Rockefeller Internationalist - Emanuel Josephson

Good Government for American 'Peasants' —
Rockefeller, Kefauver & Rackets

The flagrant and wholesale law-breaking involved in the building up of the Standard Oil Co. necessarily required powerful political protection and control. Long before the beginning of the twentieth century, Rockefeller had established control of the local political machines in the oil districts, in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Especially helpful as agents or as lobbyists were the following:

  • Senator Boies Penrose, of Pennsylvania, who on his death in the early 1930's left a cache of over $10,000,000 in gold bars in his vault. He was particularly helpful in influencing the report of the Congressional Industrial Commission appointed to investigate trusts, especially the Standard Oil Co., the "Oil Trust."
  • Senator Matthew S. Quay, of Pennsylvania.
  • Congressman Joseph C. Sibley, of Pennsylvania, who was labelled by the press, "Archhold's (Standard Oil Co's) jackal"; who gained his seat in Congress with Standard Oil Co. funds and support; and who was their frank lobbyist in Congress.
  • Senator Mark Hanna, of Ohio, political boss, who won his seat in the Senate with Standard Oil Co. support.
  • Senator Joseph Benson Foraker, former Governor of Ohio, who served the Standard Oil Co. as attorney and legislative agent, acting for bribes.
  • Senator Nelson W. Aldrich, of Rhode Island, who was brought into the Rockefeller tribe by the marriage of John D. Rockefeller Jr. to Abby Greene Aldrich; the latter brought into the cold, calculating and ruthless Rockefeller tribe the hard, parsimonious Greene and Aldrich blood strains, noted for "thrift" in a super-thrifty New England. Aldrich and Hanna were bosses of the Senate and served the Rockefeller interests loyally and well. Aldrich introduced in the Senate a bill to charter the Rockefeller Foundation that later failed to pass the House.
  • President William McKinley, of Ohio, was a Rockefeller-Hanna creature, representing the emergence of the Rockefeller political domination in the national field.

Since then every presidential nominee of every party with the exception of Theodore Roosevelt has been a Rockefeller puppet. Roosevelt resented the Rockefeller influence that had given the nomination to McKinley, which he demanded for himself but was forced to waive in return for the vice-presidential nomination. It is notable that McKinley did not live to enjoy his office long, but was mysteriously assassinated by a victim of mental disease, who was highly suggestible and a pliant tool. Roosevelt's antagonism toward the Rockefellers and subservience to the Morgan interests, however, did not stop him from seeking an increase in the $125,000 contributed by the former to his 1904 campaign.

The list of public officers on the Rockefeller Standard Oil payroll is too long to detail. The nation was given the picture of their wholesale corruption of public officials by the Clapp Committee investigation. This investigation, plus seven Federal and six state indictments and suits against the Standard Oil and its subsidiaries, plus public reaction to the South Improvement Co. affair and other exposures forced the Rockefellers to migrate once again, from Cleveland to New York. Undoubtedly they served to impress on Rockefeller that mere bribery of public officials was not sufficient and was unsatisfactory in its results. It was the decree handed down by Judge Kenesaw Landis, ordering the dissolution of the Standard Oil Co. and imposing on it a fine of $29,000,000, that served to convince the Rockefeller interests that they could carry out their plans only if they completely controlled the Government in Washington, as well as the local governments. It was then that government control through propaganda, or thought control, under the cover of "educational endowments", and manipulation of the government through the medium of super-lobbies parading as "philanthropic" foundations came into consideration.

At the same time, by various devices, the Rockefellers extended their political control of local governments in all sections of the country. This was engineered through one of the phoney Rockefeller "philanthropies," the Municipal Research Bureau, set up for the ostensible purpose of guiding the "improvement" of local governments. "Improvement", like "internationalism", in Rockefeller parlance means invariably Rockefeller control domination and advantage—the more complete the advantage the greater the "improvement". The Municipal Research Bureau was later masked, to hide the identity of its Rockefeller control, by the adoption of an alias by which it is now known, the Institute of Public Administration. It is now located in New York City at 684 Park Avenue.

The methods and devices used by the Rockefellers in taking over control of a community is well illustrated by the experience of New York City. The Standard Oil Co. began its efforts to dominate New York City politics by the corruption of public officials in 1879. In that year several officials of the company were indicted by a Grand Jury in New York County. The indictment was quashed by New York City Corporation Counsel, William C. Whitney. Whitney rebuked the District Attorney for permitting the Grand Jury to bring in the indictment.

The Rockefellers were quick to realize the enormous profit possibilities of the highly concentrated, rapidly growing population of the New York area. With the Ryans and the Bradys, operating in the market through Bernard Baruch, they bought control of the local utilities and all essential facilities. They control the Consolidated Edison Co. that has a monopoly in the supply of gas and electricity to several boroughs of Greater New York, and Brooklyn Union Gas Co., among others.

The transit facilities of New York City were brought under their control through domination of the Manhattan Elevated R.R. Co., the Brooklyn Manhattan Transit Corp. and the Interborough Rapid Transit Co. They looted these roads, that have the greatest passenger density of any roads in the world and managed to pay enormous dividends on a five cent fare, to the point of bankruptcy. Then they engineered the scheme, through their Fusion puppet, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, to have the city's taxpayers take over, at their par value, the well nigh worthless securities of the rooked roads, in exchange for New York City bonds. They labelled this steal "unification".

Through the Transit Commission, which they dominate, they still retain control of the unified lines, with the objective of expansion, fare increase, and deliberate mismanagement until the public will be compelled to demand the return of the lines, that have been greatly extended at the expense of the taxpayers, to their private management.

Within five years after unification, the rolling stock of the lines, even the newly purchased cars, show obvious signs of deterioration, rust and flaking paint. Overcrowding is worse than ever. Treatment of the passengers has become constantly more brutal to the point of actual murder. The safety devices on the doors of the cars that protected passengers from being caught in the doors and dragged by the trains, were removed by order of the Transit Commission and the Mayor, "in the interest of efficiency". Since then five passengers have been killed by being caught in closed train doors and dragged; and numerous passengers are injured in varying degrees in this manner. Life has little value to bureaucrats and dictators. With the cooperation of dominated labor unions, demanding constant increase in wages for ever less work, the fares have been increased from five cents to ten cents. But the roads are being looted more mercilessly than ever, under their management, and are showing a constantly increasing deficit. At this time a fifteen cent fare is under consideration, and there is no end in sight.

They control most of the important banks of New York, including the Chase National Bank, the National City Bank, Central Hanover Bank & Trust Co., New York Trust Co., J. Henry Schroeder Banking Corp., Manufacturers Trust Co. and others, to the extent that they practically completely control the Federal Reserve System. Through their holdings in the Borden Co. and National Dairy Products Co., that comprise what Henry Wallace labelled the Milk Trust, they control the milk supply of the city; and, through their control of city politics and the Health Department, they have raised the minimal price of milk from 6c a quart to over 20c a quart during a period of two decades. They are dominant or controlling factors in the railroads that enter New York City, and also in many other key enterprises essential for the life of the city. Every citizen in the metropolitan area pays them heavy tribute every day of his life.

Henry H. Klein, who was First Deputy Commissioner of Accounts of New York City under the Hylan administration, reported in his Rockefeller Or God as follows:

"The Rockefellers have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to campaign funds in New York City during the past twenty-five years. They virtually financed the campaign of John Purroy Mitchell for mayor in 1913, and have led in financing political campaigns since. . . .

"Rockefeller guaranteed Billy Sunday three hundred thousand dollars for his so-called religious revival in New York City in 1917, where John D. Jr. was trying to re-elect John Purroy Mitchell mayor, but Billy's eloquence failed to achieve this result though he collected more than three hundred thousand dollars from those who attended his revival meetings. Ivy Lee was his press agent, . . .

"Rockefeller cash has been used in local district primary fights to defeat or elect district leaders. . .

"In 1937 the Rockefellers were behind all the mayoralty candidates, their Consolidated Edison Co. being behind Senator Copeland, and their B.M.T. and I.R.T. being behind Whalen and Mahoney, in the Democratic primary fight against Copeland. They stood to gain no matter who won the primaries or the election. It is doubtful if any candidates can be elected to high public office hereafter, without Rockefeller support, unless it be on an out and out anti-Rockefeller issue. Besides controlling political bosses, they control virtually all channels of publicity, including newspapers, magazines, movies, radios, and they finance most so-called civic, social service and 'reform' organizations in the city. In addition to this, they support and finance influential politicians by contracts through various corporations, and most so-called 'leading citizens' are on the Rockefeller payroll as attorneys, insurance agents or in some other capacity.

"They tried to elect LaGuardia mayor in 1929. . . and they contributed heavily in 1933 and 1937 to elect and re-elect LaGuardia . . . the Rockefellers contributed heavily to elect Thomas E. Dewey District Attorney in 1937 . . .

"The same sort of influence is exercised by the Rockefellers in most large cities and in most states, and many congressmen, senators and others in high public office are undoubtedly favored by them or their corporations, in business."

Operating through various "civic", "reform" and "fusion" organizations, often set up and largely financed by themselves, the Rockefellers and their publicity men and propagandists lobby and create a semblance of public support for their own enterprises. In order to give themselves a larger measure of direct control of the local governments, they have made it a practise to "amend", or rewrite the local basic law, as they have the Constitution of the U.S. Thus they have given New York City and the States of New Jersey and New York new charters, and are now in the process of doing the same in Connecticut. This is done under the cloak of an artificially engineered "popular demand", naturally in the interest of "good government" and "economy". The economies are chiefly or entirely for the Rockefellers and their interests; and the governments that they engineer are "good" only for them and their radical henchmen of the "social science" crowd. Their "new social order" turns out to be the same corrupt old order, infinitely intensified, with themselves as masters.

A favorite device of the "new social order" in frustrating the will of the people and gaining control for their crew, is "proportional representation". By trickery such as "bullet voting," it is possible for an infinitesimal minority to secure disproportionately high representation. This favorite device of theirs was written into the New York City Charter. It resulted in giving the Communist Party numerous scats on the City Council which its small minority of voters could not have gained otherwise. The cost of this betrayal of the citizenry was enormous, in both time and money. It was abandoned because of unwieldiness after endless, unheeded public protests.

The new Charter and Rockefeller control have made New York City virtually insolvent. Within less than a decade the City budget of five hundred million dollars, which was assailed by the Rockefeller "reformers" as padded and corrupt, was almost tripled. Tax rates have risen steadily and the caliber of services received by the citizens in return, such as snow removal, street cleaning, hospitalization, schools and others, has steadily deteriorated under the Rockefeller-La Guardia "reform" Fusion administration and its Rockefeller-controlled successors. Payrolls have been padded outrageously and an endless array of drones has been planted on it.

Thus, the Health Department of New York City has little or no reason for a separate existence. Most of the services that it is supposed to render are merely an inefficient duplication of services that could be efficiently rendered by the Hospital Department, with which it jealously competes. Such services are the treatment of venereal diseases, which not infrequently requires hospitalization for the safety of the patient and his contacts and for which the Health Department has no facilities.

Nevertheless, under Rockefeller-dictated and controlled Health Commissioners, the facilities of the Health Department have been tremendously increased by the building of a score of so-called Health Centers which must go out and drag in victims in order to discharge their inefficient duplicate services. They are empty and idle nine-tenths of the time. The Hospital Department, on the other hand, is terrifically overcrowded and has patients suffering from serious diseases swarming in its often verminous wards and corridors under conditions that jeopardize their lives. It is constantly faced with a crying need for enlargement of its facilities that could be materially increased by the space and funds wasted on the idle Health Centers.

But the Health Department serves the Rockefellers and allied interests commercially. The Health Commissioner controls the milk business of the city and dictates the terms under which it is carried on. Rockefeller's Milk Trust seeks and is steadily attaining a monopoly of the milk business in our cities, through its Borden Co. and National Dairy Products Co. Therefore, the appointment of Health Commissioners is dictated by the Rockefellers and they are generally employees or former employees of their fake philanthropies. The low or moderately paid and experienced civil-service medical employees who had been with the Health Department for years were dismissed. They were replaced in the majority of instances by utterly inexperienced, freshly graduated physicians, and often by laymen, from the payroll of the various Rockefeller "philanthropies" who are dependent on the Rockefellers for their livelihoods and futures, and can be depended on by the Rockefellers to do their bidding, no matter what it be. Their essential qualification is adherence to Marxist "social science". This replacement was accomplished by the favorite trick of the Rockefeller interests that they snidely call "reorganization".

These "reorganizations" are usually made to serve the interests of the Rockefeller-Soviet Axis. This is illustrated by the case of Dr. Leona Baumgartner, a "liberal" Rockefeller pawn, recipient of a Rockefeller Research Fellowship. When she had been graduated from medical school only five years and was practically inexperienced, she was imported in violation of municipal residence laws by the Rockefeller interests to take over the post of Director of Child Hygiene in their "reorganization" of the Health Department. She replaced one of the most widely experienced and illustrious men in the field, who did not happen to be a Rockefeller pawn or a Communist.

Following her advent the Department abandoned tried rules regarding the isolation of victims of measles that had previously been in force to prevent the development of epidemics of the disease among schoolchildren and the danger to their health that it implied. The real motive underlying this abandonment was the effect that quarantine had on school attendance and the reduction of moneys allowed by the State of New York to the City of New York for the "educational system" on the basis of attendance. Less value was placed on the health and lives of the schoolchildren than on the funds for "education". The result has been annual epidemics of measles with a proportionate number of deaths and unrecorded injuries deliberately inflicted by the conspirators on tens of thousands of children. For them, the money was more important than the health and lives of the children. It is characteristic of the "liberals" in all their activities that they put little value on the lives of others.

It soon became apparent that Dr. Baumgartner was bent upon rendering an important service to her sponsors. Under the pretense of interest in the health of preschool children, Dr. Baumgartner's division usurped control of the educational program of the play schools and kindergartens, which it undertook to direct into channels approved by the Communist Party and so-called "liberals"; it also undertook to dictate the selection of "approved" teaching personnel—a usurpation of the power of the Board of Education. Schools which failed to comply were put out of business for supposed violation of constantly changed Health Department regulations. Finally the Packard School courageously challenged the conspirators. It took the case to the courts, which ruled that the activities of Dr. Leona Baumgartner's department were illegal and enjoined them.

Dr. Leona Baumgartner was promoted for her service to the cause. She is constantly being built up in the press by her bosses with the objective of advancing her to the post of their Health Commissioner and further. Thus the New York Times of September 5, 1951, gives big headlines to some psychoanalytic buncombe of Dr. Baumgartner's that was part of a talk delivered to 250 overworked and miserably underpaid Health Department physicians who are required to "examine" millions of school-children in the course of each year at the rate of one every several minutes. Dr. Baumgartner's exhortation to these drudges, that they "stress aid to emotionally disturbed children", was obvious humbug intended solely to make the headlines and dupe the "peasants", and for her own glorification in their eyes.

The "reorganized" Health Department, thus has become completely prostituted to the Rockefeller commercial interests. It advertises their brand of milk and urges the sucker public, the "peasants", to consume ever more and thus make even higher profits for the Rockefeller Milk Trust. Some of the Health Centers actually sell their milk. Most of it is "homogenized", synthetic and adulterated, of a grade that a conscientious health commissioner would bar from consumption. It bears little resemblance to the real article. When it is allowed to stand, it does not sour like real milk, but becomes putrid. Even if it were real, pure milk, it would not be the "perfect food" that the Department and its Commissioner dishonestly represent it to be in order to stimulate greater consumption and more business and profits for the Milk Trust. To avoid any damage to the business of their milk companies, the Rockefeller-prostituted Health Commissioners no longer warn the public when the consumption of milk is dangerous because pollution with streptococci or with Bang bacilli are causing epidemics of septic sore throat and brucellosis. When the life of others is weighed in the balance against Milk Trust profits, it is the profits that win out.

Even the really essential function of the Health Department, vital statistics, is administered in such manner as to swindle the sucker public. The Health Centers serve as sales agencies for "industrial" insurance policies that are sold by such companies as Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., Prudential and others at exorbitant rates. These policies have been declared by some courts to be fraudulent because of devices included in them to permit the company to evade payment of benefits. By "fixing" vital statistics and by releasing "confidential" information which the unscrupulous, Rockefeller-dominated health officers now require of physicians in connection with death certificates, the Health Department aids the insurance companies in evading payments to the "beneficiaries" of its policies. Needless to say, the Rockefeller interests control the large, key insurance companies and use the policyholders' monies to finance the expansion of the "Empire".

Thirty years ago, the Health Department included in its scope a large part of the activities of the Hospital Department and the present Department of Sanitation. Now its largely useless activities comprise less than ten percent of its former functions. But the cost of operation of the Health Department is more than three times what it was thirty years ago. This means that for its present Rockefeller-dictated, racketeering functions, Health Department costs have increased approximately thirty times.

The same arrant wanton waste and disregard of public interest characterize every branch of New York City's government under the Rockefeller "reorganized" and "reformed" government. Under corrupt Tammany rule, the Department of Sanitation kept the streets clean and promptly removed the snow as it fell. Now, though the Department costs the taxpayer many times what it did under Tammany, the streets are dirty and snow is allowed to remain in the roadways to form icy sheets, until it melts. Under Tammany, respectable citizens were afforded some measure of police protection and crimes were recorded even if some were not solved. Now, the Police Department is too busy divvying up loot and collecting "ice", or protection money, from gamblers and criminals; guarding racketeering unioneers and pickets; playing nurse maid to the mobs at the fights and ball parks; wooing votes for the politicians in parades; and acting as royal guards for guests of the Rockefeller Empire from abroad and lining miles of streets along the line of parade through the city to Rockefeller's Union Club—they are far too busy with these activities even to make a record on the police blotter of such crimes as burglary and assault upon mere taxpayers and citizens, the "peasantry". For that reason the FBI has refused to accept the records of the Police Department of New York City, on major crime.

The Kefauver Crime Investigation Committee merely dramatically presented to the public, facts that have been known to it for many years and have been repeatedly published; the indictment of several score police officers merely serves to cover up the activities of the tops of the criminal syndicate operating on a nation-wide scale.

The sole differences made by Rockefeller-instigated "reforms" and "reorganizations" is that the corruption becomes greater, more insolent and costlier, and that the graft goes to higher strata of society. How the Rockefellers benefit from such activities is clearly portrayed in the Saturday Evening Post publicity series by Joe Alex Morris on the Rockefellers in the issue of January 6, 1951, as follows:

" . . . when he (John D. Rockefeller Jr.) was approached with the idea — in which Nelson Rockefeller concurred — that the time had come for him to abandon his lifetime advocacy of prohibition, (Ed: which he was largely instrumental in imposing on the nation) Mr. Rockefeller felt that things were being carried too far. Liquor had never been and still is not served in the elder Rockefeller's household, and he argued that opponents of the Volstead Act had been guilty of gross exaggeration when they claimed that the speak-easy situation had become a greater evil than the saloon. This was a deep religious and moral conviction. . .

"A story has frequently been told that Nelson persuaded his father to declare himself in favor of repeal of the Volstead Act by guiding him one evening on a quick tour of mid-Manhattan where he pointed out in the space of a few blocks more than a score of speak-easies, all running full blast and ignored by the (Rockefeller dominated) police.

"'And pa,' Nelson was supposed to have said, 'they're all on your property.'"

It is a Rockefeller tradition that nothing must interfere with business profits—and certainly not "deep religious and moral convictions", that serve so well to cover up ulterior purposes. It requires a lot of explaining to understand why it is that in a community so completely controlled and dominated by the Rockefellers, to the extent that virtually nothing can exist without their consent, there can exist, the putrid corruption, rampant crime and merciless looting of the citizenry through the device of taxation, that exist in New York City.

Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller interests have derived their greatest spoils from political control of New York City by evasion of taxation for themselves while benefiting from the wholesale looting of the rank and file of taxpayers through steadily increasing assessments and exorbitant, constantly rising taxes. The Rockefellers and the corporations which they control have enormous holdings in New York City. In 1938, when realty values were a fraction of present prices, their own holdings were estimated as worth "about $600,000,000."

Title to the land on which Rockefeller Center is built is vested in Columbia University, and is tax exempt. The assessed value of the buildings and improvements is relatively very low even though the Rockefellers, through their political domination, have arranged to give it an enormously heightened value. This they effected by having their top Democratic agent in the U.S. Senate, Senator Robert F. Wagner, introduce and secure the passage by the 72nd Congress, in 1932, of Public Bill No. 296 which made Rockefeller Center the only freeport in the U.S.!

The implications of the free-port status of Rockefeller Center are many. And they throw an interesting light on the modus operandi of the Rockefeller "philanthropies". It means that merchants located in Rockefeller Center can import merchandise and display it for sale without paying customs duty. They can do business with a small fraction of the capital required by their neighbors across the street. This implies discrimination against other property holders, discrimination against every other port in the country, and violation of the Constitution. It enabled the Rockefellers to lure tenants from other buildings with the inducement of lesser capital requirements. They went out of the way to offer additional inducements to inveigle tenants to desert other landlords and move into Rockefeller Center, such as deliberately lowered rents, payment of unexpired leases on premises occupied, and many others.

The vacancies resulting from the wholesale exodus of tenants into Rockefeller Center from other properties was equivalent in its effect to "short selling" of New York City property and sharply depressing the value of property throughout the country. As a result the depression that then prevailed in this country and the world was greatly intensified and prolonged. And the Rockefellers were enabled to grab up, at bankrupt prices, properties and industries thus depreciated, while millions were thrown out of work, had their properties and homes foreclosed, were forced on a dole, or starved. This sharp and highly profitable business deal has been represented to the public as a "philanthropic" depression enterprise by the Rockefeller Goebbels, otherwise known as publicity men. All this is quite characteristic of the Rockefeller "philanthropic" enterprises.

The tactics employed by the Rockefellers in their "benevolent philanthropy" at Rockefeller Center were the basis of at least one lawsuit against them that came to public attention. It was brought by August Heckscher and was settled out of court. Its disposition was never made public.

Rockefeller Center is today the business capital of the world. It numbers among its 1100 tenants many governments. Many hundreds of the tenants are corporations owned or controlled by the Rockefellers.

The Rockefellers are the largest holders of New York City municipal issues, which are tax exempt and a first lien on all the property in the city. Their tactics in driving the city to the verge of bankruptcy and in steadily and relentlessly increasing the tax burden through their control of the government, parallels their tactics in the Federal Government. The objectives could be the same in both cases,—personal gains at the expense of the taxpayers, and a drive to gain direct ownership and control of everything through bankruptcy. That is the Lenin formula for Communism and dictatorship. Bankruptcy is in the offing for New York City and its property owners, with an annual budget of one billion three hundred million dollars, that represents an increase of 25 percent, for 1951.

Under Rockefeller control. New York City squanders on the single item of "welfare", which is their favorite enterprise with other people's money, as much as two hundred million dollars a year. This amounts to almost half the total city budget of the late twenties. Their "social service" appointees have used this vast boodle fund to maintain their puppet mayors and administrations in power by buying "relief" votes and to foster Communism, subversion, improvidence and worse in large sections of the citizenry. Prostitutes have been maintained by the Welfare Department, at the expense of the taxpayers, in luxury in hotels in which they plied their trade, with grants as high as six hundred dollars a month and payment of summer storage charges for their mink coats. Bigamists have been aided by "welfare" grants to both of their families. Relief families have been maintained for years in expensive hotels, in idleness enforced by "welfare" regulations, at a cost to the taxpayer of hundreds of dollars higher than the average monthly income of provident taxpayers.

Carpetbagging Negroes and penniless Porto Ricans were imported by train- and plane-loads, colonized in the city, and immediately placed on relief, before each election of Rockefeller's puppet, Fiorello LaGuardia. Communist unions of social workers have staged strikes against reduction of welfare allowances or budgets, which are frankly used by them to foster Communism. In May,1951, in the midst of war, with an actual shortage of labor prevailing, Welfare Commissioner Henry L. McCarthy proudly reported in the press that public assistance for the month of April, 1951, amounted to a mere $12,854,729. The same newspaper issue that reported McCarthy's figures, also reported that a couple who had on deposit in a savings bank more than $12,000, had received another $12,000 in public assistance in the preceding three years.

During the past two years, the Rockefellers have made a number of cautious moves to take over direct and open control of the finances of New York City. The story of the abandonment of Winthrop Rockefeller's proposed candidacy for Comptrollership of New York City has been related.

But the Rockefellers did not give up their scheme to gain direct control of the Comptroller's office. On April 11, 1951, Beardsley Ruml was appointed Special Deputy Comptroller by the Democratic regime. He is Rockefeller's agent who operated the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial and through it launched the Marxist "social science" program for them, and the "tax expert" who is entrusted to draw up the tax bills that suit their purposes of looting the taxpayers while providing loop-holes to exempt themselves.

Institute of Public Administration

New York City is merely cited as a typical instance of the Rockefeller political control of local governments. The scheme of municipal government control was launched in the early part of the century by the Rockefeller subsidized Municipal Research Bureau. In time every significant community in the country, every state, county, city, town, and many villages came to be as completely dominated by them and their agents as New York City. Two agencies were set up for this purpose. The first is the permanently endowed Institute of Public Administration which is an outgrowth of the Municipal Research Bureau which maintains the pretense of being dissevered from Rockefeller control, but is truly the Department of the Interior of the Rockefeller Empire. The second is the group of agencies centering about the Public Administration Clearing House, which are designated by the number 1313 derived from the building which it put up at 1313 East 60th Street, in Chicago, the establishment and maintenance of which was the sole function of the Spelman Fund to which Rockefeller granted $10,000,000 from the funds of the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial at the time of its merger.

Originally launched as the Municipal Research Bureau, in 1906, the Institute of Public Administration became the agency through which the Rockefellers developed their political control of New York City, in the guise of a "philanthropic" interest in "good government". It rapidly became the most corrupt political agency in the city, and therefore the dominant one. Its influence was expanded, with the collaboration of other controlled foundations and interested industrial organizations, such as the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., to a national scope. In 1928 it was rechartered as the National Institute of Public Administration, but dropped the "National" from its name when its charter was made permanent in 1931, presumably because an "international" role was already schemed for it by its sponsors. At the same time, in order to mask its identity as one of their controlled agencies, the Rockefellers in collaboration with the Julius Rosenwald Foundation, which they dominated, and a group of associates, provided an endowment for the Institute. Its brochure states its purposes and functions as follows:

"The Institute of Public Administration is a research consulting, and educational organization concerned with improving public administration. It is incorporated under the Education Law of New York State, is supported by income from its endowment and from fees, and is independent of sectarian, partisan, or governmental control. The Institute is located in New York City where it was founded in 1906 as the New York Bureau of Municipal Research. Its training program was established in 1911 as the Training School for Public Service, the first of its kind in the United States.

"The range of Institute activities has widened considerably since 1906. In the early years attention was confined to such matters as the accounting and budgeting systems of local governments, personnel and salary standardization, zoning ordinances and real estate assessment, and the operating problems of police, fire, health, public works and other municipal departments. In the 'twenties and 'thirties emphasis was extended to a number of broader problems of administration including the formulation of charters and constitutions, the reorganization of state governments, and the lessening of conflict and duplication among different units."

Its TRUSTEES are listed as follows:

  • Richard S. Childs, Chairman
  • Carl H. Pforzheimer, Vice Chairman
  • Henry Bruere, Treasurer
  • William Tudor Gardiner
  • George S. Van Schaick
  • E. Roland Harriman
  • Delos Walker
  • Herbert Hoover
  • John G. Winant

It is significant that the Truman appointment that brought ex-President Hoover out of retirement was made in order to conduct a survey preliminary to the "reorganization" of the Federal Government.

Miss Audrey Davies reports that when a revised Constitution for New York State was submitted to the State Legislature in 1915, it was almost unanimously rejected. But during the regimes of Governor Alfred Smith it was resubmitted piecemeal with his support and was "put over". The New York City Charter, however, guided by Rockefeller puppets led by Judge Thomas D. Thacher of Rockefeller's Council On Foreign Relations as chairman, went through without a hitch, exactly as drawn up by Rockefeller's Institute.

The "1313," its objectives and attainments are clearly described in the Final Report of the Spelman Fund of New York, published in 1949. The trustees and officers of the Fund are listed in the Report, as follows:

  • Cleveland, E. Dodge (CFR)
  • Charles E. Merriam
  • Clarence A. Dykstra
  • John D. Rockefeller 3rd (CFR)
  • Marshall Field (CFR)
  • Laurancc S. Rockefeller
  • William Tudor Gardiner
  • Beardsley Ruml (CFR)

The Report relates that the Fund was created on December 27, 1928, with a capital of $10,000,000 provided by the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial, and received later grants of $3,000,000 from the Rockefeller Foundation. It related as the ultimate objective of the Fund that it

" . . . assumed as its major responsibility an exploration of the possibilities of cooperation with public bodies for the improvement of public administration."

The modus operandi of the Fund is stated as follows:

"From the beginning it was determined by the Spelman Fund that grants would not be made for research purposes but in the main for the application of research. The principle was that research would normally be conducted by academic institutions, while the Fund's beneficiaries would carry on their practical operations . . . "

Subsidy or bribery of public officials to adopt the Rockefeller-serving schemes dished up by Rockefeller-subsidized and dominated "academic institutions" could fall into this description. The Report states:

"To facilitate this purpose, an agency known as the Public Administration Clearing House was set up." (p. 7)

The Board of Trustees of the Clearing House included :

  • Paul H. Appleby
  • Sewell L. Avery
  • Newton D. Baker (CFR)
  • Ralph Budd
  • Louis Brownlow
  • Harry F. Byrd
  • Richard S. Childs
  • Frederick M. Davenport
  • Charles G. Dawes (CFR)
  • Marshall Field (CFR)
  • William Tudor Gardiner
  • Paul G. Hoffman (CFR)
  • Robert M. Hutchins
  • William L. Levis
  • Frank O. Lowden
  • George Fort Milton
  • John Lord O'Brian
  • John G. Pollard
  • Chester H. Rowell
  • John G. Winant

In "1313" there are housed a multitude of Rockefeller front organizations in the governmental field, including the Public Administration Service, successor to the Municipal Administration Service, that acts in "advisory" capacity to other front organizations or to unsuspecting independent communities.

It has also reached out into the international field through "cooperation" with the International Union of Local Authorities of Brussels and the International Institute of Administrative Science. The Spelman Fund made contributions to those and to special conferences on governmental planning for conservation and utilization of national resources (including oil, naturally) in the principal countries of the world, held at Ardennes, Belgium, in September 1937.

In November 1938, negotiations for domination of the Pan-American field were furthered by the First Pan-American Congress of Municipalities at Havana. It organized in 1939 the American Society for Public Administration and launched its quarterly publication, the Public Review. These are a few of the endless array of Rockefeller front governmental agencies, two of the most significant of which are the Rockefeller-inspired and subsidized National Resources Planning Board and the Office of Government Reports, which have been characterized by Representative John Taber of New York as follows:

"I want to call the attention of the Congress to an operation which is going on and which the Executive, according to his statement in last night's paper, is still trying to put across, notwithstanding the Congress has failed to provide any legislative authority for it—two schemes known as the National Resources Planning Board and the Office of Government Reports.

"The first of these outfits is a propaganda outfit, designed to embark the Government on all kinds of programs which have never been regarded as Federal functions; to embark the Government on all sorts of things that will bankrupt the United States.

"The second of these outfits is an outfit which has been designed to establish the Executive in great power and to build up his authority, and increase the trend toward dictatorship.

"The planning of this Office of Government Reports came largely through the direction and operation of one, Louis Brownlow, who was chairman of this so-called outfit. This Louis Brownlow has a great lot of organizations. I am going to put them in the Record in detail. Charles Mer- riam, a professor who formerly served at the Chicago University, is a member of this National Resources Planning Board and one of the moving spirits behind it. He is the head of the Spelman Foundation (Ed: Fund) which has contributed, in the last six or seven years, a total of $3,953,000 to these different Brownlow outfits.

"As a result of the recent proposal of the reorganization of the Federal Government proposed by none other than Charles E. Merriam and Louis Brownlow, the National Resources Planning Board has been moved directly into the Office of the White House.

"I do realize that both of these organizations are a menace to the welfare of the American people, and they are a menace to Constitutional government. I feel that the Subcommittee on Independent Offices of the Appropriations Committee are to be complimented on cutting out all appropriations for the National Resources Planning Board and the Office of Government Reports."

Professor Charles E. Merriam boasts (p. 19):

"An important agency largely due to the public administration group (set up by the Fund) is the Division of Administrative Management under the Federal Bureau of the Budget. This Division carries on continuously the detailed study of the ways and means of administration in the federal service and constitutes a permanent center and activity in public administration.

"Another gain is the developing status of important consultants available for public service. It is not by accident that Louis Brownlow was called in by President Roosevelt as chairman of his Committee on Administration and Management; or that Herbert Emmerich and Don K. Price have been called upon by former President Hoover to assist in the work of the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government; or that Mrs. Emmerich has been asked by President Truman to help implement the whole plan of the Commission during the next two years; or that Donald C. Stone, first director of the Public Administration Service in Chicago, became the head of the Division of Administrative Management in the Bureau of the Budget and later Chief Administrator for the Economic Co- operation Administration; or that Frank Bane became the first executive secretary of the Social Security Board. These are but a few examples." Thus do the conspirators brazenly boast of the success of their conspiracy. But the Report was not expected to attain wide circulation and was intended to flatter the ego of the Fund's sponsor, John D. Rockefeller Jr.

The sum total of the consequences to the community of these Rockefeller "philanthropic" endeavors for "improving" our governmental administration is most dramatically epitomized in the report of the Senate Committee for the Investigation of Crime that was headed by New Dealer and Rockefeller henchman, Senator Estes Kefauver. The report indicated that the government at all levels, national, state and local, is dominated by a syndicate of crime. Rockefeller's Spelman Fund boasts, in the words of Professor Merriam, that it has "reformed" and controls our government at all levels. Can it be that the criminal syndicate that the Kefauver report states controls our government, and the Rockefeller interests that the Merriam report boasts as in control, are one and the same?

This question is pointed up by several facts. One is the rewarding of Murray I. Gurfein with "knighthood" in the Rockefeller Empire, membership in their Foreign Office, the Council On Foreign Relations, following his role in the release of the Mafia boss, gangster, white slaver and dope-ring overlord, "Lucky" Luciano, through successful intercession with Rockefeller puppet, Governor Thomas E. Dewey. Immediately following Luciano's release, the Internal Revenue agents reported the flooding of the U.S. with narcotics directly traced to Luciano. A second is the report made by Italy's Public Health Commissioner, Giovanni Battista Migliori that U.S. Communst leaders control the traffic of narcotics from Europe to the United States, thru Eastern Germany.

After four decades of Rockefeller "reform", our government presents the spectacle of rule by criminal overlords who have free entry into the White House and associate intimately with the members of the President's family, as in the cases of the Roosevelts, Hardings and Trumans. Traitors and subversive elements persecute and prosecute patriotic citizens who undertake to expose them, as in the cases of Martin Dies and Senator Joseph McCarthy.

The latter's ousting from the Senate is demanded by a colleague, Senator Benton, because he had dared to make an effort to do his duty and to protect the nation and its security against traitors, and has manifested loyalty to his country. The brand of "good government" that Rockefeller has so heavily subsidized, and Professor Merriam states is "no accident", has reached the point in Louisiana where the criminal element have so wholly taken the law into their hands that they have indicted and threatened with jailing the law-abiding elements who expose and fight them.

This we can not help but agree with Professor Merriam, is "no accident", but a nefarious conspiracy that threatens an early end to government by Constitution, law and order. If this is the situation that he boasts has been brought about through the activities of the Spelman Fund, as its report claims, its sponsors have much to answer for to the nation.