of compensation for his paranoid inferiority complex, Marx paraded as a Christian and undertook an intensive study of Canonical or Church Law. Thus he wrote to his father from Berlin on November 10, 1837:

"I confined myself to positive studies . . . some of Gauterbach's books . . . especially on ecclesiastical law."

In the Canonical Law he found sections which interpret profits in commercial transactions as usury and a cardinal sin. That meant that the Church law demanded "production for use and not for profit".

This left open only three legitimate vocations: one was to join the Church orders; the second was to labor; and the third was to assume the role of the baron who preyed on the laborers on the pretense of protecting them, as do the modern Labor Barons and their gangster henchmen, and to live by physical force or violence. This was Medievalism. The church later abandoned this doctrine except within its own orders, because it was found unsound and dangerous. It was largely responsible for the breakdown of civilization, law and order in the Middle Ages, and for the enslavement of mankind. It threw Europe into a reign of terror that lasted more than a thousand years.

But Karl Marx was not merely anti-Jewish, he was anti-religious and especially anti-Catholic. He wrote that he classed Christianity as a Jewish religion. In this respect his ideas coincided with those of Bismarck, whose anti-Catholic activities have been recalled by the Pope recently as the origin of Nazi activities in Poland. Marx attacked religion as an opiate for the masses. But he stole the doctrine, "to produce for profit is a cardinal sin", which the Church abandoned because it was proved false, and made it the basis of his new religion, Marxism or Communazism.

Marx's hatred, like that of his followers, the Nazis, extended to all non-Germanic peoples, even those that supported his movement. He disparaged the Negro and held the Russian revolutionaries in contempt.

Labor, Marx hated whole-heartedly, and he despised the individual worker. When he married he sought out a noblewoman, Jennie von Westphalen. When one of his daughters wished to marry a worker, he forbade it and ordered her to marry a bourgeois capitalist.

Karl came from an affluent bourgeois family and never did a day of labor in his life. The loss of the fortune which his father left him, as a result of his incompetence, bred him a paranoiac hatred of all who possessed property, the "Capitalists", because he regarded them as responsible for the loss of his fortune. This aligned him as a bitter supporter of the "have nots", not because he loved Labor but because he hated "the Capitalist" more.

His neurotic, paranoid character and overwhelming sense of inferiority gave rise in Marx to a compensatory illusion of superiority that insisted upon autocratic and absolute dominion and to violent suspicions that were the origin of the "purge" complex, that characterizes all his followers. Karl's sisters related that even as a boy, he was a fearful tyrant. He drove girls downhill at full gallop and compelled them to eat the cakes he made with his dirty hands out of filthy dough. His schoolmates feared him because of the satirical verses and lampoons he hurled at his enemies.

Utterly lacking in originality or capacity for lucid thinking, Marx showed faith in his concept of distribution of wealth only by plagiarizing the fallacious ideas of others. Foremost among the fallacies which he borrowed was the so-called "Law of Supply and Demand". In its converse form—"it is primarily scarcity that gives value"—he undertook to justify ethically its application to human beings and their labor. That became the basic idea underlying labor unionism.

But unionism is only a half way measure in carrying out the idea of maintaining a scarcity of human beings and their labor. The full and boldly carried program for creating a shortage of human beings is concentration camps and wholesale murder. Hitler alone carried out Karl Marx's precepts completely and to their logical conclusion. In this as in applying his anti-Semitism, Hitler was Marx's most faithful disciple. In faithfully following Hitler's footsteps, Stalin and his Communist cohorts are carrying out Marx's precepts.

Quite as fallacious was Marx's reasoning in justifying his German patriotism. As a defense against the Prussian attitude that Jews were aliens, Karl Marx developed an intense German Nationalism. Among the first words that he wrote were:

"The emancipation of the German is the emancipation of Man".

His sham pacifism and internationalism vanished with the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War, and was replaced by a martial enthusiasm and anxiety for a German victory. Expert at self-deception by dialectics, he justified his attitude in a letter to Engels as follows: "The German working class is superior to the French from the viewpoint of organization and theory."

In a victory of Germany he pretended to discern a victory of the German working class, and most important, of his theories. Dialectics alone can match these views; or his advocacy of class hatreds and warfare, which in final analysis is the worst form of civil war, with his pretended internationalism and quest for common welfare.

But even more obvious is Marx's deception in offering his Communist program as an improvement on human freedom. For Communism necessarily means total loss of freedom, virtual or actual slavery. Under Communism, the government and the people who control it, own everything and everyone. They dictate all conditions of life, including wage and employment. Without freedom to earn a living, all other freedoms are meaningless. Only a dialectician trained to reason away the obvious and the truth can fail to realize that state ownership of the machinery of production also implies irresponsible ownership and neglect. For what belongs to everyone belongs to no one; and it is neglected by everyone, for a reason that is axiomatic and is clearly demonstrated by a psychological experiment on rats.

Three rats were placed in a cage that was provided with three levers which released food to them from an overhead trap. The rats rapidly learned to press on the levers and catch the food. More complex conditions were then introduced into this rat society. The levers were placed on the opposite side of the cage distant from the traps that released the food. Only one of the rats had sufficient intelligence to associate pressure on the lever with the distant release of food, and initiative and energy to do it. But this was of little avail to him. For the stupid and slothful rats learned to grab the food released by their ambitious colleague. Though he worked unremittingly he seldom managed to get the food which he released and died of starvation. Later the others died.

Most humans are like the stupid, slothful rats. For that reason Socialism, Communism and state ownership of machinery of production are doomed to failure. Eventually they degenerate into a dictatorship of the most forceful and most ruthless member of the community; for in final analysis the rule of the abstraction, the State, is the rule of the individual. The more absolute the power of the State, the more autocratic is the rule of that individual. Thus the Communist or Socialist State is inevitably a dictatorship. By its virtue, the dictator is owner of everything and everybody he surveys—he is a perfect feudal lord. Such over-centralization of power naturally implies the end of efficiency and initiative and the disruption or destruction of industry, commerce and social organization. For the rank and file it implies wretched slavery.

Within less than a century after mankind had attained its first legal formulation of the concepts of freedom, in the Constitution of the United States, Karl Marx undertook to lead them back to enslavement as vassals of fascistic Labor Barons and Communazi leaders. It is the very purpose of Marxism and Communism to destroy human freedom and make men the tools of an absolute dictatorship.