Rockefeller Internationalist - Emanuel Josephson

Rockefeller's United Nations —
The Rockefeller-Soviet Axis

"An internationalist is one who is prepared unreservedly, unhesitatingly and unconditionally to defend the U.S.S.R."
—J. Stalin (New Leader, March 11, 1950)

The plan of the United Nations was written at Yalta by Molotov, representing the Soviets, and by Alger Hiss, representing the Rockefeller-Soviet Axis and the Foreign Office of the Rockefeller Empire, the Council on Foreign Relations, and incidentally, also, the State Department. Alger Hiss' membership in the Hal Ware Communist cell in the State Department (Toledano & Lasky, Seeds of Treason, p. 46) and the invaluable service he and his associates had rendered the Soviets in their official capacities, had won Stalin's trust; Stalin advocated Hiss' appointment as Secretary General of the projected San Francisco Conference for the Organization of the United Nations. Hiss was equally trusted by the Rockefeller interests.

The United Nations is an outgrowth and direct successor of the defunct League of Nations. The League of Nations was a Rockefeller Empire agency. It was so completely under Rockefeller domination that Socony-Vacuum director and agent, Sir Francis Rickett, was able to assure Mussolini that the League of Nations would never exercise any effective oil sanctions against Fascist Italy if she would invade and seize for Standard Oil the oil fields in the Harrar province of Abyssinia, which was the real prize of the Italo-Ethiopian War. Rockefeller's agent, Raymond B. Fosdick was Under-Secretary of the League of Nations.

It was the natural intelligence and the patriotism of the American public, which led it to reject the surrender of U.S. sovereignty to the League of Nations, that impelled the Rockefeller interests to barrage the country with internationalist propaganda, initially through the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial under the direction of Beardsley Ruml, and then through the Foundation which took it over. They proceeded to seduce, pervert and corrupt our school system to turn out generations of vipers and potential and actual traitors.

The discrediting of the pretense that the League of Nations (or any other organization under our present economic setup) would serve to prevent war, compelled its scrapping at the outbreak of World War II. Immediately thereafter, however, the same agents undertook to organize a new, fake peace organization, the United Nations. So complete is the basic identity of the two organizations that in many instances persons occupy the same positions in the United Nations they held in the League of Nations.

In some cases the kinfolks of the older generation of League of Nations agents now occupy positions of trust in the United Nations. An instance is Miss Dorothy Fosdick, of the Division of International Organization of the State Department, who attended the San Francisco Conference at which the United Nations was organized, as Assistant to the Secretary General, Alger Hiss.

Following the agreement reached with the British at Dunkirk, the Rockefeller propaganda machine and lobby had gone into high speed for "internationalism", the attainment of "One World", that is, a Rockefeller-dominated world. Under the direction of Harold Stassen of Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations, they engineered the nomination of their "One World" pawn, Wendell Willkie, to "oppose" their pawn Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1940 Presidential campaign. This made the election a "heads I win, tails you lose" proposition for the carrying out of their deals.

In the meantime, their controlled press agitated more intensively for "internationalism" and U.S. entry into the war. The Time-Life-Fortune group, for example, headed by Henry R. Luce of Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations, and financed by the Standard Oil crowd through Harkness, editorialized persistently in 1941 on the theme of "a young and rising international party preparing to do political battle for a future world." The press at large joined this group in singing long and loudly the Rockefeller-Soviet, Marxist, "internationalist" theme song.

The story of the origin and purposes of the United Nations from the viewpoint of the Rockefeller Empire is related in a Headline Books pamphlet entitled Uniting Today For Tomorrow, The United Nations In War & Peace, published by Rockefeller's Foreign Policy Association in October, 1942. The authors of the pamphlet are both propagandists closely identified with the Rockefeller Empire. Grayson L. Kirk is Acting President of Columbia University, Professor of Government and member of Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations. Walter R. Sharp is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Government at the fiery-Red College of the City of New York, and also is member of Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations.

The authors relate that the Joint Declaration by United Nations was signed by 26 countries on January 1, 1942. The signatories agreed to employ their full resources "against those members of the Tripartite Act and its adherents with which such government is not at war," and "not to make a separate armistice or peace". The preamble of the Declaration embodies the mythical "Atlantic Charter". The intent of the powers behind the scene, the authors state, was to make as many international commitments for the U.S. as possible for the purpose of holding the UN together after the war and in order to avert the fate of both the Fourteen Point program presented by President Wilson and of the League of Nations, which were rejected.

There is considerable presumptive evidence in the report on Yalta that have reached the public eye, more particularly in the Stettinius report contained in his book Roosevelt and the Russians, that prior to the Conference a deal with Stalin on Saudi Arabia had been sealed and delivered. Stettinius states that at Yalta there were repeated and acrimonious discussions on Iranian oil and concessions (pp. 43-44, 65-66, 87, 193-195). In sharp contrast thereto, nothing was said about Saudi Arabian oil in spite of the fact that "Roosevelt" stressed his anxiety about the Saudi Arabian situation and his desire to meet with King Ibn Saud (pp. 72, 257, 278, 289-290).

It is inconceivable that Stalin and the Russians would have failed, in view of Russia's extreme oil shortage, to seize upon Saudi Arabia as a bargaining point unless a deal had been consummated previously that would insure the Soviets of part or all of the oil produced there. The nature of the deal leaked out subsequently in a release by the State Department and published exclusively in the May 18, 1948, edition of the Wall Street Journal. It divided the world with Stalin on a line that assured the Rockefeller Empire of Saudi Arabian oil and a "life line" for its transportation through the Mediterranean, as a condition for world peace.

The critical state of the negotiations for Saudi Arabian oil made it necessary that the Rockefeller interests be represented by agents who were trusted implicitly by themselves as well as by Stalin. Alger Hiss fully justified the confidence which the Rockefeller Empire and Stalin placed in him. Eight-hundred-and-fifty-thousand barrels of oil a day, produced with moneys almost entirely derived from the U.S. Treasury, are yielding the various Standard Oil companies and their associate, the Texas Co., a tax-exempt, gross daily income of approximately a million-and-a-half dollars a day; and that is just the beginning of their profits from the tax-exempt use of American taxpayers' money. Although the full extent of the treachery at Yalta has not yet been revealed, it has been fully established by the course of events that it involved betrayal to the Soviets of the bulk of Europe and Asia and sell-out of China and northern Korea to the Communists to be used by them, as planned by Lenin, with the aid of Communist traitors planted by the cabal in the U.S. government, to slaughter American troops and exhaust our military might, to prepare the way for direct attack on Alaska, after American forces had been diverted and dispersed around the world.

Under the terms of the Yalta agreement, the Rockefeller Standard Oil interests provide the oil essential for these conquests, directly or indirectly, from Saudi Arabia, entirely at the expense of the U.S. taxpayers. The Treasury pays several times over for each barrel of oil delivered to the Communists in Korea and elsewhere through the Marshall Flan.

The secret Saudi Arabian deal was the very foundation of the sell-out at Yalta; and its terms stipulated in effect that the Rockefeller Standard Oil interests were to act in Saudi Arabia merely as producers of oil, largely, or entirely, at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer to provide fuel for world conquest by Communism. This is the obvious explanation of the immunity of the Saudi Arabian oil fields from Communist harassment and seizure.

At Yalta, the plan of this conspiracy was laid out in the pattern of organization of the United Nations. It was put into operation at the San Francisco Conference for International Organization that, in the spring of 1945, launched the UN.

From the very start, the Rockefeller-Soviet brand was stamped all over the United Nations. The U.S. delegation to the San Francisco Conference virtually was entirely a Rockefeller delegation. The family was directly represented by Nelson Rockefeller and by John Foster Dulles, who served the U.S. State Department as "adviser". Oddly enough, Nelson Rockefeller's name is omitted from the official list of delegates published by the UN. Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations and its host of subsidiary organizations were profusely represented in the delegations and fully justify the Council director's boast that they control the policies of the U.S. and of the world. They were represented by the following characters, all of whom are listed in the official UN publication, United Nations Conference On International Organization, (vol. 1, Document 639, entitled "Delegates and Officials, United Nations Conference On International Organization," pp. 65-75) as follows:

  • Alger Hiss, Assistant Secretary of State, Secretary General
  • Edward R. Stettinius Jr., Secretary of State, Delegate
  • Commander Harold E. Stassen, USNR, Delegate
  • Leo Pasvolsky, Special Asst to Sec. of State for International Organization and Service Affairs, Adviser to UN Delegation
  • Isaiah Bowman, President of Johns Hopkins U., Special Adviser to Sec. of State and UN Delegation
  • Hamilton Fish Armstrong, Director of the CFR, editor of its Foreign Affairs, Special Adviser to Sec. of State and UN Delegation
  • John Foster Dulles, Adviser to UN Delegation
  • John J. McCloy, Assistant Sec. of War, Adviser to UN Delegation
  • Admiral Arthur J. Hepburn, Chair. Gen. Board U.S. Navy, Adviser to UN Delegation
  • Arthur Sweetser, Dept. Director of OWI, OWI Attache to UN Delegation
  • Wilder Foote, Asst. to Sec. of State, Asst. to Chair, of UN Delegation
  • Charles Noyes, Asst. to Sec. of State, Asst. to Chair, of Delegation
  • Edward G. Miller Jr., Special Asst, to Asst. Sec. of State Dean Acheson
  • John E. Lockwood, Dept. Director, American Republics Affairs, State Dept.
  • Joseph E. Johnson, Asst. Chief of Div., Int. Security Affairs State Dept.
  • Ralph J. Bunche, Assoc. Chief of Div., Depend. Area Affairs, State Dept.
  • Lt. Bernard Brodie, USNR, Div., of Int. Security Affairs, State Dept.

The Asiatic section of the State Department was represented among the advisers to the Delegation exclusively by members of Rockefeller's Institute of Pacific Relations:

  • Joseph W. Ballantine, Dir. of Div., Far CFR Eastern Affairs, State Dept.
  • John Carter Vincent, Dir. of Chinese Affairs, State Dept.

Striking indeed, is the omission of the name of Nelson Rockefeller from this list. For on May 10, 1945, Drew Pearson, who is most friendly to the Rockefeller interests and a spokesman for them, in an article copyrighted by Bell Syndicate Inc., made ultra-clear the boss role played by Rockefeller at the Conference, as follows:

"SAN FRANCISCO. —The play-by-play account of what went on behind the scenes after the Conference reluctantly voted to admit Argentina can now be revealed.

"After Stettinius forced a public vote on the issue despite Russian requests for delay, he found himself criticized by some of the press and public. Upset, he hastily called a closed meeting of the U. S. delegation, charged with tension.

"Young Rockefeller eulogized the way Stettinius had handled himself.

"This country is fortunate to have its affairs in his hands", he praised.

"Asst. Sec. Jimmy Dunn started to chime in, but was interrupted by shrewd Hamilton Fish Armstrong, key U.S. adviser:

"'I am very disturbed by all this. I think we ought to call the press in and explain the American position. We are being called Fascists. Stettinius is being put in an unfair position.'

"Harold Stassen, of Minn., who had been cool to Argentina's admission, interrupted: 'And what are you going to tell the press?'

"John Foster Dulles said: 'It's very important that the public does not view our delegation as reactionary.'

"Again Stassen interrupted: 'Why must we be apologetic about something discussed fully here, then voted on and passed? The important thing is to work together. We can't avoid all differences between nations and people.'

"Stassen emphasized that there was justification for the American view, even if he didn't entirely endorse it himself. If there were no arguments, there was no use of a conference.

"Stettinius thought Stassen's statement so good that he ought to broadcast it.

"Dunn protested the Russians were holding up the Conference by refusing to permit Argentina to take up the chairmanship of a sub-committee. He launched upon an anti-Soviet tirade in no uncertain terms.

"Rockefeller endorsed Dunn's idea about giving Argentina a place on a Conference committee, saying:

"'We must treat Argentina as well as anyone else.'

"'I agree', chimed in Michigan's Sen. Vandenberg. 'Now that we've invited them, we must treat them right.'

"Stassen could not go along with them, saying: 'It's bad enough we let them in without giving them honors.'

"Vandenberg retorted, 'ANYTHING ROCKEFELLER WANTS IS o.k:

"Dunn suggested that the U.S. delegation slip Argentina into the first committee vacancy. Stettinius demurred.

"'I've gotten into enough trouble over Argentina already', he observed."

The story of the extreme agitation of the Rockefellers to keep the UN in New York under their thumb is graphically related as the climax of the Joe Alex Morris series, The Rockefellers, in the Saturday Evening Post in the issue of January 13, 1951. (p. 121)

Although the Rockefellers preferred not to be openly identified with the UN, they overtly dominated every move of its founding. They anxiously sought this symbol of unity for their community of interest with the Soviets. They did not hesitate to emerge into the open to anxiously insure that the UN headquarters would remain in the U.S., under their thumb. Stoian Gavrilovitz, Yugoslav chairman of the Marxist headquarters subcommittee sought to take over a fifty-square-mile site in Westchester County, N.Y. and Connecticut that would have constituted an ideal military and naval base within instant striking distance of every strategic industrial and military target on the east coast. When this plan was rejected, they threatened to recommend, quite logically, that the UN take over the League of Nations quarters in Geneva. This would have saved our taxpayers many millions of dollars. It would have eliminated the grave security risk of the UN headquarters now used as an espionage and propaganda base. It would have averted the outrage constituted by the surrender of sovereignty by our country over U.S. territory, the United Nations site in mid-New York City and the indignity of extra-territoriality, which even prostrate China spurned as an affront.

But John Rockefeller Jr. would not have it otherwise. He rushed in to offer to the UN his cherished Westchester country estate at Pocantico Hills. Then, he rushed out to buy for it an eight-million-dollar site in the very center of New York City, which he turned over to the UN as a gift. But as Homer long ago advised: "Beware of the Greeks bearing gifts".

The UN is an ideal "international" front for the Rockefeller Empire and for the Rockefeller-Soviet Axis. It is the prototype of the parliament for the Rockefeller Empire conceived by Hoffman Nickerson in his American Rich,—a mere "advisory body", whose advice need not be heeded, a debating society—all talk and no action—for allowing the "peasants" to let off steam.

Another motive of the Rockefeller Empire's interest in the United Nations was revealed by their spokesman in the State Department as world-oil control. This was embodied in a New York Times special article, published on August 17, 1946, reporting a broadcast on the National Broadcasting Company's "University of the Air". The State Department "experts", loaned it by the Rockefeller Standard Oil interests, proposed an International Petroleum Authority under the United Nations. Naturally this was represented to be in the interest of the U.S.—to relieve its oil "shortage", and not in the interest of the Rockefeller Empire—to increase its monopoly and profits. The following month, on September 6th, 1946, a variant of this scheme was offered by Howard A. Cowden, President of the Consumers' Cooperative Association.

Regulation of world oil production by the Big Five Oil companies—Anglo-Iranian, Royal Dutch Shell, Standard Oil of N.J., Caltex and Gulf—was announced to be an accomplished fact on December 29, 1951, by Elmer Patman, observer of the Senate and House Small business Committees. Walter J. Levy, of the London School of Economics, who had been planted by Socony Vacuum in the ECA to arrange the financing of Rockefeller controlled refineries around the world with Marshall Plan funds, was named by Patman as the "front" for the oil cartel and "the most influential oil economist in the world".

Pending world-wide dictatorship by the Empire, they have brought about an oil cartel under the auspices of the UN. The Rockefeller entente with Russia in opposition to England, came out into the open at the Paris Conference on September 21,1946, when the U.S. voted with Russia and the Slavic bloc against the British Empire on Roumanian oil. The same community of interests was responsible for their ousting of Churchill when, after his speech before Parliament announcing that he "would not preside over the dissolution of the British Empire", he began blocking afresh the development of Saudi Arabia. Churchill was promptly ousted and the Marxist Labor Party, that stands so close to the Soviet, was put in power.

On the domestic scene, the UN serves the Rockefeller Empire most effectively in carrying out on a world scale the totalitarian and imperialist aims of their "philanthropies", as expressed by Gates and Rockefeller in Occasional Letter No. 1 of the General Education Board. Our Republic, with the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Federal and state governments, sets up numerous barriers to the dictatorship which the Rockefeller Empire seeks. Although the conspirators have succeeded in breaking down many of these barriers, including the Constitution, over a period of decades, that process is slow for the impatient conspirators, especially when the wooing and winning of electorates is involved. The conversion of our Republic to a dictatorship would be greatly facilitated by transferring its sovereignty to a totalitarian agency that is beyond the reach of the voters.

To accomplish this legally and in compliance with the Constitution, would require only one step that would involve the voters only indirectly. That step would be the adoption of an Amendment to the Constitution that would destroy the fundamental character of our Government by surrendering the sovereignty of the nation to an "international" union, or federation. In this international union, U.S. citizens would have neither vote nor voice. They would be taxed without commensurate, or any, representation, and eventually could be enslaved thereby. For the United States with its 150,000,000 citizens would be hopelessly outvoted by the hordes of Asia's billion, and Russia and every other invidious enemy or "ally" would be free to despoil and enslave us through legislation we would be powerless to stop.

Thus the purpose in fostering the United Nations and kindred organizations is to attain with one fell swoop, by remote control, the dictatorship which two World Wars, a devastating depression, and the New and Fair Deals with the NRA, bureaucracies, (mis)managed economy and numerous synthesized "emergency" devices have failed to bring about.

The UN has meant imposing upon the U.S. and such other lands as have been foolish enough to adhere to it, an irresponsible super-govemment, control of which implies dictatorial domination over the lives, wealth and destinies of the citizens. This is clearly illustrated by the decision handed down on April 25, 1950, by the California State District Court of Appeals in the case of Sei Fujii, a Japanese. California has on its statute books a law that bars the ownership of land to certain Orientals. That law has been declared Constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. In the Sei Fujii case the court ruled that ratification by the United States of the UN Charter invests the Charter with force of a binding treaty which overrides laws which conflict with it, thus superseding and scrapping U.S. law and the Constitution.

To serve the purpose of the conspirators, both the UN charter and constitution, with its "Bill of Rights", were written by a horde of Rockefeller-Soviet Axis agents in the various UN committees and commissions, with the aim of slyly destroying the U.S. Constitution and converting the nation to a dictatorship ruled by the Rockefeller-Soviet Axis. Its provisions for freedom of the press, for instance, have been written in the vein of the recommendations of the Rockefeller-dominated Commission on Freedom of the Press, when they are not identical with those recommendations. They prepare for destruction of that freedom under the pretense of preserving it. Its provisions for freedom of religion are similarly written, with "sleeper" clauses to facilitate destruction of religion on some such pretext as "national security".

The New York Times in a special dispatch from Geneva on April 23, 1951, reported:

"A number of leading representatives of labor, religious and cultural groups are beginning to wonder whether the efforts to draft a United Nations covenant of human rights may not in the end do more harm than good to actual human rights."

But ratification by the U.S. of the UN charter is treason of an order worthy of Alger Hiss. For although the Constitution provides for partial surrender of their sovereignty by the states to the Federal Government, the states have not yielded the right to transfer their sovereignty to any other power. The only conceivable circumstance under which the citizens and the states would be compelled to yield their sovereignty to any other power would be under duress of ignominious defeat in war that would render our nation incapable of defending itself and protecting its sovereignty. Not even Germany and Japan have been willing, in their defeat, to surrender their sovereignty to their conquerors. Nor have we, as victors, asked it of them. But the conspirators at home are forcing on the U.S. terms that they have not dared to demand of even our defeated enemy—abject surrender of our sovereignty to a foreign power, Rockefeller's UN. They have even imposed on the U.S. the grant of extraterritorial rights, demanded by Stoian Gavrilovitz and his committee of Communists, to the UN area in the midst of New York City that was so hurriedly offered to them by Rockefeller. Even prostrate and war-torn China refused to grant extraterritorial rights to the U.S. or any other nation, on the grounds that it was an affront to her sovereignty. But thanks to Rockefeller's "philanthropies" we have become more supine and degenerate than China, in this and other respects.

There Can Be No Room for Doubt that Ratification of the United Nations Charter by the Delegates of the United States is Absolutely Unconstitutional, and is Susceptible of Interpretation as Treason. On This and Other Grounds, the People of the U. S. Should Compel Immediate Withdrawal of Our Nation from the United Nations and the Annulling of Extraterritorial Rights Granted the UN in Violation of Our Constitution.

In this illegitimate, high-handed and treacherous manner, the Rockefeller interests have contrived through the UN, to bring about the "new social order" which was the primary purpose of their "philanthropies". The behind-the-scene bosses of the UN have become the dictators of the U.S. and of the world. But they now share that power with Soviet Russia. When Stalin told an interviewer that Americans are no longer masters in their own house, he might have said also, and quite truthfully, that through the UN he is more master of the United States than is its citizenry.

Joseph Stalin defined "internationalist" as follows:

"An internationalist is one who is prepared unreservedly, unhesitatingly and unconditionally to defend the USSR." (New Leader, March 11, 1950)

In Stalin's sense of the word, the UN has served "internationalism" perfectly. Stalin-trusted Alger Hiss worked well at Yalta and at San Francisco, to fashion the UN into an ideal weapon for the Soviets. No longer do their espionage agencies have to depend upon their Rockefeller-financed Institute of Pacific Relations for their dirty work. The U.S. Treasury-financed UN is infinitely better equipped to serve their purposes, and bring the ultimate objective of the Axis world conquest, infinitely closer to attainment, at no greater cost to it than mere words and debate. Soviet Russia sits at the UN table with the very powers she seeks to destroy, fully protected against any action against her own aggression by the ever more numerous votes of her satellites added to her three votes; and by the power of veto. Side by side with Hiss, at Stettinius' elbow, was Dalton Trumbo, a notorious Red of the Stalinist breed. Like Hiss, he supplied Stettinius, who was hopelessly beyond his depth, with ideas which, needless to say, were pro-Communist, and entirely to Stalin's satisfaction. Trumbo also ghosted Stettinius' speeches at the Conference.

In this position, the Kremlin is enabled to render impotent any nation that might wish to check its plan of expansion by subversion and engulfment, and to block any inclination to arrest its predatory activities. It uses the UN as a shield. UN debates serve as a sounding board for its propaganda that has played an important role in its conquests of large sections of the globe by subversion and infiltration. Under the protective shelter of the UN, Soviet Russia has extended her dominion to almost a third of the people of the world. It has gradually expanded to take in the Eurasian lands that Rockefeller-Soviet Axis deals, ratified by the U.S. State Department and confirmed at Teheran and Yalta, have assigned to Communist Russia and aided her in acquiring.

Under the guidance of Alger Hiss's worthy successor Trygve Lie, a Norwegian Red, and the personnel which he was empowered to employ for the UN delegations, the UN has served also as an espionage center. Fulton Lewis Jr. reported on January 18, 1951, that "29 high-ranking officials of Communist parties in foreign countries were then working at the UN headquarters in New York" according to the records of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. He reported further, as follows:

"Some 90 U.S. citizens working for the UN have Communist-front records sufficient to bar them completely from jobs in the Federal Government. Yet they represent this nation at the UN."

Arrangements for the hiring of employees of the UN delegation, initiated by Alger Hiss, gave the sole right of passing on the qualifications of the candidates to the Secretary General. Though Trygve Lie has ousted some of his appointees on the ground that they are Communists of the wrong complexion, he has consistently approved only Reds for UN posts, and it is now packed with Reds of all shades, spies, traitors and foreign agents.

Following the delivery of China into the hands of the Kremlin by State Department employees and other agents from Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations, Institute of Pacific Relations and other subsidized fronts, the clique led by Dean Acheson originally collaborated with Soviet Russia and Great Britain in seeking to give the Communists another vote in UN councils, by turning over to them to seat of Nationalist China. In late 1951, the tide of public opinion aroused by exposures, such as those of Senator McCarthy, and by the chicanery of the Chinese Communists in the Korean armistice negotiations, forced Acheson and his clique to pretend to oppose seating them in the UN. The move was proposed by the British Labor Government, which was dominated by the Rockefeller Empire, that has heavily subsidized the Fabians and the Labor Party. Dean Acheson, likewise was a Rockefeller-Soviet Axis spokesman in this matter. This illustrates the well-developed technique of using foreign governments as catspaws for pulling their chestnuts out of the fire. The same technique was used in their dismissal of General Douglas MacArthur, when he undertook to upset their conspiracy by offering to defeat the Chinese Communists and Russia itself, if necessary.

One of the most dangerous uses to which the UN has lent itself, in the hands of the Kremlin, is its use as a military device. Through the UN, the Kremlin blocked the bombardment of concentration and supply centers in Manchuria. Through the UN, it managed to stall for sufficient time to secure reinforcements and supplies when trounced and facing defeat, on the pretense of seeking an armistice. By the UN, Marshall Plan and NATO, which aided Britain, their undercover ally, the Soviets have been supplied with jet engines and planes, and their plans, that were developed at the expense of U.S. taxpayers and are so far superior to those that the English have supplied the UN forces and to our own, that on November 11, 1951, General Vandenberg, as head of our Air Force announced that all of the UN planes and jets recently built and currently being built are already obsolete and are being destroyed by the Russian Air Force.

Through the good offices of our pretended allies in the UN, the Kremlin has been able to block the use against her forces and bases in the Korean Crusade, of the atom bomb, for whatever use and value it may have in warfare; and has managed to maintain its position of using the UN itself as a super-espionage agency that sits in the inner councils of the very powers it is engaged in destroying. Meanwhile, the Soviets are rapidly gaining enough voting power for Iron Curtain lands, and through secret allies such as India, to paralyze and take over the U.S. and the balance of the world without firing a single shot.

The UN constitution, Bill of Human Rights and all of the several conventions being drafted by various agencies, many of them subsidized by the Rockefeller Empire and its puppets, are all being deliberately designed for the purpose of betraying the U.S. and forcing upon the land the "new social order" of totalitarianism. Thus the Committee to Frame the World Constitution comprised a part of the same group of Rockefeller's University of Chicago and Council on Foreign Relations agents that constituted the Commission on (or to betray) Freedom of the Press: Hutchins, Hocking, Niebuhr, Redfield and Ruml, joined by U. of Chicago's Red professors, Richard P. McKeon, Mortimer J. Adler, Rexford G. Tugwell, Wilber G. Katz, James M. Landis, Charles Mcllwain and Guiseppe A. Borgese. Borgese, an Italian Red refugee and close personal friend of Senator William Benton, was entrusted with the actual process of drafting the "Constitution" that was brought out in 1947, as a pattern for the UN to follow. In the writing of this brutalitarian "Constitution", which might better be termed a license for slavery, a deliberate and absurd effort was made to effect a "compromise" between the U.S. and Soviet constitutions. So delighted were the Reds with this document, that its adoption by the U.S. was made one of the planks in the platform of Henry Wallace's Rockefeller-subsidized Communist front, the Progressive Party.

Mrs. Anita McCormick Blaine, a distant kinswoman of the Rockefellers and a heavy supporter of Communist causes, including the Communist newspaper, Compass, donated $1,000,000 for a foundation for world government that seeks the adoption of this "Constitution For World Government". It is administered by two "liberal" former professors of Rockefeller's University of Chicago, Stringfellow Barr and Scott Buchanan.

All the World Federalist groups have similar inspiration. Cord Meyer Jr. and Clark M. Eichelberger, leader of two of the groups, are of the membership of the Foreign Office of the Rockefeller Empire, the Council on Foreign Relations.

Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, who swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution in his oath of office, is vice-president of the United World Federalists, dedicated to breaking down our Constitution, and surrendering the sovereignty of our country to the Rockefeller-Soviet-dominated and inspired UN "world power". The safety and security of the country required his impeachment and removal from the Supreme Court bench.

So sly, intensive and powerful has been the drive of the conspirators, led by the United World Federalists Inc. and the Rockefeller-supported agencies, that by June 1949, twenty-two state legislatures had voted for an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would turn over our nation to a world government by Rockefeller's UN, rob us of our sovereignty and nationality, and betray us into the hands of the Rockefeller-Soviet Axis. A group of ninety-three Congressmen sponsored a concurrent resolution in the House of Representatives:

"It is the sense of the Congress that it should be a fundamental objective of the foreign policy of the United States to support and strengthen the United Nations and to seek its development into a world federation open to all nations with defined and limited powers adequate to preserve peace and prevent aggression through the enactment, interpretation and enforcement of world law."

The list cut across party lines and contained fifteen of the twenty-four members of the Foreign Affairs Committee, (marked with *)

[United Nations Amendment] from The Man Who Misrules the World by Emanuel Josephson

The names of these "patriotic Americans" should be borne in mind by their electorates. It is notable that the subscribing states were predominantly Democratic and New Deal. It is fortunate for the nation that many of the states have withdrawn their support from it alerted to the nature of the conspiracy by the 'Daughters of American Revolution'.

One of the most nefarious aspects of this UN conspiracy is the propaganda to root out patriotism in the schools, and to supplant it with "internationalism", in the Stalin-Rockefeller sense. The Rockefeller-Foundation dominated New York School Board adopted in December 1950, over the protests of numerous citizens and patriotic groups, a resolution which provided for flying the UN flag above the Stars and Stripes.

In conclusion, the fact is inescapable that the United Nations device is a suicidal, paralyzing force of the Rockefeller Soviet Axis that aims to destroy and engulf the governments of the United States and of the world into a totalitarian "One World", a Rockefeller World. The only cause the "United" Nations are united in is in the betrayal of our United States. It has served in the cause of "internationalism" of the Rockefeller Soviet brand. It must be destroyed or it will destroy us.