Rockefeller Internationalist - Emanuel Josephson

Organization of 'Philanthropies' —
'Benevolence' Hides Mailed Fist

The commercial use of "philanthropy" for evasion of law and taxes is now a familiar pattern. The Rockefeller "philanthropies" were pioneers in this direction. They were conceived and planned to supplement the Standard Oil Co. and other controlled industries, as the nucleus of the world-wide Rockefeller Empire. This is made clear in Nevin's authorized biography of Rockefeller.

"How could so enormous an accumulation of money be employed? To dissipate it would be easy enough; but it was intolerable to Rockefeller's systematic and careful mind to think of frittering it away. Nor could he spend it for personal whims of a philanthropic or pseudo-philanthropic kind; first, because, unlike many rich men, he had no whims, and in the second place, because he had an unconquerable instinct for giving in an orderly way on the basis of fixed principles (Ed. the "principle" of acquisition) . . . Year by year, he and Gates were finding out, often by bitter experience, that some types of philanthropy SIMPLY DID NOT YIELD ADEQUATE returns:"

Nevins goes on to state that the "philanthropies" were intended to serve " . . . to fructify some important work along a nation-wide or even international front."

The "philanthropies" supplemented Rockefeller's industrial interests and made possible attaining objectives that would have been suspect and conquests that would have been unattainable in the normal straightforward course of business. It has proved a perfect instrument for world conquest and the subjugation of native and unsuspecting folk. It follows that basic pattern that Bismarck launched in the modern world as a political weapon for world conquest, the "welfare state". To this basic pattern the Rockefeller "philanthropies" have superadded improvements and refinements that make Bismarck's plans look amateurish and crude.

The Rockefeller "philanthropies" were conceived and planned as the nucleus of the political control and government of the projected Rockefeller Empire during its formative period of world conquest by propaganda of a "new social order", in other words, subversion. They are superbly organized to serve to the best advantage all the purposes of Bismarck's "New Deal". They constitute the most Machiavellian conspiracy in all human history.

The "philanthropies" were shrewdly designed to retain control for the Rockefellers of all the activities fostered and all profits, actual and potential, tangible and intangible, derived therefrom, while forcing others to assume the bulk of the costs. Nevins, in his biography, describes the method as follows:

"As the fortune grew, it became necessary for him, his son, and Gates to plan philanthropies which should aggregate not millions, but scores of millions, and should if possible fructify some important work along a nation-wide or even inter- national front. He insisted that all principles that he had laid down during the eighties must be maintained. His money should be given, in general, on conditional terms which would stimulate (Ed. or exact) gifts by other men and organizations. And finally the work done should be of continuing character, which should remain vigorous after his aid was withdrawn."

In brief, the plan was the same as that which Rockefeller adopted in his business enterprises. His "philanthropic" investments were designed to take over the enterprise of others that were in distress to serve his interests and render him tangible and intangible profits in perpetuo, and to give him perpetual control of them while forcing others to sustain them for his own advantage and gain.

In the earlier stages of the development of this system of "philanthropies", the Rockefeller interests assumed a maximum of one quarter to one half of the cost of an enterprise, and required the participation of others for the balance of the cost, as a condition for their "gifts." Thus they compelled public support and financing of their schemes of which they assumed full control, benefits and returns. They took over direct or indirect control, with but nominal contributions, of rich "charities" such as the Charity Organization Society, the State Charities Aid and the Greater New York Fund. They were thus enabled to turn to their purposes and dispose of large sums contributed by the public at large. Through devious devices such as interlocking directorates and political maneuvers, they were able, later, to gain control of a progressively larger proportion of the colleges, universities, church organizations, foundations and philanthropies set up by others. At the present time there is no important foundation in this country that is not controlled, usually directly but sometimes indirectly, by the Rockefellers or their agents, to be converted to the propaganda, conspiracies and other uses of the Rockefeller Empire.

The program of monopolistic control of foundations, philanthropies, and charities was initiated by John D. Rockefeller himself in the "merger" of Carnegie "philanthropies" with his own, by direct arrangement with old Andrew Carnegie. The story of it is intimated in Nevin's biography which relates:

"Clark was the publicity agent of the Standard— Rockefeller has none. Still some of Clark's work benefited the nominal president of the corporation. His hand perhaps appears in the New York World's display article of May 10, 1908, on twenty-five years of the Standard Oil, full of praises for the organization and its founder. 'One by one', declared the story, 'the falsity and exaggeration of the charges made by interested rivals and demagogues of every class are being made plain'—a remarkable statement to appear in The World. We are tempted to see Clark's touch again in a statement by Carnegie on his golf matches with Rockefeller. 'Our last game was hotly contested', said the Scot. 'In fact, we were so excited over some special good work that we lost count of the score.' Carnegie intimated that Rockefeller had taken advantage of this to give himself an extra point."

The last sentence of this quotation points up a Rockefeller trait that has characterized all their "philanthropies". Carnegie and Rockefeller had a community of interest in steel. Nevins points out:

"As a matter of fact, Rockefeller and Carnegie were personally always on the best of terms .. ." William S. Dutton, Rockefeller propagandist, writing for their Collier's magazine, issue of April 28, 1951, relates that though there were antitrust laws that barred Rockefeller from attaining his objective of monopoly in business, there was no barrier to his attaining it through "philanthropy". He relates that Rockefeller and Carnegie merged their foundations, in effect, with an agreement to collaborate, not to compete or overlap, an understanding, he reports, that is still effective between their foundations. Thus did John D. Sr. lay the basis for a "Philanthropy Trust" that was destined to attain for himself and his descendants the subjugation of the world that he sought.

The pro-British slant of the Carnegie philanthropies was made to fit into the Rockefeller scheme of things, when the Marxist Labor Party, that was heavily subsidized by them, took over the government. On the Board of Trustees of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, one of the most important of the Carnegie group from the viewpoint of propaganda in international affairs, sit David Rockefeller and his kinsman John Foster Dulles, chairman of the Board, with Alger Hiss as President as late as 1949, General Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ambassador at Large Philip C. Jessup. It is also noteworthy that Senator Robert A. Taft served as Trustee, in the years 1935-1938, on the Board of this Rockefeller-dominated "internationalist" outfit.

Herbert Morrison, British Labor leader, was attached to the Rockefeller-dominated Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, and was a protege of the Rockefeller Empire. He displeased his masters when after becoming Foreign Secretary he announced on March 17, 1951, according to a special dispatch to the Neio York Times, that he opposed abandonment of British national sovereignty to the super-national Council of Europe, sponsored by the Rockefeller Empire. His patriotism aroused their antagonism and brought an attack on him and the Labor Government in the Sunday, September 12, 1951, issue of the New York Times, that presaged Labor's defeat less than two months later.

When the Rockefeller publicists set out to build the phase of the "philanthropic trust" sought by their employer in the field of "charity", they undertook to build further on the discredited organization of the "Charity Trust". They sought a new front for their organization, one that would serve to dispel the odor of rot which had issued from the investigation that had discredited "uplift" activities. They had to have a fresh approach to the gullibility and purses of the "peasants".

They found it in the highly regarded New York Tuberculosis and Health Association set up by a group of physicians who were zealots devoted to the cause of fighting that scourge. It offered the dynamic approach to the public and its purse of the fear of disease, and the added advantage of periodic collection drives and a perennial income from the established sale of Xmas seals to finance the conspiracy.

The use of fear of disease had been one of the first approaches to public goodwill adopted by Rockefeller and he knew it to be effective. Since then it has become standard and accepted practise among the conspirators, even in radical circles. Thus the Russian Communists offered as an excuse for the invasion of Rumania, statistics that were designed to show "an appalling prevalence of endemic diseases" in Bessarabia. The Communists propose, in the words of one commentator, that "if Rumania will not treat the needlessly ill with Communism, Russia will cure them with bombs." The Rockefeller interests placed the relatively unkown social-service worker, Harry L. Hopkins, in charge of the program, as Director of the New York Tuberculosis & Health Association. Thus did they begin to groom him as one of their top lieutenants in their conspiracy to take over the nation and the world. Then their pseudo-philanthropic conspiracy emerged an ultra-potent power-pattern.

Under the aegis of Harry L. Hopkins, a Rockefeller almoner and agent, there was built up a social service, charity and philanthropy trust that was expanded to national and worldwide scope. In the 1920's it had an annual "take" of more than four billion dollars a year and was one of the country's five largest and richest businesses. This racket was built up about the nucleus of the New York Tuberculosis & Health Association. It made the sucker public finance its expansion through the purchase of Xmas seals. Not one penny of the money ever raised from the sale of the New York Tuberculosis & Health Association seals ever went to the relief of a person with tuberculosis or to an institution for his care. This fact was confirmed by New York City Health Commissioner Louis I. Harris, in a letter to the New York Times of June 8, 1932; and by subsequent acknowledgement of the officers of the Association "that all its money had been expended on salaries and overhead". (Your Life Is Their Toy, 1940)

The Xmas seal funds were fraudulently used to build up a whole array of agencies for the exploitation of diseases, such as the Heart Association, the American Cancer Association, the Social Hygiene Association, the Diabetes Association, the National Association for the Prevention of Blindness and a host of others.

These organizations, in turn, cadged money from the public on the fraudulent pretense of helping victims of the diseases. The funds were used to build up the national and international "Charity Trust" that controlled the billions of dollars mulcted from the public under false pretenses. This money was used to build up a political machine fostering Rockefeller's objective, a "new social order", that in its initial phases emerged as the New and Fair Deals. Its ultimate goal is a Marxist "welfare state" dictatorship controlled by the imperial lords that rob the very people whose funds were obtained under the pretense of defending their freedom and property. Financial allies dominated by the conspirators swelled their war chest. Thus the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company officers, among others, violated their trust, and the law, by pouring millions of dollars of their policyholders' money into the political activities of these organizations, on the pretense of benefiting public health.

These "social services" organizations contributed materially to the conspiracy to take over the government and convert it to the uses of the conspirators. They contributed both money and propaganda value. Under a pretense of an interest in the physical welfare of the public, they gained control of the health, hospital and welfare agencies of the governments. These they used in turn to aid in taking over control of the government as a whole and effecting its conversion to a "welfare state". Much of their funds supplemented those of the Rockefeller controlled "philanthropies" in financing the spread of the Marxist "social sciences" and Communism, as a device for attaining their totalitarian objective.

In all of these activities, "mastermind" Harry L. Hopkins, Director of the fraudulent New York Tuberculosis & Health Association, served as a pawn of the Rockefeller interests. His political ascendancy and power in Roosevelt's "New Deal" merely meant his emergence into the open as their top agent in effecting the seizure of the government through the "social service" device. Hopkins' subservience to the Rockefellers is clearly discernible in his repeated offers of government posts to Nelson A. Rockefeller, including the offer to make him his Assistant Secretary of Commerce.

Before reviewing the Rockefeller propaganda, "thought control" and commercial agencies that masquerade as "philanthropies" it should be noted that the Rockefellers never have let go of financial control of those "philanthropies", or of their Standard Oil or other industrial enterprises. At various times they have pretended that they have retired or relinquished control, for purposes of popular deception, or to escape the consequences of some nefarious activity. This pretense was exposed as false by testimony given under oath by John D. Rockefeller before the U.S. Commission on Industrial Relations in 1916, as stated in the summation of the chairman of the Commission, Frank Walsh, as follows:

"The Foundation is entirely outside and above the Government. The power it exercises in practically unlimited . . . There is hardly anything to which the enormous power of the money it employs cannot be applied, if Mr. Rockefeller deems it proper to apply it. I say Mr. Rockefeller because Mr. Rockefeller is the Foundation. The testimony shows that the Trustees exercised no authority that did not come from him."

Rockefeller also testified that on dissolution of the Foundation the capital funds would revert to him or his heirs, which makes it quite clear that the Foundation is private property.

The extent of control exercised by Rockefeller dominated foundations over the activities of its grantees is clearly illustrated by the recent action of the Rockefeller dominated Carnegie Endowment For International Peace. It demanded a refund from the American Bar Association of a $15,000 grant made to it for a study of the U.N. Genocide Convention that had been approved by the U.S. Senate, because the report of the Committee condemned the Convention as approved (N.Y. Times, Oct. 15, 1950).

"Researches", to the support of which grants are made by the Rockefeller controlled foundations, are required to make reports favorable to the Rockefeller interests or approved by them. As a matter of practise, grants are not made except to individuals who are known to support Rockefeller causes. When Rockefeller grants are given to Communists and other subversives, it can be assumed that the views of the Rockefellers coincide with those of the grantees, or vice versa. It is a striking fact that none of the Rockefeller "philanthropies" or their allies have ever been known to contribute to a patriotic cause designed to support the Constitution and inspire respect and devotion for our republic.

The flagrancy of violation of the law by the foundations is accentuated by the fact that the bulk of their funds are moneys which are due to the Treasury but are left with the foundations in trust for use in public interest. The Treasury has the final say as to whether activities undertaken are "in public interest" and the foundation funds therefore exempt from taxation, or whether the moneys shall go directly into the Treasury. Since the Rockefeller interests control the U.S. Treasury, it is a simple matter for them to exempt the funds of their own foundations from seizure for taxes and to bar the setting up of other foundations than those under their control. In effect, this means that the Treasury has ruled that the activities of the Rockefeller controlled foundations, no matter how subversive, are "in public interest".

Our tax laws are written by Rockefeller puppets at the instance of their agents. One of the most important of these agents in the field of taxes is Beardsley Ruml, former Director of the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial who surreptitiously launched through it the Rockefeller campaign for the Marxist "social sciences". Of him Horace Coon has stated in his Money To Burn:

". . . wherever the Rockefeller interests have made contributions to the 'social sciences', Beardsley Ruml's name is usually to be found."

It is no mere coincidence that the same Beardsley Ruml who directed the spending of the funds of the Rockefeller controlled foundations to foster Communism in the guise of "social sciences", has also served as the mouthpiece of the Rockefellers in dictating for them the tax legislation of the country. For it is a fundamental of the Marx-Lenin formula that Communism most readily can be imposed on lands through national bankruptcy. This was epitomized by Harry Hopkins, in his slogan:

"Tax! Tax!! Spend! Spend!! Elect! Elect!!"

He omitted, as too revealing, the purpose of this policy.

"Betray! Betray!! Enslave! Enslave!!"

Naturally the Rockefeller interests dictated no tax legislation that would affect themselves. Those who engage in the business of drilling for oil are especially provided with numerous loopholes for evading taxes, "in the interest of national security". Not even the lowest paid workers, who earn scarcely enough to keep body and soul together, are permitted to evade taxation, by the withholding tax so kindly provided for them by the Rockefellers through their agent Beardsley Ruml. In violation of the Constitution the government impresses the services of the employer to collect it and thereby misdirects public wrath against him.

In many directions the Rockefellers are permitted to evade taxation entirely by the laws their agents have drawn up. As an example, John D. Rockefeller's estate paid an inheritance tax on a mere twenty-five million dollars of the fortune of billions of dollars he left behind. This explains why the Rockefellers personally are always in the vanguard of the citizens who appear before legislatures and Congress to demand the passage of bills calling for continually higher and more crushing taxes. They escape payment of those taxes by devices provided for them in the laws or by their administration.

But there is an even more cogent reason for the activities of the Rockefellers in demanding ever greater taxation and in their support of the program enunciated by Harry Hopkins, their agent, in his slogan above quoted. As will be shown at length and in detail in later chapters, the bulk of the moneys looted from the U.S. taxpayers by the outrageous method of taxation devised by them, flows into the coffers of the Rockefeller Empire. The U.S. Treasury and local tax collectors merely serve as their collection agents. The Federal and local governments are administered largely by public officers who are handpicked agents of the Rockefeller Empire, whom it imposes on the electorate by control of the nominating machinery of all parties.

Through such devices the Rockefellers have compelled the Federal and local governments to assume the burden of any and all of the schemes launched by them to further their interests through their own and dominated foundations, as their supposed "philanthropies". They have compelled the Government to finance with taxpayers' money and property their private business enterprises that parade as "benevolences".

The numerous enterprises which the Rockefeller Empire has financed by sacrifice of life and confiscation of wealth of the taxpayers of the U.S. through control of the Government will be described later. Among them is the development of the Saudi Arabian oil-fields by their Aramco to provide the Communists with oil for their war in Korea, for slaughtering our troops in a war that was "philanthropically" engineered for them; and World Wars I and II that wrested for them from England the concession for Saudi Arabia and the right to develop it.

The "philanthropies" of the Rockefellers developed, as planned, not only into a source of unbounded political power, but also into the fountainhead of enormous revenues that literally comprise the bulk of the national income and wealth of the people of the U.S. and other lands, through such devices as Lend-Lease, Co-Ordination of Hemispheric Defense, the Marshall Plan and the ECA, UNRRA, the Atlantic Pact, the United Nations, the Point 4 program and many other "philanthropic" schemes.

Strangely enough there is one phase of the Rockefeller "philanthropies" that must be remembered. The law exempts philanthropic foundations from taxation. But it specifically provides that this tax exemption will be forfeited if the foundations engage in political activities and propaganda. Since the Rockefeller foundations are almost completely and exclusively engaged in propaganda and lobbying, their funds should be subject to full taxation that would virtually wipe them out. But the Rockefeller Empire thumbs its nose at our laws, even those they themselves write. For they are the powers behind our Government and in it, as well.